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  1. Using that argument, you could argue that Mind Eraser at SFNE is a new credit this year because it got brand new trains with a different experience - It's not a different credit. Re-names and re-themes do not constitute new credits either. Sure, and it's worth noting the new experience, but it's definitely not a new credit. The track is exactly the same. coaster-count.com counts marks each iteration as the equivalent of riding a relocated credit (which is also not a new credit) - I think that's a fair way of counting it. Interesting. OMG who gives a f***!??! You're so much better than us - How do I get to be as cool as you? We're all just so lame, discussing roller coasters on a theme park website. Please just tell me how to be as cool as you! EDIT: But seriously? If you don't care about credits, why comment? Why such an elitist attitude towards fellow geeks? You're also cruising a theme park website everyday just like the rest of us, get over yourself.
  2. Hey you know what??? Go f*ck yourself! You dont read my posts fine but why do you need to announce it? Again go f*ck yourself! Im sick of the egotistic people on this site. No what I dont need this sh*t. F*ck this sh*t.
  3. ^ Thats an interesting point. I read somewhere waaaay back in the day when Riverview park in Chicago was still around it was a status to ride the Bobs. So I guess you were like considered the cool kid once you tried out these coasters.However nowadays I highly doubt a coaster like the Bobs or heck even Magnum would be considered they "cool kid milestone status" coaster. Its interesting what was considered "big and bad" way back in the day and how tame said coasters would be today. Come to think of it...do kids still brag about big bad coasters? Well I'm sure they post it on a social media site rather. Oh I also read somewhere the Cyclone coaster at Cedar Point even far more back in the day was one of those status coasters! Not even just for the grade school kids but even teenagers! I imagine todays teens would find that coaster very tame compare to teens back in the day...
  4. Of course Id have to go with M-force at Cedar Point! Tallest straight down non-spiraling drop I been on and it feels awesome! Other noticeable mentions are Mavericks super steep drops it gives you that "omg im gonna fall on my face!!!" feeling. Goliath at SF Great America is pretty awesome too. Feels extremely steep and tall. I also love B&M dive coaster drops as well! That free fall feeling is awesome!
  5. I'd say Adventure Express all the way honestly it doesnt seem to have drops at all! Its mostly just very flat twisted track. That coaster is boring in general! I haven't been to Mall of America since i was like 10 but I remember that Pepsi coaster have a boring drop and was boring in general,even for a 10 year old. But as far a thrill coaster goes Id have to go with Kumba. I seen it mentioned a few times already though. Im just not a fan of the flat curved drops. Rather bland yet people were screaming their heads off on that drop! I was like wtf? I felt nothing...however the rest is pretty awesome. Nice and intense inversions. Also super steep curved drops are at least a lot of fun though.
  6. I think V2 at Six Flags Great America is pretty loud. Sounds like a bunch of people screaming really loud! When I first went on it when I was young I thought it was the people actually screaming! Oh and my friend has sensory issues so when we are waiting in line for the ride she tends to cover her ears and almost on the verge of panic! There was times she just wanted to get out of line a leave. Yes its loud and it startles me time to time but I cant imagine having ears THAT sensitive. I feel bad for her but we still have fun riding the ride and all is good. You'd miss out on a lot of fun if you let things like that stop you from doing things. Another noisy coaster is Top Thrill but its a cool sound rather then a startling sound. It reminds me of a mini jet taking off! Such an awesome sound!
  7. Sorry for my ignorance but I dont see the connection between politics and a microwave... My guess is its a "fat joke" but since people are so PC,people get offended by fat jokes or pretty much anything these days....Although the lady isnt fat is why the joke threw my off a little. Next will be fridge on a stick! Solar powered of course..so at least they are being environmentally friendly!
  8. ^I hope I didnt answer this thread wrong lol....It seems people either are posting already existing coasters or posted spruced up version of their favorite coaster. Mine I posted is completely made up because I thought that was the point of the thread I hope I didnt answer the thread wrong.... Nevermind scratched that I notice the picture above is made up. Neat coaster by the way. I dont own any coaster games so I cant make my creation sadly. Also the fact mine is a very basic picture in my mind anyways.
