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  1. I purchased a last ride on Finnish Fling for $100. Pretty high for a flat ride but it doesn’t sting too much after selling the admission part. Really sad to see this classic go, especially considering how rare the ride is now. Hopefully Nordic Chaser exceeds expectations.
  2. I work at Halloween Haunt, so we were backstage in shelter when this went down. Definitely scary but I didn’t realize the severity until later. Hopefully the forest-dwelling rides are okay, especially Prowler and Viking Voyager!
  3. All the roller coasters are worth riding (except maybe boomerang and cosmic coaster). Finnish fling (chance rotor) and Cyclone Sam's (Indoor themed chance wipeout) are definitely worth checking out. There may be others depending on what kind of rides you favor, but those two are definitely unique. -Prowler has comfy padded seats and while not painful, has grown rough. Ride Boomerang. You’ll regret not doing so!
  4. Well technically Patriot at WOF was announced for WinterFest, but was replaced with Prowler recently. Also, CGA runs Flight Deck and I believe Knott’s runs Silver Bullet.
  5. I have a feeling that most if not all Cedar Fair parks are removing their Dinos next year. I know at least one other park is removing theirs, though I can’t say which one (I think you can figure it out, though).
  6. Definitely: Worlds of Fun Silver Dollar City Cedar Point Probably: Holiday World Kings Island Possibly: Kings Dominion Busch Gardens Williamsburg Carowinds
  7. I would say buy it if it won't break your budget. Some of the newer mazes have limited capacity, so it's worth it if for nothing else to go through Paranormal Inc & Infected more than once. You could theoretically do it all without the Fright Lane, but you would be cutting it close and not likely to have time to repeat anything you enjoyed. Plus, this year the frightlane works for both mazes and rides. No need to buy two types of "front of the line" passes. Yeah, that’s what I was talking about. I think we will just go for the all-inclusive package to stay safe. Thanks guys!
  8. I really hate doing this, but I feel like I have to ask for advice here: I’m going to Scary Farm for the first time this year, and want to do pretty much everything in one night (excluding rides and Halloween Hootenany). The current plan is to go Thursday, October 19th. Would you recommend Fright+Fast Lane for a Thursday night? We will be at Knott’s during the daytime on Wednesday and Thursday, so we can knock out the rides then. We are already purchasing the Boo-fet, so we would just upgrade to the all-inclusive ticket if needed. Thanks!
  9. I really don’t see the length being too much of a problem. And trust me, I’m absolutely the first person to b*tch if I find something I don’t like about a ride. If the animation is to be believed, you’re still getting about 35 seconds of ride time, almost identical to Outlaw Run’s length, and 5 seconds longer than the Raptor clones. The ride will be going slower than the other RMC’s, so it won’t feel as short as the stats make it out to be. Plus, I really don’t see how much more they could’ve done with a ride this tiny. RMC did a great job with this ride. Also, I love: -The ride vehicles -The track color -The first two inversions -The wave turn -The fact that Over Georgia now has one of the best coaster collections in the world.
  10. It does seem like they are teasing a big attraction. Remember, this was about the same time Steel Vengeance and Twisted Timbers started getting teased, so it’s not out of the realm of possibilities All announcements have been made for both Haunt and WinterFest. I work Haunt and have a pretty good connection to the entertainment department (because of my role as a screamster). There’s nothing left to be announced from those two events. The most recent tweet (first pic on this post) really makes me think that they are talking about something much bigger than WinterFest details.
  11. That’s a nice idea, and I’d love to see it come to fruition. Cedar Point really needs more family coasters. A Firechaser-type ride and a GCI woodie would round out their collection beautifully.
  12. The GM has a new rule for screamsters this year: if you’re caught out of character, you get sent home. I work HAUNT, and I try my hardest to scare as many people as possible. But I know where you’re coming from. Tons of actors are getting a little too comfortable. Hopefully new management lays down the law. I’d put money on it tonight if I could. 99.99% sure it’s happening.
  13. I think a Railblazer clone is the best thing we'll see coming to Valleyfair, and even that is kind of a long shot. While the park has been investing much better than Dorney and Michigan's Adventure, I think that's where the park will stay for a while. I'm not sure a ride like Hangtime is within the park's reach.
  14. I feel it's too much capital for those 3 parks. Well then you're going to be very surprised once 2019 rolls around
  15. What if (talking absolutely absurd right now) their 2018 attraction is a super extended accelerator that utilizes Boomerang's old spot to add length to the ride? Now, I want to make it clear that NO WAY IN HELL do I think this is happening, but it would fall in line with Matt's "Manufacturer we haven't worked with in recent history" quote.
  16. Sorry about the double post, but I found this reply interesting. Could WOF be doing a little teasing for 2019? I’ve heard very strong rumors that a new B&M could be on it’s way to the park in 2019, and this just seems to fuel that fire.
  17. I believe this is the HUSS Breakdance that they bought from Europe. Not the most exciting announcement, as I expected, but I've heard 2019 will be VERY exciting, so I'm not complaining!
  18. I’ve heard this ride will cost $40 million+. If that’s true, this would be the most expensive non-Disney/Universal coaster in U.S. history.
  19. I’m still of the mindset that they’re getting a Top Scan.
  20. Someone please shoot me if the name turns out to be Steel Vengeance.
  21. Worlds of Fun was running a similar deal last this month. If you don’t have a season pass, it’s an incredible value.
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