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  1. Cedar Downs is my favorite flat ride at Cedar Point. That thing is an absolute blast. Honestly I'm very surprised it doesn't get talked about more often. This thing is a *MUST SEE* attraction. I know that term gets thrown around a lot, but this and Sky Ride are the real hidden gems of the park.
  2. You can't beat Log Chute at Mall of America in my opinion. I know the animations aren't as advanced as what you'll see at Disney or Knott's, but the incredible views you get of the tangled, beautiful mess that is Nick Universe, as well as the interaction with Orange Streak make up for it in my opinion. Hell, you can practically give riders high-fives from the food court and escalators near Dick's Last Resort.
  3. That's awesome! Super excited to see what they can do with Hurler, and glad to see a smaller park getting more attention in the Cedar Fair chain (I know, it's not a Valleyfair/Worlds of Fun size, but it's not exactly top-tier).
  4. That's really strange, but thanks for reinforcing my decision to stay away from coaster enthusiast events. My philosophy is: Any day is an ERT day with Fast Lane+. Really not a fan of enthusiast events anymore. Most enthusiasts are really cool, but there's always that small group of sweaty man-children that ruin the event for everyone. Sure, they're fun events to go to, but I have much more fun skipping lines all day and using my Dining Plan to eat. (Disclaimer: My only exception is Holiwood Nights)
  5. Worlds of Fun and Six Flags at this point should just prepare for a beating. You'd have to be absolutely out of your mind to pick Mamba and Prowler or Mr. Freeze and American Thunder as opposed to Outlaw Run and this new bada$$ Mack. Even if they took out Outlaw Run tomorrow, the park would still be a much better place to visit. Cedar Fair and Six Flags, please prepare to take this L.
  6. I really didn't find Millennium to be so special. My first ride was on a chilly Friday in May, right after a breakdown, so I cut the ride some slack for being such a snooze. Hell, it inched over the last over-banked turn. But after a second, warmer ride that night, I didn't find myself impressed (though it did run a lot faster). I'd even rank it lower then the Morgan hypers, but that's just me. It just doesn't do anything for me. But I know I'm in the minority, so I have no problem with Millie keeping the Maverick line just a tad shorter
  7. Wait. The Batmans have earned a reputation that they are bad rides? News to me. They could clone that ride a thousand more times, it still won't make it any less of one of the most impressive compact inverted designs of all time. Batman without the cloning? Second favorite invert of all time Batman with cloning? Second, third, and fourth favorite invert of all time.
  8. On the topic of hotels, I really could see Cedar Fair building hotels at Carowinds and Worlds of Fun. I really have a strong feeling that's where they're going in the next couple of years. I remember a few years back, just after Ouimet was brought on, he talked about building hotels at those two parks. If I can find the interview, I'll link it. It seems pretty obvious as both parks have a good amount of space and are open spring through winter with WinterFest.
  9. everyone's got their own tastes I suppose. tho two of your "top 4" make my list of "worst 4" coasters in the park: 4) Corkscrew 3) Rougarou 2) Raptor 1) Blue Streak Yeah, I've found most aren't huge fans of Rougarou, and some aren't fans of Raptor, but I loved the two. Especially Rouagarou. I guess it's a guilty pleasure ride for me. I absolutely LOVE everything about the ride. Favorite B&M by far. Raptor was a little jarring at times, but I love the fast, tight transitions. Corkscrew was my least favorite at CP though, with Blue Streak not too far above it.
  10. Top Thrill Dragster is amazing...I don't care if it's a gimmick or not. People complain that it's a 17 second ride, but they often forget the most important part...the anticipation before the launch. For some people that's the worst part of the ride, including myself. It feels like you're waiting down there for hours, so it doesn't bother me that the ride is short. Top Thrill Dragster is my 4th favorite coaster at CP, behind Maverick, Rougarou, and Raptor. One amazing 17 second gimmick is much better than a 3 minute long, forceless giga coaster (not gonna name names).
  11. http://www.kshb.com/news/local-news/visitors-frustrated-by-closed-rides-at-world-of-fun Looks like Worlds of Fun is having maintenance problems recently, and guests are quickly catching on. I did see some huge problems with maintenance early in the season, with tons of rides being closed almost every single time I visited the park. I usually just chalked it up to it being early in the season, but apparently they are still having the same problems a month and a half into operation. Every visit to the park this year has just been terrible when it comes to ride reliability. Usually about half of the major rides are down. While I don't love complaining, especially considering this is my home park and I'm on their side of the argument most of the time, this is a problem that is quickly getting out of hand. I would also like to point out that their operations are horrible. The ride ops just cannot move people to save their lives. What would be a short line at other parks seems to take forever at WOF. Especially flat rides like SteelHawk and Detonator, where a 10+ minute dispatch is not uncommon due to only having one person checking restraints at a snail's pace. The same thing is happening at the food locations as well. Not only are half of them usually not open (there are literally 2 locations I haven't seen open in 3 years, and yet they are still listed and remain on the map), but it's not uncommon to wait an hour for a piece of pizza. Something really needs to be done in both departments. Like I said before, I really hate complaining about this kinda stuff, but I feel like people need to start speaking up about it because it's getting out of hand. I don't really know who's to blame, but after spending $350 on a season pass to the park (Platinum+Dining and Drink Plans), I feel as though I'm being ripped off a bit. Especially when I'm waiting an hour for food and rides on a random Tuesday in May.
