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  1. An event like WinterFest is incredibly expensive to pull off. I don’t see a park like Dorney or Valleyfair getting enough ROI to justify spending that kind of money.
  2. This is sure to piss some people off: 1. Steel Vengeance 2. Raging Bull 3. Mamba 4. Magnum XL-200 5. Valravn 6. Diamondback 7. Wild Thing
  3. I completely agree. The park’s collection of coasters is solid, however nothing at that park really blew me away aside from Beast and Mystic Timbers. The rest of their rides are kinda “bleh” to me.
  4. And it would bring them back to three inverts after having lost Stinger. Is there any park with more inverts? Kings Island has 4.
  5. Of the ones I’ve ridden: 1. Steel Vengeance 2. Maverick 3. Rougarou 4. Raptor 5. Top Thrill Dragster 6. Magnum XL-200 7. Valravn 8. Gatekeeper 9. Gemini 10. Wicked Twister 11. Iron Dragon 12. Millennium Force 13. Blue Streak 14. Corkscrew
  6. Looks like in addition to Timber Wolf’s track work and new turn, the ride will also be receiving a pretty sweet lighting package as well. Looks great! Photo credit: Jason Chandley
  7. There have been mumblings, but zero concrete evidence pointing towards a new roller coaster in 2019. I’ll jump on the hype train once we have some land clearing. Now, onto new attractions that have been ACTUALLY confirmed, Timber Wolf is having a season passholder preview event on May 18th, a week before the ride was scheduled to open. I’m glad they’re holding a Hoedown-esque event for the ride, even if it’s not entirely new. And in even better news, there’s new topiaries heading into the park! Credit for the first photo goes to KCTV5 News, and the second was taken by Matthew August Myers for worldsoffun.org.
  8. The last two or three hills we’re definately ejector when I rode it this past weekend. I haven’t ridden tons of coasters, (well over 50, though) but Mamba is definately a favorite of mine.
  9. THIRD ROW FROM THE FRONT THIRD ROW FROM THE FRONT THIRD ROW FROM THE FRONT If you want ejector/strong floater airtime on EVERY SINGLE HILL, third row is undoubtably the best. Mamba is a top 10 ride in the third row.
  10. Of course don’t take my word on this, but I’ve heard all of the improvements we’ve seen this year are preparing the park for their next major ride. Whether that’s true or not, I’m very excited about the direction this park is headed in.
  11. Everything Jayke said is 100% accurate. A lot of the park feels brand new. The new Front Street area looks incredible in person, and the new floral clock is massive and impressive. Nordic Chaser isn’t an “OMG INSANE CRAZY” flat ride, but it’s loads of fun and the theming they’ve put into the ride is much better than I’ve seen at other Cedar Fair parks. The ride even has it’s own soundtrack, which is rare for a flat ride. Also, I think Jayke forgot to mention one of my favorite upgrades for this season, which would be the gigantic wild animal topiaries in Africa. They were around for WinterFest, but I’m glad they kept them for the regular season. They are incredibly beautiful in person. Nearly everyone I saw walk was in awe of the 30 foot tall giraffe next to the bridge near Zulu. Here are some of my photos from Opening Day. Eli’s new paint job (not my best photo). New Front Street area near Steelhawk Brand new Front Street fountain A219EEE6-ABDB-457F-BBFB-AAE1B6C40EC3.MOV Nordic Chaser in action Nordic Chaser’s lighting package Front Street fountain at night
  12. One of my biggest complaints with RMC’s trains is the fact that there’s nothing to hold on to. I strongly prefer having a handle/grab bar to hold while riding a coaster. In fact, if Outlaw Run had something to grab on it’s trains, it would probably be my #1 coaster. It’s a big deal to me, and I’m glad Cedar Point is addressing my biggest complaint with Rocky Mountain’s rides.
  13. Just for future reference: all Cedar Fair employees sign an agreement saying that they will not publish any pictures or videos from within the park on social media unless given permission to do so. So if it’s not coming from the PR department (or a guest during the regular season), it most likely is violating park policy.
  14. Here are a few updates the park has posted this week. Timber Wolf’s new element has taken shape, and Nordic Chaser has started being assembled. Additionally, I’m hearing there are many smaller improvements happening on Front Street and in Scandainavia, including new pavement and fresh coats of paint. Nordic Chaser’s centerpiece Nordic’s ride vehicles via Worlds of Fun’s snapchat
  15. Just be aware that you might be flying into the worst airport on the planet.
  16. Happened to me during Halloweekends a few years ago. We were a group of three, and one of us had already ridden, so he (my brother) chilled on the midway for a bit pointing at us and laughing before eventually moving on. 45 minutes later, we rode. Happened to me as well during my first visit in May (this would’ve been my first ride on Dragster). However I had Fast Lane so I didn’t have much to complain about.
  17. I had a conversation with the former maintenance director when they started the reprofiling and he said that Millinieum Flyers are much harder to rebuild during the off-season than standard PTC’s, which is why the park has decided not to install a pair just yet. The problem is that the PTC’s on Timber Wolf are falling apart. On a good day, only only 2/3 of the lapbars would release once arriving in the station, therefore slowing down operations. The ride at the very least needs some major work on it’s trains during the off-season. But I feel Millinieum Flyers would take this ride to the next level. As for the new element, I like it. I am looking more forward to the little airtime hop than the turn itself, however 70 degrees is enough to add a good amount of thrill to a previously terrible element.
  18. Not trying to be a buzzkill here, but Dorney Park does not seem like the type of park Cedar Fair would invest that much money into. WinterFest is a much bigger investment than most people realize. Not only are the lights and decorations very expensive, but also the infrastructure needed for a winter event is a huge undertaking for any park. I think it’s out of Dorney’s price range for the time being. Plus, wasn’t Canada’s Wonderland already confirmed to be the second park by a Cedar Fair executive? I may be wrong but I thought I remembered reading that.
  19. While I was at the park Wednesday I took a few pics of the Time Traveler crews installing the cars onto the track. To be honest, I haven’t been following this forum too often lately so I have no idea if this is new info. But if it is, here you go!
  20. Another thing that silently rolled out over the this past weekend is in-park WiFi. It might be in it’s testing stages before it gets officially announced for next year, however it was very fast and reliable throughout the entire park. Since WinterFest is drawing much bigger crowds than WOF’s regular season, WiFi is definitely more useful than my painfully slow LTE signal.
  21. Boomerangs have great first drops. I don’t care how much you hate them...give credit where it’s due.
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