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  1. As well as Spinning Dragons and Timberland Twister (now Fairly Odd Coaster).
  2. Here's the actual quote that has been misquoted about a hundred thousand times since Matt said it: "and a renewed relationship with a manufacturer who we HAVEN'T worked with in recent history..." -Matt Ouimett
  3. Gerstlauer would technically be a renewed relationship. Cedar Fair hasn't worked with them in a while.
  4. I can't wait to see it in person in 2 weekends! The only RMC I have seen with my eyes is Twisted Colossus, and this thing is pretty much twice as high with much better elements. Nice! I'm going in two weekends too! Let's hope for something big before then!
  5. I would've been a lot cooler with the Magnum/Gemini situation if they would've put something on their website or Social Media warning guests about the closures. In my opinion, it's just not very classy to keep guests in the dark about it. Sure, it is kinda dumb to show up Opening Weekend and expect everything to be working. But the GP doesn't know that. For some people, Magnum is their favorite ride. It still has some of the best ridership in the park. If the park would've simply put out a Facebook blast saying "Magnum and Gemini won't be running this weekend.", I'm sure most people wouldn't have had a problem with it.
  6. Cedar Fair has never worked with Premier. They've worked with Vekoma for only 2 projects. Worlds of Fun's Boomerang and Cedar Point's Woodstock Express (3 if you count Flying Cobra's trains). Chance Rides has never built a roller coaster for Cedar Fair, though Morgan did build the WOF, DP, and VF hyper coasters (I wouldn't call those "recent"). Intamin is really the only company that makes sense.
  7. Oh my God, I'm in love!!! The lighting looks fantastic, and the ride experience looks even better. I want one
  8. Their job is to run a theme park. That means they get their rides certified and attract employees to work for them. If I fail at the tasks or objectives of my job/project, I lose my funding and job. They can just make excuses. To be even more pointed: they don't consider this a failure in spite of providing me, the customer, a subpar experience for the same money. If I don't seem empathetic, there are reasons. There is no excuse for not having your rides ready for Opening Day, period. For a family of four to visit the park, it's going to run them around $280, not including tax, Fast Lane, etc. That coupled with the fact that they have a near six-month off-season, and the fact that you make more money than pretty much any other seasonal park in the U.S., and you get zero empathy from me. I know this isn't strictly a CP problem, and CP's case is more mild than other parks in the chain, but I'm just getting sick of parks not having their rides open on time. I can kinda understand if it's a new ride, but that's it.
  9. They want to steer away from relocating their own rides to other parks. I don't think Cedar Fair would be opposed to buying a used coaster if it was in well, working order. That being said, I don't think Cedar Fair bought Kanonen for Worlds of Fun. I don't think Cedar Fair will be buying any coasters for Worlds of Fun in 2018. CGA's already got markings down for their new ride, Knott's is tearing down half of their boardwalk, and CP and KD are already constructing their new rides. Now, I think it's possible for Worlds of Fun to get SOMETHING, but I'm thinking it'll be very small. Possibly something small for Oceans of Fun, or maybe FunPix or in-park WiFi. People forget just how big Worlds of Fun went this year. 2 new rides, WinterFest, that sexy new front gate, as well as tons of other very expensive park improvements, such as Fjord's new paint job and LED's, and the new catering pavilion. With the money they spent, they could have built a smaller roller coaster this year, easily. The first RMCraptor probably could've been ours, but the park went big on improving EVERY guests' experience, and I think it will pay off. The park built something new for everyone this year. Expect them to go a little smaller next year.
  10. They're getting TWO RMCs which are both bound to be amazing rides simply because... I mean... they're RMCs, a 70 MPH double launching Intamin (if we go by the description and map) and a first of it's kind coaster that could literally be almost anything. What more could you possibly want? They couldn't have thrown in ONE giga coaster? This is bullsh*t. I want my season pass refunded. As for the fourth coaster, I'm definitely putting my money on an #RMCraptor for Knott's. It's the perfect location for a coaster that size, it's one-of-a-kind, and it fits well within the theme of a boardwalk. For the poster that brought up the idea of a Bermuda Blitz from Vekoma (the new, awesome design we saw last summer), they've already built it for a park in Europe, I believe. So 3 RMC's and an Intamin Impulse (assumingly). That's a very solid year. Hopefully Cedar Fair keeps up the trend of adding Impulse coasters, as I know of a park in dire need of one (hint: it's in Missouri).