  9. Ill list my top 5 but it may be different then most 1. Ripride I know this coaster isnt very popular but I still enjoyed it a lot and dont remember the breaking. The music was a cool touch too. 2.Dragon Challenge was nice intense B&M not as fun as Raptop at CP but still fun 3.Hulk This would of been higher if I didnt have my expectations to high..I mean the launch was awesome and the rest of course was fun but not as WOW! as I thought it would be. It didnt seem that forceful at times which I found weird as I assumed it would have a lot of force. Still it was enjoyable though 4.Mummy cool combo of a dark ride and a coaster. the neat thing about coasters in the dark is you dont see whats coming up next. So its adds to the thrill 5.Doctor Doom. Its a lot of fun being shot up like a mini rocket.
  10. Kennywood has a coaster like that, but they don't allow you to ride in a seat all by yourself. They will pair you with another single rider. The coaster is called Thunderbolt. However, if you ever get out to Luna Park in NYC, you can ride Cyclone in a row all by yourself. I never liked those no single riders allowed rule...luckily its not that common. Still its a dumb rule as I hate being paired with random people. Even as a young little child on the carnival rides and some other young child had to sit next to me. My dad was watching me and when I got off he wasnt to pleased. He scolded me.........all because I didn't say hi.Not even kidding you! So pathetic... Still to this day he largely disapproves my "anti social" behavior. However I would like to go to both parks one day as they are classics . If I was to go though im sure I'd be with others anyways. I would just like to try a classic coaster one day as they seem fun. They may not be as extreme as many of todays coasters but they still look a lot of fun. Also that "lack of safety" feeling is what will make the old school coasters more thrilling all on its own!
  11. ^^Oh yea! I forgot about that one! However I was thinking a traditional straight down drop. But that still looks like its going to be REALLY awesome! Looks like it will be a cool out of control feeling. It looks like a much more giant as well as far better version of one of those old school carnie coasters. I think they are called the Toboggan. Not saying that in a bad way by the way. Im just saying that because it wraps around some for of structure all while going down. The dive loops look epic on that thing. Orlando in general is an awesome place!
  12. Both are fun in their own ways and both have different types of coasters as well as similar ones (like both have hypers). The older B&M inverts are awesome but I have yet to go on a newer one. I heard the newer ones arnt as intense as the older ones. Which is a shame because the old B&M inverts are awesome!! As for B&M hypers I only been one two. Of course one being older,which is Raging Bull at Great America and a newer one,Make,at SWO. I actually like Make better as its more of an out and back style,which I prefer to twisters. It also has a lot more floater airtime which is neat. I also been on two dive coasters Sheikra and Valravn and while their inversions arnt the most intense the drops on drive coasters is soooo awesome! As for Intamin I been on two "mega-lites" Maverick and Cheetah Hunt. One giga which of course is M-Force. One hyper which is Ride of Steel at Darien Lake. Two Impulse coasters V2 at Great America and Wicked Twister as CP. I've been on an accelerator coaster too which is Top Thrill. So look at it from what I rode are two totally different sets of coasters. However both coaster companies have one thing in common and thats they both make hypers. So which hyper do I like the best? If I had to pick I'd go with Intamin. As they seem more intense. While floater air is fun I think ejector air is a lot more fun and gives you that "scary roller coaster!" feeling! Even the mega lites pack a punch although I'd admit Maverick is far more intense then Cheetah Hunt. So i love both for its different coasters but since I can only pick one,and hyper/mega coasters are my favorite type of coaster I will have to go with Intamin. Oh and as for giga coasters that one I cant be for sure yet as i have yet to ride a B&M giga,or any other giga for that matter. So far though M-force is my favorite coaster for its height,drop,and speed. Not to mention the scenery is awesome. Im sure in the future if and when i try other gigas maybe that will change.
  13. Its cool I found this thread! If I had to pick I'd say most likely Intamin or maybe B&M as a second guess. The coaster will most likely be built at Cedar Point as CP is known for record breaking coasters. Since they already have Top Thrill this new 500 foot coaster would be more along the lines of M-force added with many air time hills. It will launch up a normal traditional lift hill like Maverick but much faster. Also it will probably be steeper then M-Force maybe more along the lines as Mavericks drop but much much taller! I noticed this thread had started back in 2005 but still no 500 ft coaster as of yet....I give it another 10 years at least. If lucky maybe less!
