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  1. As much as I like seeing stuff early, it’s a real shame that this got leaked, especially since Six Flags and Cedar Fair have done such a great job keeping things sealed up this year. That being said, we can still look forward to seeing the layout and hopefully some special events (#SHEEEEEEED).
  2. I agree 100% (and I’m not just playing teacher’s pet). Coaster forums should be a safe haven from leaks. You don’t see movie spoilers on movie forums, so please don’t post them here for those that want to be surprised. If you want to see them, they are not hard to find. My feeling can be summed by what this one redditor said: Whoever leaked this is an ******* That being said, thank you very much you beautiful ******* I have a feeling someone got fired before this leak.
  3. I agree 100% (and I’m not just playing teacher’s pet). Coaster forums should be a safe haven from leaks. You don’t see movie spoilers on movie forums, so please don’t post them here for those that want to be surprised. If you want to see them, they are not hard to find.
  4. The leak is 100% real. I’m almost positive. I’m not posting anything here. Just a friendly warning: if you want to avoid spoilers, stay off of social media (or at least the coaster nerd parts).
  5. Worlds of Fun is such a beautiful park. They really just need a large new attraction to really make the park stand out. Well that, and better operations.
  6. Worlds of Fun 2018: GCI refurb of Timber Wolf with new trains. 2019: B&M Launched Wing Coaster 2020: Planet Snoopy expansion 2021: General improvements. HAUNT and WinterFest additions. 2022: Waterpark expansion.
  7. Check out the Big Dipper concept and compare it to the track at SDC. They look nearly identical. Now, I do believe that this ride has much more to it than a simple dive coaster (I’m definitely expecting launches and/or a second, taller dive). To be honest, I’m not much of a fan of the B&M Dive Coasters, but I firmly believe that Mack’s version will be superior.
  8. I mean, it looks awesome, but Mean Streak??? Mean Streak does look amazing, but I think it just comes down to what he likes most in a coaster. And it already seems like Time Traveler will be an exceptionally unique experience. Already this coaster looks amazing and there's probably only about two hundred to three hundred feet of track placed. Mean Streak seems like it will be all about that airtime with a few inversions while something tells me that Time Traveler will be all about the positive g-forces and inversions. Although it definitely would be a nice surprise if it had some airtime moments. Mean Streak looks great, but it’s really not innovative (from what we’ve seen so far). I’ll most likely be riding RMC Mean Streak and Time Traveler on both of their opening weekends. But I put a greater value in innovation than stats. Though Mean Streak looks great, it will most likely ride like every other RMC, which is far from a bad thing. But with Time Traveler (or whatever they decide to name it) you’re riding something unlike anything else in the world. How cool is that? The exact same thing happened in 2013 with Gatekeeper and Outlaw Run. Tried and True vs. Crazy cool, innovative ride. I distinctly remember people being more excited for Gatekeeper, because the stats were impressive and everyone loves a good B&M. But nowadays, I don’t know anyone who would say that Gatekeeper is a better coaster than Outlaw Run. Mean Streak really just looks like a larger version of every other RMC Iron Horse conversion. Again, that’s NOT A BAD THING!!! But I’d like to participate in something exciting, new, and innovative instead of a larger version of something I’ve already rode. But again, I’M RIDING BOTH NEXT YEAR!
  9. Okay, I fixed it. You got me... I’m not used to saying “New for 2018” yet. But I do think it will be the best new ride of the year. With a rumored cost of $30 million, and from what I’ve seen from the ride so far, this ride looks much better than what the other parks are doing in my opinion.
  10. At this point, I don’t know why iPhones can’t just automatically record landscape video no matter what orientation the phone is being held in. It would make the world a much better place.
