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  1. For me, I usually ride SteelHawk first at Worlds of Fun. Always a short line and provides a fantastic view.
  2. For those not following along, the park has been releasing a piece of the rendering for the new entrance every day since Christmas. This is what we have so far. Looks kinda like Cedar Point/Carowinds mixed with old fashioned Disney architecture. Definitely looks promising. I'm glad they're adding somewhat of a subtle touch of theming.
  3. Who would honestly pick Valeyfair over Nickelodeon Universe during the winter time? I don't care how many Christmas trees or dancing lights you have. If I want a theme park experience, I'm going to pick Nickelodeon Universe, no question. Especially with one of the world's largest shopping malls surrounding the park for your shopping needs, NU vs. VF is no contest. It's too cold in Minnesota for Valleyfair to compete.
  4. I don't think you know what the term "capacity monster" means.... or you're a troll. Truth. When I think of a capacity monster, Maverick, or a wild mouse are some of the last coasters that come to mind. Hell no! If you really want to move people, get a ZacSpin!
  5. Wicked Cyclone, SFNE, 2015, RMC Mystic Timbers, KI, 2017, GCI Drop Tower, 1999, KI, Intamin Troika, CP, 1976, HUSS FireChaser Express, DW, 2014, Gerstlauer Chickie's & Pete's, VF, 2013, Chickie's and Pete's Log Chute, NU, 1992, Hopkins Woodstock Gliders, WOF, 2016, Larson WindSeeker, KD, 2012, Mondial Flying Ace Balloon Race, DP, 2011, Zamperla I tried to create a park that would please everybody. And yes, I included Chickie's and Pete's because that pleases everyone.
  6. To increase Season Pass sales, I'd probably say January. But considering that they're already teasing it, I'd be pretty pissed off if they waited that long to finally release the plans.
  7. Fix that for you. I'd argue that Knott's and Kings Island are better, but to each their own
  8. According to social media, the PR department already has their hands on the International Plaza rendering, so I'd expect to see it before Christmas. But then again, Cedar Point did release their's in January, so we might have to wait a little longer than anticipated. Either way, I'm super excited for what's in store. If it looks as good as everyone says it does (and by everyone, I mean everyone that's already seen it), then we are in for a treat. I've heard amazing things.
  9. I'm just so done with the VR craze. For those that are fans of it, I'm sure this'll be one of the better VR coasters. But it seems like VR is just the latest gimmick that everyone wants to jump on for the few years (or months) that it's relevant. To me, it's just a cheap way to trick the GP into thinking that their home park has a "new" VR coaster. If they were building rides that were built around VR, then I might be interested. But you want me to wait in a longer line to strap a volume-less helmet to my face and experience a sub-standard story line told with early PS3-level graphics? I'll pass.
  10. I'm in love with these smaller woodies that Gravity Group has been putting out. This ride looks phenomenal, especially the inversion. From the looks of it, it's an intense airtime machine, start to finish. It's a huge win for Fun Spot and for Florida in general. I'm trying to decide between a California and Florida for a trip next year, and this has tipped the scales a bit.
  11. A Sky Rocket II back there would make a lot of sense, and would be so much fun. That would really be the perfect space for it.
  12. Any drop tower. I don't know why, but even the tiny one at Mall of America scared the crap out of me. The shot towers, however, don't have the same effect for some reason.
  13. Part of the area will be taken up by a new Halloween Haunt storage building. This will make it easier for the park to store HAUNT props during the off season. If I were to guess, I'd say that this is the location of the new dining Pavillion, but I could be wrong. I'd love for all of that land to be used for one, gigantic plaza.
  14. Mine was Wildfire at SDC. It's not defunct, but with the temperatures staying in the high 30's until 5:30, the ride was only open the last 20 minutes of the day.
  15. Some of them are quite good honestly. Some blow (La Ronde) but a smooth boomerang like the one at Morey's or Carowinds can be an absolute blast. I love most if not all of them. They are a little rough, but the first drop always gets me and the forces you experience on that ride are actually pretty intense.
  16. WOW! Never would I have thought that a Star Flyer's light package would rival a Windseeker's. Windseekers by far have my favorite light package, but this might change my mind.
  17. The rides alone I wouldn't consider to be major attractions, but on top of all of those rides, Carowinds is adding a new section to the park+WinterFest, and Worlds of Fun is adding a new front entrance+WinterFest. While there may not be that huge new ride that eats people all season, WinterFest is very expensive for both parks. Additionally, for WOF, a new front gate sets a fantastic first impression for visitors, which is a big deal (just like it was for Cedar Point and Carowinds).
  18. CF spends way more than SF yearly. Well we know CF invests more as a whole, but I'm speaking about ride additions specifically. 6 of SF parks are getting major additions for 2017, while only one CF park is getting a major addition (Mystic Timbers). LOL What you consider major attractions is clearly suspect. I'd argue that Cedar Fair has five major additions coming up as well. Kings Island (Mystic Timbers, WinterFest), Carowinds (4 new rides, WinterFest), Worlds of Fun (2 new rides, new front gate, WinterFest), Knott's Berry Farm (New slide complex, Sol Spin), and Cedar Point (New slide complex, Splash Pad)
  19. Found this gem on Worlds of Fun's Facebook page. Not sure if this qualifies as "GP", but I didn't know where else to put this garbage...
  20. You know, you can find a record for any coaster if you try hard enough. Just ask Cedar Point.
  21. It's really not that short of a ride. If you take the lift hill and brake run out of the equation, a Sky Rocket II has the same ride time as Patriot and Prowler.
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