  14. Just as long you weren't like that crazy 1001 nachts lady..... lol!
  15. I rarely take pics at amusement parks at all. Let alone bring a selfiestick.(I dont even own one) Im having to much fun to take pictures!! I sometimes take pics but not all the time. When I do take pics, instead of selfies, I rather take pics of whats around me.I also took one video on my phone of Top Thrill Dragster launching but of course that as on the sideline rather then me stopping in middle of the midway and getting in peoples way. Im glad I'm not one of the people who is addicted to taking pics of myself. As I rather take pics of things much more interesting,carrying around a selfiestick would be kind of annoying, and the fact I dont want to ask random strangers to take a pic for me either. Also selfisticks seems to be more geared towards scenic site seeing vacations rather then amusement park vacations.
  16. ^Wow I guess that shows how young i am as I wasnt born yet until like months later That a really neat story though. Before I started reading it but seen the title I thought you found your first "girlfriend" on the coaster named Maggy! lol
  17. In a way I want to ride in a traditional coaster car with fix laps bars and traditional seats too. You probably bounce around a lot more. However if you have to sit next to a stranger thats going to be awkward since both of you will end rubbing up against each other. eww. Just no! With friends it would be ok though. However having a seat with no dividers to yourself sounds EPIC! I imagine bouncing and flying around during air time sounds like that would be a lot of fun! I have yet to ride a traditional coaster like that but sounds a lot of fun.
  18. My idea of a perfect coaster is an Intamin mega that is as high as TTD/KK and about 90 mph but has the fast transitions like I305 or Maverick mixed in with plenty of ejector air hills like Magnum. It will have a launch too but the drop from the tallest hill wont actually be like TTD or KK but a drop like I305 or Maverick. So pretty much an I305 thats 100 more feet tall with added intense ejector air hills. Oh and also it will have some inversions too.
  19. ^^ This is a little off topic but I noticed EG doesnt have its own discussion page like other major parks. It seems to be one of the only major parks that doesnt have its own thread. I find that interesting. Then again I know EG is VERY unpopular with the coaster community. Even MiA gets more praise. But yea looking at the coaster line up there is nothing that special that sticks out and many of them are coasters you see in plenty of other parks,so I can see why. It wouldnt be my first choice either honestly,however if I was ever in the area and was offered to go I wouldnt pass it up either.
  20. Skyrush sounds awesome!! I want to go there one day as well. From the sounds of what I heard about Skyrush is its like Magnum meets Maverick. Sounds like a neat combo! Coasters like Maverick,I305,Magnum and Skyrush are awesome!
  21. Yea I rather CP leave Magnum alone. The whole lets have B&M replace it is silly! B&M hypers have epic first drops but when it comes to air time hills Magnum was better then the B&M's hyper air time hills. Where is B&M is mostly floater,Magnum has that nice rough intense ejector air. Why would you want to take that away?? Roller coasters arnt suppose to be like a bike ride through the park they are suppose to give you that awesome out of your control feeling. So I hope they never replace Magnum. If you dont like Magnum just skip it! More time for you to go on other rides! but please dont expect it to be replaced...
  22. I feel the same, though maybe not as strongly about Intimidator. I think it comes down to how the trim brakes are used, because the layouts aren't all that different, and what I've gathered is that Intimidator usually trims a lot while Diamondback doesn't. My vote is for Boulder Dash. The air just wasn't there like the best wooden coaster on Earth should have. I wasn't expecting ejector quite like El Toro has, but I barely got pops of floater air over most of the hills. Very disappointing...I drove four hours to Lake Compounce because I expected El Toro to get a legitimate competitor that day. I never been in BD or El Toro....but even I can tell El Toro is miles ahead of BD..... El Toro is full of massive steep drops and air time hills while BD is just swaying track.....i seen the POV and notice there is no real drops. Just those infamous shallow curved "drops" and we all know how i feel about those. Yea I dont get the appeal to those type of coasters.
  23. ^That roll down hill on Storm Chaser looks really neat! I never been there before but in the POV it look really awesome as it combines a drop and inversion into one. It will be cool if RMC MS had one of those too.
  24. ^Im a she. And come to think of it I have this other friend who took for ever too I actually believed he WAS doing some drugs or something....my friend I go to amusement parks with however isnt that type of person she just is unnecessarily slow at times.
  25. ^^Well I rather ride rides then find change...also i was talking about the lockers at other parks that make you pay. To me change hunting and just like lolly gagging in the bathroom are both a waste of time. It's just my opinion that is all. I rather have fun riding ride then wasting time on stupid stuff! Also that second response was asking him I wouldnt be fun to hang out with even though I enjoy doing fun things!
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