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  1. Hi all. I know nobody has a crystal ball but hoping some locals can help me out here... My friend and I will be at the park on the last weekend of September for a couple hours on friday, all day Saturday, and a couple hours on Sunday. I'm hoping that since it's still September, the crowds shouldn't be horrid... is there any reason to have faith in that or should I expect 2 hour waits everywhere? Flash Pass isnt really in the budget, at best we could get like the lowest level. (does that include Maxxforce?) I've been to the park many times but my friend has never been so the goal is to get at least one ride on all coasters plus a couple rerides on Goliath, Maxxforce, and Raging Bull. Also, is there single rider lines on anything? I seem to remember one on Goliath? Thanks in advance for any and all help!
  2. My friends and I go to the park 2-3 times a week and really think the jump in crowds is because of the gold pass. $99 for the rest of this season plus all of next season? That's a steal. Plenty of people who buy tickets and visit say, once in the summer and once in the fall will grab that pass and start going 3 or 4 times a year. And they are selling those things like mad. I see a ton of people carrying them around already and the ads for the gold pass are on the same level as twix ads in Six Flags parks. Definitely great business for the park. Sucks for the regulars who don't usually deal with the crowds but if all the extra attendance is gonna pay for more and more new coasters I am all for it.
  3. Jason McClure stated at the Coastermania Q&A that no rides would be taken out this year.
  4. One of my friends was at the park today and said it was testing so I assume itll be open again this weekend
  5. I saw them changing the prices on the signs in the park over to $169 in preparation for tomorrow so no chance it goes down. And as far as I have seen, that is the most expensive it has ever been.
  6. Stopped at Kennywood on my way back home to Cleveland after my big East coast trip. I'll get around to a trip report eventually but just wanted to say that Steel Curtain is great! It isn't as thrilling as one would expect by looking at it but it is very smooth, has great flow, and keeps it's speed nicely throughout. Just a great fun ride that's easy to just throw your hands up and enjoy. It is the perfect compliment to Phantom. Phantom packs the aggressive punch, while Steel Curtain is big and intimidating looking which will always make it be a draw to GP and enthusiasts alike. Kennywood has a true winner on their hands.
  7. I got a chocolate chip and sugar cookie (don't like snickerdoodle, don't crucify me) and those were equally as amazing. Amazing day at Knoebels, ending with two straight front seat night rides on Phoenix. An absolute blast.
  8. I matched the view up with your picture so I think I'm good. Oh goodness that sounds amazing. I'm gonna spend just as much time eating as I will riding while I'm here
  9. Ok next question, where exactly is that pierogi place? I can't find it lol. And POS is running. *Edit: Found them! Can't wait for dinner time
  10. I'll be at the park tomorrow for the first time in a while so coasterbill, I need your pierogi map. Thanks! Lol
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