  12. Worlds of Fun got the same pavillion, Cedar Point got a similar one a couple years back I believe...
  13. It was fenced off like that last weekend (from what I remember). Still, the best photos that can be taken right now are from Maverick's exit stairs on top of the station.
  14. Yes? Instead of talking about a topic that could make or break someone's vacation, let's talk about the new ride that hasn't changed one bit in the last two weeks because you're bored.
  15. I guess a 600 ft. Polercoaster could be possible... if the park was sitting right on top of a 364 acre gold mine.
  16. Just how good are are Impulse coasters? I'm just curious. Is Wicked Twister better than Tempesto? How do you feel it will fit in with the rest of the rides at CGA? Sorry for all the random questions. I've always been intrigued by Impluse coasters, but I never hear reviews on them.
  17. The lift is actually a vertical launch inside the tower with an inverted top hat-like element at the top.
  18. The Orlando Polercoaster costs $200 million. I know that Knott's wouldn't be building a 500 ft. tall version, but you're still probably looking at at least $100 million for a 200-300 ft. model (and even that is an extremely low estimate). I'm skeptical of even Cedar Point affording a 300 ft. one, let alone a 500 ft. tall version.
  19. My thoughts exactly. However, I could also see Canada's Wonderland getting the prototype ride. The park removed their TOGO stand-up a few years ago, announcing that they were making room for a "large construction project", and there's been more land clearing/activity in that area of the park. Combine that with the fact Wonderland's been used as a "test park" for Cedar Fair, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the RMC raptor/T-Rex head to Knott's or Canada's Wonderland. I agree, except that CW didn't start removing a fairly popular coaster in April before the summer rush hits. Knott's is getting a coaster in 2018. That much is sure. Wow, you're so confident in all of your predictions. I think we have an insider on our hands.
  20. You don't start mapping out footings if you aren't planning something but maybe planning is all they are doing at this point. I'll give you that CGA is not so certain, but Knott's is. You do not remove a fairly popular coaster prior to the summer rush if you aren't planning on replacing it quickly. Despite all of it's problems Boomerang was very popular in the summer, at least every time I was there. It takes about a year to construct the average steel coaster. Removing Boom at the end of April 2017 makes it pretty clear they are hoping to have it's replacement open by June or July of 2018. It makes zero sense at all otherwise. As for an RMC Raptor/T-Rex you are correct in that it's not so clear, but it makes the most sense. Ouimet said one of the four (two of which are RMC woodie conversions so that leaves only two others) will be a completely new type of ride. I think it is clear that he does not mean new to North America or new to the US or even simply new to Cedar Fair or new to the West Coast/California, but rather new to roller coasters in general. The only coaster that is a completely new type that has been reported is the Raptor/T-Rex. Unless B&M is building a dive wing coaster I don't what else it could be. They could be replacing Boomerang with flat rides, you never know! I think a pack of four crazy flat rides would fit into the boardwalk a lot better than a coaster. As for CGA, markings don't mean anything. WOF had markings and flags placed for their new Troika in April of last year.
  21. I'm not convinced that California's Great America OR Knott's is getting a coaster next year. I wouldn't count Worlds of Fun or Canada's Wonderland out just yet.
  22. As well as Spinning Dragons and Timberland Twister (now Fairly Odd Coaster). Nickelodeon Universe has never had any association with Cedar Fair though I never said they did. They operated Knott's Camp Snoopy at Mall of America up until 2006. Have a source on that? As far as I can tell MOA shared licensing with Knott's Berry Farm in 1992 (Neither KBF or MOA was owned/operated by CF at this time). In 1997 Cear Fair bought Knott's Berry Farm and used the Knott's name at several SoCal waterparks. They also acquired Peanuts licensing in 1997 with this purchase. Then when the licensing (for MOA) was up for renewal in 2006, Cedar Fair chose not to let MOA keep the Peanuts or Knott's branding, so they re-branded everything. But I don't see CF having any operation/ownership of MOA from 92-97 or 97-06. https://coasterbuzz.com/Forums/Topic/cedar-fair-entertains-126-million-guests-loses-camp-snoopy-contract/2 https://books.google.com/books?id=_MoQ_QQ-3_QC&pg=PA40&lpg=PA40&dq=cedar+fair+mall+of+america&source=bl&ots=tZ8wjmxa90&sig=HeB5PW_h4TD02rEgzBamnvkbqyI&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwicyanp_-3TAhUU4GMKHUqcD_4Q6AEIiwEwEQ#v=onepage&q=cedar%20fair%20mall%20of%20america&f=false
  23. As well as Spinning Dragons and Timberland Twister (now Fairly Odd Coaster). Nickelodeon Universe has never had any association with Cedar Fair though I never said they did. They operated Knott's Camp Snoopy at Mall of America up until 2006.
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