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  1. I would post my CP keychains here however I already posted pics of them in some thread about amusement park suvaneers a while back. Also they are mixed in with other keychains i got from other places. I go got a Top Thrill keychain with my name on it and in the back is one of those "moving" pictures with the TTD logo and the coaster itself. I also got a basic M-Force keychain with a pic of M-Force and very small info about it.
  2. Most likely of course my home park SF Great America but in September we are going to take a big family vacation with a bunch of my family. We havent picked yet though but we will either go to Disney World which surprisingly I never been too. Or we might go to Kings Island which I havent been to since 2004 so I would like to go again. However my mom asked me to make a suggestion and I said Great Adventure as I never been there and its one of my dream parks. I know the drive would be long but nowhere as long as lets say...Florida. The Florida idea sounded awesome until I found out we might DRIVE there since not everyone can afford plane tickets....Meh I dont know about that...16 hours cooped up in a car with all of them Also Disney World isnt known for a thrill coaster mecca although it would be nice to try it out since I never been there. If anything though I'd pick Great Adventure though. Kings D sounds kind of cool to now that I think of it for I305..should of suggested that but not sure people want to travel just for one coaster(i mean we would go on all the rides but still).
  3. Oh yea I forgot to mention Hades but I went on it before the inversion. Still it was a lot of fun. I notice that coaster gets a lot of hate too but I thought it was really awesome! However.....I didn't like how it banged my side in that tunnel. Thats one part I didn't like about it.
  4. Lol. I dont even keep my keychains on a key ring. I keep them all in plastic drawers. However I kept the keychains they I get from trips I go separate from the rest and keep those in the drawers of my night stand. As for the plastic drawers it's keychains I got from stores,got on holidays or for my birthday,keychains people gave me etc. There is so many though that the frame of the storage drawers is bent badly.....lol
  5. I go to gift shops all the time when I go to amusement parks. Its like a must do thing for me! However yet I never brother to remember the names of the shops....lol. I think its because Im focused on mainly one thing and thats keychains! Since I collect keychains I will always get a keychain or 2 or....5...when i go to parks. Especially since amusement parks are my favorite place so what no better place to get key chains then from a park! I guess im weird like that while most are heading for teas and hoodies im heading for the keychains and sometimes other odd trinkets.
  6. This is where Twister was right? I kind of miss Twister but maybe thats because I'm into natural disasters like tornadoes. However I know the movie Twister is pretty irreverent now. So I assume thats why they replaced it. It would of been cool if they modernized it somehow with a 3D screen but with the wind blowing and even debris flying towards you. (of course it wont be real) Maybe they could of made it move too. Now that would be awesome! Yea a lot of USO's attractions are just that,the moving seats and the 3D screens and special effects,but I thing tornado themed ride would be pretty cool and separate it from the rest. I don't even really watch TV let alone the Tonight Show. So I know diddly squat about the show.
  7. I never been on any of these coasters but they are coasters I dream of going on one day. I305 Fury 325(<^yes it would have both giga's but since they are different companies and different expiences i want to include both) El Toro Skyrush(of course this park needs a hyper too but Intamin hypers are more intense) RMC's Mean Streak or any mega RMC for that matter Flat rides: that arnt an upcharge Drop of Doom Fulcan's Fury(yes both are drop towers but of course FF faces down where as Doom is the tallest) A screaming swing That one ride that looks like a giant sea-saw with two giant fly swatters on each end and it goes upside down. Some park in Europe has it i heard but sadly no American parks. Themed shoot the chutes that has a drop tall as Pilgrim Plunge did Up Charge thrill flats Sky Coaster Sling shot Sky Scraper Nothing but Net super tall bungee jump Waterslides big water coaster tall steep free fall speed slides up to 100 feet or more! slides where the floor drops out from under you Tall mat racers Tornado The name of my park would be called Hurrinado's Thrill Park. Hurrinado for short! Hurrinado being a combo between hurricane and tornado. It will be themed after natural disasters and storms.
