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  1. The Troika is the first pic and the Condor is the second. The troika is being built right across from the entrance to Detonator, while the Condor is being built in Le Carousel's old spot, across from Autobahn (bumper cars) and next to Flying Dutchman. Nothing is filling Scrambler's old spot (yet).
  2. Additionally, both Falcon's Flight and Mustang Runner are now being erected. The park's been busy this week!
  3. Check out these photos of the new front gate posted by Bleck & Bleck Architects on Twitter. It's looking really good!
  4. Worlds of Fun Patriot: One of the coolest paint schemes in the U.S. Love the white stripe in the middle of the red track really pulls the patriotic theme together. Boomerang: Recently repainted and still has a wacky fun paint scheme. Love the hot pink/lime green trains. Cosmic Coaster: Just love the entirely deep blue scheme. Spinning Dragons: Pretty much the exact same colors as Boomerang but a little muted. Trains don't pop as much. Mamba: Love the red track hyper coaster look. but it is overused and bland. Prowler: Track isn't painted, but the trains are stunning. TimberWolf: No paint with red PTC's.
  5. The "surprise element" means nothing. People are going to want to ride it regardless of whether or not they're surprised when the announcement is made. Valravn was leaked about a year ahead of time by the Sandusky Register and it didn't make a bit of difference. Plus, you're operating under the assumption that everyone is following the leaks and studying the coaster layout as closely as hardcore enthusiasts are. They're not. PS: The "Well, no sh*t!" moment from hardcore fans and pass holders means nothing because... a) They were the ones looking all over the internet for leaked photos. That's not the park's problem. They didn't want an "oh sh*t" moment, they want to speculate endlessly about every detail of the ride and get every inside source they can. That's fine, but don't spend a year doing that and then blame the park when the announcement doesn't surprise you. b) Hardcore fans and pass holders are... well... hardcore fans and pass holders. They're going to buy passes no matter what. The park doesn't have to work to get them excited about the coaster. Even if all they were getting was a petting zoo expansion they would still renew their passes. I'm talking less about the people that endlessly speculate and more about the people that will go to park several times this season and see a gigantic new coaster being built right before their eyes. Those who purposely ignore the leaks and images will still have it spoiled for them when they visit the park in May. If you're following the leaks closely, you have no right to complain about the surprise element of this announcement.
  6. I think announcing Mean Streak sooner rather than later would be ideal. Waiting until most of the ride is done takes away the surprise element for the fans as well as the GP. The great thing RMC's is the fact that their layouts almost never leak ahead of time. But with this one, unless they announce ahead of opening day, will kinda be like a "Well, no sh*t!" moment for the hardcore fans and pass holders. I know it is never a great idea to announce something this early, but with all the hype surrounding the ride, I think Cedar Point should make an exception. With two roller coasters opening within two years of each other, the people that would wait for new rides probably wouldn't go this year anyway, since they just went in 2016 to ride Valravn. And the people who go every year will of course show up this year. I don't think there's much to be lost in this scenario.
  7. Ya know, I have a conspiracy theory of my own... won't be 200 ft. for much longer...
  8. To make it worse, TOGO is making a comeback. Cedar Point builds a boardwalk.
  9. Can you confirm that? I hope you're right as I'll be visiting in late April. But like dstephe9 said, On Jan 7 at an ACE event, Pete Owens said that both Drop Line and White Punk Chaser are scheduled to open around Memorial Day. I wonder if this will be the start of a new Dollywood trend of their new rides opening around Memorial Day (before LR, many of their new rides had been open on Opening Day) I hope not, I hate how six flags does this but hey it's the normal for most parks now Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk Cedar Fair (outside of KBF but that one is open all year) usually has new rides open on Opening Day. The last major CF ride I remember not opening on its park's Opening Day is Maverick, and that one still opened up Memorial Day weekend despite a very last minute track replacement Prowler and the Windseekers weren't ready on opening day neither. And if you count them, tons of smaller additions in the Cedar Fair chain didn't open with their parks as well. The Planet Snoopy rides at WOF last year were actually the first rides that opened on WOF's Opening Day since Patriot in 2006 (sorry to bring WOF into the equation. It's my home park so it's the easiest to remember opening dates).
  10. 1. Do pictures taken from Google Earth count? 2. Do pictures taken with my iPhone count? 3. Do pictures with instagram filters on them count? 4. Do pictures taken through a telescope on the moon count? 5. Do pictures of rides besides Mean Steak count? 6. Do pictures of Mean Streak from my summer vacation in 2011 count? 7. Do pictures from Tony Clark's Twitter count? 8. Do pictures of Mean Streak count if it's in the background of a selfie? 9. Is Cedar Point gonna sue Robb if I post pictures of Mean Streak? 10. Do pictures of renderings after the announcement is made count? Jesus Christ, I'm not trying to play teacher's pet or anything but why does everyone have to play 50 f***ing questions every time a new rule is made. The last thing 90% of the people on this website wanna see is three pages of people asking dumb questions about every single rule a mod enforces on this forum.