  11. You mean inverted strata aqua trax? I don't get the excitment over aquatrax. Looks boring. It's not a real watercoaster so what's the big deal? So it has a couple of launches. Whoopie. New Knotts entrance. I'm still working on it. but the current entrance is way too small for todays crowds. Do you really want Cedar Fair to build Knotts a new entrance? A big concrete wasteland I don't think Cedar Fair is building any more entrances. They've really fixed the only ones that need fixing. Knott's entrance is beautiful, in my opinion. I don't think it needs any fixing.
  12. As much as I hate the name (that's the point), I think it's fun how Cedar Point kinda went all out for it, changing the signage and trains. Class act.
  13. Not accustomed to what Dorney has HAUNT wise, but I'd assume it's a London Terror maze if they don't have one already.
  14. Kings Dominion, Cedar Point and Valleyfair come to mind as being on time. I guess you're right (though two of those haven't opened yet). Cedar Fair usually sets the standard when it comes to being on time with their new stuff, but Dorney, Worlds of Fun, CGA, Carowinds, and (kinda) Knott's were late this year.
  15. Besides Mystic Timbers, every Cedar Fair expansion was delayed this year. Kinda sad. I expect better from them.
  16. Everyone knows a hyper is coming, but who said it's a 2018 project? Did I miss an announcement? Do some enthusiasts actually believe that Cedar Fair is going to build 2 RMC's (one speculated to be $30 million+, while the other one is likely running $10 million+) and then spend $20 million+ on a hyper coaster? If you haven't noticed, Cedar Fair has been cutting costs when it comes to capital investments (Valravn and Mystic Timbers were fairly cheaper than average, from what I've heard). I'm already surprised that they're building two new coasters. Now could Cedar Fair fit a Sky Rocket II into the budget? That's much more likely.
  17. Probably WinterFest. I saw tons of blueprints floating around last year during HAUNT (while backstage). All of them had the WinterFest logo on them, though. A nice little launch coaster would be great, but let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet.
  18. Mustang Runner opened today and Falcon's Flight is testing!
  19. I enjoy the improved security at parks. It's never taken me more than 5 minutes to get through, and it hasn't bothered me once. After working at a HAUNT event for the last two seasons, it's almost astonishing what guests try to take into the park. Last year, a drunk guy tried to bring in (no joke) a dagger into the park. I already get punched and slapped enough by drunk people. I'm not sacrificing myself to a f***ing dagger for $8 an hour.
  20. They're really not comparable. It's called International Plaza because the park is themed to 5 different regions of the world, so International Plaza acts as your starting point. Of course, KI's and KD's top Worlds of Fun's. they really couldn't top a 300ft. tall tower with a gorgeous fountain display in front of it. But it's extremely nice and spaced out.
  21. Here's an awesome photo I found on Instagram. Not very clear but you can see a lot of the new stuff, including all that shiny new concrete. Credit: ambear92 on Instagram
  22. Awesome update. Especially the second-to-last photo...WOW! I'm getting more excited about this thing by the day. The size of the building alone is jaw-dropping.
  23. If this post doesn't sum up modern society, I don't know what does. Here's someone who believes that Detonator at Worlds of Fun is offensive because it resembles the Twin Towers, or something...
  24. The airtime on SDC's shot tower was a little disappointing in my opinion. Watching the ride, it looks like you would be getting intense ejector airtime as the top, but the most I got was some decent floater. I'm not complaining, it's still a great ride. But I feel Detonator at WOF provides much better airtime. Now, don't get me wrong. SDC's tower still blows the giant shot towers at Cedar Point, Valleyfair, and Knott's Berry Farm out of the water. I've ridden Observation Towers with better airtime than those overpriced Frog Hoppers.
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