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  1. I'm going there today as well. I'll try to get a few photos of the Steelhawk plaza as well.
  2. Worlds of Fun screams out to me in my opinion. When you say "deserves" I think the park need to justify it's coaster purchase as well. Worlds of Fun has been growing attendance-wise tremendously in the last few years. This year was their highest year on record. Plus, WOF has some much land right how. They could build almost anything in the front. Prowler will be six years old in 2015. I think it's time for something new.
  3. I went to check out Worlds of Fun on opening day, and we had a blast. We stayed all night for the campout, and while the event wasn't anything spectacular, it was still a lot of fun. We woke up early for ERT on Patriot (which they couldn't get going til about 20 min.Into the ERT) and the employees actually did a very good job, especially for their fist day on the job. One thing that many people didn't realize going to the park was that Steelhawk was NOT open, making many guests angry. I think WOF should have done a better job getting out the message that the brand new, 300 ft. SBNO ride would not be ready. They didn't post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I could see why many guests were upset. I also got a chance to check out the new Cedar Fair in-park TV program, called Fun TV. It displayed trivia, news, ads for in-park services ( of course) and the weather. It was actually very cool and entertaining IMO. And they used special TV's so that they ARE visible in direct sunlight. Otherwise, fantastic opening day. I think the only rides down all day were Steelhawk, Thunderhawk, And Octopus. And with the consistant 70-80 degree weather all day, I think this might be the best opening day I've been to at WOF. I also took a video of Opening Day, which includes a few shots of Steelhawk and a lot of slow motion shots. Sorry that it's not available on mobile, but I hope you enjoy: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iIyh-JHwzB4 Here are some pictures: Entering the park for Patriot ERT In line for the last ride on ERT trim.983134F9-6CE3-44AB-9122-41E4A7A0DA63.MOV You can even see Steelhawk from the Africa section of the park A view of Steelhawk walking back to Americana section Steelhawk on the 2014 Worlds of Fun map Also found this interesting. The park now teases 11 extreme haunts, up from 10 last year
  4. I think they are installing LED's right now. All I know is the ride most likely will NOT be open on Opening Day (straight from the park). On another note, here's another picture I took today of Steelhawk from another angle: [attachment=0]ImageUploadedByTapatalk1396747079.555808.jpg[/attachment] I never realized how clean cut Patriot's lay out was. Very nice. You like it). We'll happily trade it for Banshee
  5. Outlaw Run at SDC Prowler at WOF Boomerang and Pandemonium at SFSTL. Texas Skyscreamer at SFOT Not many, but I obviously plan on riding Steelhawk at WOF this summer, as I live 30 min. away.
  6. I think they are installing LED's right now. All I know is the ride most likely will NOT be open on Opening Day (straight from the park). On another note, here's another picture I took today of Steelhawk from another angle:
  7. Yes they do. I'm assuming your talking about the Orient Express lot? But I'm almost positive that all that landis their's. I don't see a roller coaster coming in 2015. Maybe a flat ride. I do know people with close ties to the PR department that get to know all the expansion plans first, and they are doubting anything big. I'm thinking the possibly biggest expansion for next year could be a dark ride. 2016 sounds like the year. Here's what I think is happening: Worlds of Fun is soon to become a park that gets used rides and used rollercoasters. They're lineup is very good for the size park they have, including a great coaster trio (Prowler, Patriot, and Mamba), and I don't think Cedar Fair can justify adding another one. I see a rollercoaster replacing a Timber Wolf in 2016, then I think we will be set for a while.
  8. If they were wanting to revive a dead area of the park, I would think they would put Steelhawk where Thunderhawk was, considering that area is always very dead and sad to look at. They got a new maintenance director directly from Disney last year, and he seemed very dedicated to a new 5 year plan he developed to fix up areas of the park that need it. We'll have to see, but I think they will do a good job keeping it up.
  9. Drove by Worlds of Fun and got a few pics of Steelhawk. Check em' out: Worlds of Fun's new skyline in silhouette form!
  10. The Steelhawk tower has been completed this last week, and all I have to say is WOW. The views from the top are actually a bit frightening due to all of Worlds of Fun's rides being under 205'. Check em' out:
  11. Could that be what they are talking about in the "2014 sneak peak" for season pass holders tomorrow?
  12. From what I'm hearing it will be in Reeler's old spot while Grand Prix will be a behind the scenes area next year. I'm also hearing the next coaster will go in that location.
  13. I heard Six Flags New England is building a 400 ft. next year! That is unless Over Texas wants it.
  14. I heard this Windseeker will be different from all the others in a unique way. And no, I'm not talking about the paint job.
  15. The official announcement is at the Season Passholder event this Satuday!: https://www.worldsoffun.com/events/things-to-do/special-events/Season-Pass-Appreciation-Lunch
  16. I really don't agree, I think WindSeeker is a far better ride than Sky Screamer, not to mention I have seen Kids swing sets with heaver gauge chain break. Not sure I really feel "safe" on them. On top of that according the new Maintenance director Windseeker is here to stay with Cedar Fair. I would just rather not see one in our park, whether it is used OR brand new. I'm tired of cookie cutter attractions, especially lame ones. I was hoping for a new, unique flat, or maybe even a new coaster (haha) for 2014. I dont know why but the windseeker rumor just really bugs me. On the bright side though there is also a rumor for a new addition to OOF. You would rather have slow, cookie cutter go-karts than a slightly used flat ride? I can assure you that if they were planning something big for 2015, it will be there in 2015. This seemed more like a last minute deal to make sure that the ride they spent $5 million is in good use. I highly doubt that Cedar Fair is using this as an excuse to push their next ride back, especially since Knott's Windseeker "only" broke down 11 months ago. If anything it will move people and change our skyline for the better!
  17. Either the 29th or the 30th. I asked if it was major or minor, and they pretty much just said "nice try."
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