  11. I expect this ride to have tons of "WOW!" moments when it's announced. Sort of like Outlaw Run when the double barrel roll was announced: everyone was in complete shock (or at least, those who didn't see the leak on Screamscape days before). I remember Outlaw Run being the most exciting coaster announcement of my lifetime, but I'd be pretty shocked if "Meaner" Streak doesn't top it. Honestly, I'm very well expecting this to be the best roller coaster on the planet.
  12. Oh god, who are you to tell an adult that they shouldn't be drinking a beer when it's hot out? Everyone's different. If you don't want to drink when it's hot then don't but don't try to impose that on everyone else. Probably because you can't think of a single theme park where serving alcohol has caused the overall guest experience to decline. This is most likely because this never happens ever (again, with the possible exception of a few select Halloween events which are obviously completely irrelevant when discussing Dollywood). I can think of tons of instances where alcohol has declined guest experience, including the time where I had a 300 lb. intoxicated man-child fell on top of me on Fury of the Nile when I was ten years old. And I'm not including the numerous times where I've been punched in the face, stomach, arm, etc. while working around drunk people at a park. I've even heard cases of sexual assault and rape at parks because someone had a little bit too much to drink that day. Let's not pretend like alcohol has nothing but positive effects on Theme Parks.
  13. Best: Outlaw Run's double barrel roll. Lamest: Mamba/Steel Force/Wild Thing and their boring a$$ airtime hills.
  14. I really like the African section of the park, especially the Prowler area. Boomerang's area is off, but the Dinosaur's Alive area is gorgeously landscaped and themed. Of course, Coaster's needs to go too, in my opinion. As much as WOF wants to say it's an extension of the Americana section, it's almost laughable how out of place it is.
  15. If you think WinterFest costs half a million dollars then I need to meet with your dealer. My lowest estimate for the event is $3 million. Probably closer to $4-4.5 million of even more.
  16. The fact that people actually believed that Cedar Point would adopt a Tempesto-like marketing strategy and open a hardly-marketed RMC in 2017 still boggles my mind.
  17. The new entrances are only really being handed out to the parks that need them. VF's entrance looks great already. Carowinds, Cedar Point, and Worlds of Fun's entrances were eyesores and needed replacements badly.
  18. I included that in my estimate. WinterFest is probably the biggest investment of 2017 at WOF.
  19. They're getting 2 used rides this year and Steelhawk Last year. Either you'll get used rides, waterpark rides, or nothing. They built 5 new rides last year, in addition to a $10 million complex at OOF in 2013 (which is more expensive than most new flat rides). Additionally, WOF's capital for this year (used flat rides included) costs just about the same as an inverting Gravity Group Coaster (like Fun Spot's) or a Hyper GTX. So it's not like WOF's not spending the money. SteelHawk was built in 2014, not 2016, and was only the park's second used ride. The first being their Ferris wheel. So it's not like that's their "new direction", it's just a coincidence.
  20. I would rather have Worlds of Fun stay away from any more used rides for a while.
  21. UPDATE: A higher-tier employee at the park has confirmed that the banner in the concept art is in fact an LED screen.
  22. A few thoughts on the new gate: -I really like the aesthetic. It looks like Cedar Point, Knott's, and Kings Island's entrances had a baby. It fits the park well. I like the abundance of the earthy green colors mixed with brick paving and buildings. While Cedar Point's and Carowind's entrances look nice, they're kinda bland and boring. This one looks welcoming and exciting. -The Worlds of Fun sign in the center is to die for. WOW! Like I said earlier, while the Cedar Point and Carowind's welcome signs are nice, they put me to sleep. While some complain about the font (which is something we complain about now, I guess), I think the new font looks great and nicely contrasts the rest of the plaza. The hot air balloon is the icing on the cake. At this point, I'm pretty sure Worlds of Fun is the only Cedar Fair park that still has a logo and they are not ashamed of that. It looks fantastic. -The banner on the actual entrance gate is hideous. I'm 99% sure that it won't look like that on Opening Day, but it's a terrible idea to put a banner with that much color on such a faded color palate. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's a screen instead of a banner. A giant screen like the other Cedar Fair parks would really help the entrance spring to life. Especially during Halloween Haunt. -First impressions are everything and this really delivers in giving oncoming guests a great start to an exciting day. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person in mid-April!
  23. I wouldn't expect a new coaster directly after the huge season that 2017 is panning out to be. Except they spread the 2017 additions over two fiscal years so it's really not that big. Sounds like the coaster (Premier Rocket II) and maybe one of the two used Tornado slides are coming in 2018. 2018 is shaping up to be a big year in MO with new coasters at other 2 parks in the state. Even if the other two parks were going big next year, what would make you think that Worlds of Fun would be so eager to join in? Wouldn't they get a better return on investment if they waited until 2019?
  24. I wouldn't expect a new coaster directly after the huge season that 2017 is panning out to be.
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