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  1. The prices are now posted, and this year it is different that Sunrise does NOT require admission. Meaning it will be cheaper for those with passes. The listed price is $199
  2. I'm not as familiar with the park as some here, but yeah, I'd agree here. Visited at the height of busy August and never waited more than fifteen minutes in the regular queue. Same here. And those were days when Millennium, Valravn, and Maverick were all 60-90 minute waits. The main advantage of it being on FL+ is for the morning, when it can easily pull 60-90 minute waits as well, even more! But once it chomps through its queue with it's capacity....yeah it's not worth being on plus
  3. I know that on Friday nights they've had the crew at Iron Dragon operating that. But for Saturday's and Sunday's....no idea. And thats a big crew
  4. This is pretty blunt but it's the right idea. The park cannot control how many people choose to show up on what has statistically been one of the bustiest days every year. On top of that it was a perfect day weather wise. In addition with fridays and sundays being so slow, the staffing for those days is more than manageable. Sandusky is NOT a city that the park can pull thousands of employees from like Cincinnati or Charlotte to staff the park. The park does limit their fast lane, and it does significantly cut down on wait times. This park is a destination and not just a "let's go to the park for a couple hours then leave" like other parks in the chain are. A lot of people come to this park for the coasters, meaning lines will be long on busy days. There is no way around that, as much as I wish there was. While some issues could be addressed by the park and its staff, a crowd that overwhelming (for example Raptor having a 3 hour wait) can't just be solved by throwing money at it. Now I'm not saying the park is perfect or to just blow it off as a bad day, but to understand both sides, when looking at these very large crowds.
  5. This is correct, you will get one free visit at Cedar Point, if you purchased it through Cedar Point (It DOES include HalloWeekends). After that it'll be $14.99 a visit. You will have to go in to the Season Pass Center to get your card, but if you filled everything out online and uploaded a picture, it will be a very quick process. Hope this helps!
  6. And don't forget the fine point of being IN the park by 10am. If you can arrive "at the Point" by 9 or 9:30 that is good! True, and actually while I'm thinking of it when you get to the parking booths, go all the way to the left and tell them you're going to the Cedar Point Shores lot. Park back there, use the resort gate by Magnum and go to Maverick once the park opens. Mjollner, on the way to Maverick, stop in a store and grab your Fastlane and if you hit Maverick early the Fastlane line should be nonexistent and they'll dump you right in the station. ZeroG001, ignore this and just go right to Maverick since you can't use Fastlane for Early Entry anyway. Pick this up once the park actually opens if you feel like you need it. You may not on a weekday. Mjollner will ABSOLUTELY need it. That makes way more sense than going to the front gate where you'll have a longer line to get in and a much longer walk to your first ride. Ok, so I'm heading up to CP Friday May 18th and want to use your suggestion on parking in the back. With Grand Prix raceway gone and Portside Plunge replacing it, do we know if the resort gate is in the same place? I can't really tell from the Magnum webcam, but it looks like they have changed that whole area around much like they did with Valravn and the Marina gate. Also, when looking at the CP website, the 2017 Cedar Point Shores map has what appears to be a KMG Speed ride just to the left of Magnum's drop...was this an older ride that has just not been removed from the map? I don't recall seeing this ride at CP in the past. Yes it's in the same general vicinity. It may have moved a couple of feet, and you no longer go through the tunnel, but it will be the same location right by Magnum. I'm assuming the KMG Speed ride is Skyscraper which was in challenge park, and yes it has been removed. I think it was removed in 2014 or so.
  7. It think it depends on how often you go and how close you are to the park. I live right down the street from Universal Orlando and have never bought their Express Pass because I can go whenever I want with no lines. But if you're going once a year, or very infrequently, I would strongly recommend getting Fast Lane even if the lines are only 20 minutes and that 20 minutes can be turned into 0 minutes. Those pockets of 20 minutes add up quicker than you think and can result in getting more rides in or just having a calmer, less stressful day at the park. Personally, I would never go to Cedar Point without getting a Fast Lane pass, but I also only go on average once per year. Exactly, this is what I just did at BGT. The lines weren't incredibly long, but quick queue unlimited was only $40. With only going to BGT once every 3 or 4 years, this was a no brainer. It turned all the 15 minute waits in to 0, and the 45 on cheetah to 10. It not only let me get on everything I wanted to (multiple times), but gave me ample time to explore everything the park has to offer too.
  8. Thank you all for the such kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed my photos
  9. Not too long ago I went down to Florida and created a thread asking for some advice, and i received great answers. I took my camera down there and was able to take a few shots, so I thought I would share my pictures from BGT here! I had a lot of fun there and I really do love this park. Thanks for the advice! Enjoy! Cheetah Hunt is a great mix of everything, one of my favorites there! Old B&M curves. Beautiful. Towering high above! Dive Dive Dive!!! This was a surprisingly tricky shot to get, I laid on the ground and shot between the fence and the curb on the ground. Interesting. TWISTY! More twistiness! Zero G Rolls are my favorite. A lone Cheetah
  10. You have to put everything in a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo on the roller coasters...it sucks... There will be fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo near the entrance to the rides, but it's usually a clusterf---, especially by dragon challenge. That's what I was afraid of...are they free? I doubt it
  11. Hey guys, sorry to interrupt the jimmy fallon talk, but I'm headed to the parks tomorrow and I've heard some pretty bad things about the metal detectors for rides. I usually just put my phone and wallet in my button pocket, do they let you do this, or do you have to use some sort of system for storing them? Thanks for anything you can help me with!
  12. If you do a VIP tour at CP I can give it to you! Whether it's the sunrise or all day one! Perks of working in guest services
  13. Considering FL+ for a Saturday on expected to be busy days is 149.99....It will definitely be pretty expensive. Agreed though, that it should be pretty limited in quantity sold.
  14. Thank you for all the awesome advice Bill and Elissa! It's really helpful, and I'm looking forward to the trip! And this....yeah they're pretty extreme...I must always blackout on them because I don't remember them very well. Anyway, thanks gain for the advice and I'm sure I'll get around to posting some photos at some point!
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