  11. I have no idea what you are talking about. We just rode tonight and even our bigger riders had no problem fitting into the ride. I'd say our bigger riders are between 260 - 310lbs and yes the belts were tight, but you could easily get them latched if you're not an idiot and know how to put on a seat belt. There is *NO WAY IN HELL* someone weighing 185lbs didn't make it on the ride. I'm sorry, I don't believe that for a hot second. I didn't find the restraints or belts any more/less restrictive than opening day. On the plus side, the ride ops were more than happy to push on the restraint if needed which is already leaps and bounds a better guest experience than what we witnessed on Lightning Rod. I was pretty baffled myself. I went for Moonlight Madness this past weekend, and had no problem fitting into the seats. I’m not a huge guy, but for some reason I was born with absolute thunder thighs, so I’ve always had trouble with RMC lab bars comfort wise. When I first saw his post, I feared I might not fit. But I was perfectly fine with a good 3-4 inches to spare. Rode about 15 times over the weekend (so I saw probably 45-60 dispatches) and only saw 2 people get turned away (BIG people too). So I’m guessing either they fixed the issue, or Jayke was being dishonest (though I don’t see any reason to do so.) To be fair though, a friend of mine went down around the same time as Jayke and said he couldn’t fit anymore either, so it’s a possibility that they fixed their mistake quickly.
  12. My guess is that the park will get nothing. Absolutely nothing. 2017 was a huge season for the park, and I’m hearing 2019 will be even bigger. So my guess is nothing. At most, maybe some fine tuning of WinterFest and some new paint around the park preparing for 2019.
  13. B&M: Floorless RMC: Topper Track Intamin: Blitz GCI: Out and back wood coaster Morgan: Hyper Arrow: Suspended Vekoma: Boomerang Premier: Sky Rocket III Mondial: Windseeker S&S: Double Shot HUSS: Top Spin Chance: Wipeout Larson: Flying Scooters Eli Bridge: Scrambler Zamperla: Disk-O
  14. Wrong. CF worked with Gerst in 2016 to build Canada's Wonderland's Sky Roller And Spinning Dragons at WOF.
  15. You might not want to plan it for opening day. Just sayin'. Are they building a launched RMC?
  16. It’s nice to find some gentlemen with great taste. Dibs on black train.
  17. Worlds of Fun’s WinterFest ride lineup has been announced. Here’s the list of available attractions: Prowler Spinning Dragons Cosmic Coaster Mustang Runner Falcon’s Flight Autobahn Scrambler Cyclone Sam’s Worlds of Fun Railroad Le Texi Tour Grand Carrousel Bamboozler Flying Dutchman Fjord Fjarlane Lucy’s Tugboat Peanuts 500 Beagles Brigade Airfield Camp Bus Charlie Brown’s Windup Peanuts Road Rally Snoopy vs. Red Baron Snoopy’s Junction Snoopy’s Space Buggies Woodstock Gliders Woodstock Whirlybirds Sounds like a decent lineup! Prowler is definitely a suprise, and having the new rides open is a plus! Plus the new front gate should look incredible with a gigantic Christmas tree at the center of it. It almost looks like it’s built for the event. Overall, very excited and impressed!
  18. Not sure why everyone is just assuming Railblazer is for Cedar Point. Sure, it makes sense to jump to Cedar Point when Cedar Fair files a trademark, especially when they’re building an awesome new ride, but I’m pretty positive it’s not for CP. Like 99.9% positive. The evidence is out there, if you’re willing to look for it.
  19. Filing Trademarks for later things, sure. Filing Trademarks to pull a head fake on enthusiasts? Not a chance... it's not a cheap process. Cedar Fair could register a trademark with the money I gave them for my Platinum Pass alone.
  20. I find it interesting that people don't think Cedar Fairisn't just filing for trademarks for things later or just pulling a head fake to play with enthusiasts. All I can say is how is "Ziz"? You know the mythical creature representing air, that fits perfectly with Behemoth(land) and Leviathian(water). If Cedar Fair ever even attempts to use the name “Ziz” for an attraction, I’d lose all faith in the company. I don’t care what “mythology” it fits into. “Ziz” is an awful name.
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