  8. As unrealistic as it sounds I think are park for hard core coaster enthusiasts would be sooo awesome!! If it was possible my idea of an awesome thrill park for coaster lovers would have rides like El Toro,I305,Fury325,Top Thrill Dragster some sort of wicked RMC or a few! Some with super fast speed too in the 80s and 90s and even 100s! Also it would have unique coasters like the ones you see at Magic Mountain like X2 and Yolo Coaster! No lame-o family friend coasters either!! There would even be some old school woodies with fix lap bars for awesome airtime! ......That will be the closest to family friend you'd get! The place would focus on tall steep drops,wicked inversions,wicked air time hills,and be thrashed around with fast transitions! No shallow curved drops or traditional twisty track where you just turn and turn and turn....yawn. It will be the type of twisty track where you dont know which way is up and dont know your left from your right! Sigh....but we can only dream.... Oh and it will have awesome flat rides too of course!
  9. I loved when AE went backwards! That falling backwards is such an awesome feeling! Also I think I remember Batman going backwards that was pretty neat too! Going backwards on a B&M invert is a really cool concept and a lot of fun. As for Demon it does bang my head around a little but thats probably because im super short. The ride itself is fun though. Its usually not one of the first coasters we'd go on while at GA but its still nice to go on it once in a while. I think the tunnel is really cool looking too.
  10. I been on both Beast and Voyage and I have to say I do prefer Voyage way more. However KI has more coasters and thrill rides so if i had to pick Id pick KI. I have yet to try Diamondback and Banshee. However I'd like to try Thunderbird that coaster looks a lot of fun.
  11. Hey! I think AE is a lot of fun! but yea i agree it was pretty rough at times especially around that turn. It really jackhammers you. As for Viper I think that coaster is ok fun...not great...but fun. However the first time I went on it back in 2002 I remember it having epic ejector air time! Now it barely has that air time anymore...Its weird. What happen to the air time?? lol.
  12. ^^I agree a giga would be better! If they put it off and saved up more for a giga and if a giga is out of reach how about a wicked RMC?? Either new or one of the coasters already there modified as one! Both gigas and RMCs are way more fun then a mid sized family friendly coaster wood or steel. At this point its nothing to do with wood vs steel but more so thrill vs family friendly. More people will flock for the big new OH YEAH!! thrill vs the "coaster me,mommy, big sissy, and gramma can ride toget-er!" Which would you plan a trip for?
  13. ^ Yea when i went to IB back in 2004 I remember thinking Hoosier Hurricane was way better!!! Its higher and has way better drops! I don't remember being as thrilled on CE as HH. CE was a nice ride and all but I preferred HH way much more. As I said before somewhere on this forum curved drops dont do much for me...unless the curved drop is extremely steep!(like the Legend at Holiday World) But shallow curved drops.....very meh!
  14. Its sad how groups like PETA are trying to ruin places like Seaworld or circuses. They are just like the college campus SJWs who try to ruin movies,holidays,video games etc. Whats with these lame activists groups trying to ruin all things fun and great?? Not to mention these people are loosing peoples lively hood when they no longer have a job thanks to people like them!
  15. ^^About the overpopulation thing...every time I see long lines at amusement parks,bad traffic,busy waiting rooms,etc I start noticing the over population issue just more and more. There is one good thing however,about over crowded amusement parks! We know the park is getting good business and there or more money. We dont have to worry about it loosing money and closing down any time soon. So the over crowdedness has a good side and a bad side.
  16. Yea I assumed it was a metaphor or some sort of exaggeration! There is no angel spotting or hallucinations on any coaster I ever heard of...I was just loling at the over dramatic phrasings.
  17. ^^ I dont know its been over 10 years now. Maybe its rougher then it was when I rode it.
  18. No. Just dont get all the "spiritual" and "star aligned" stuff....it sounds like phrases people use to describe a drug trip.
  19. lol what?? Are you guys talking about classic wooden coaster at Kings Island or LSD?? Granted I never did drugs but thats the type of stuff i see people describe when being on certain drugs....lol "Man this coaster is soooo lit! no no I mean this coaster is making me lit!!!"
  20. Oh another one I like to mention is the Boomerang. Well I wouldnt say I 'love" them but the one I went on was a fun coaster. It was the one in Darien Lake back when I went in 2005. I like how you go up the hill backwards and see the ground and everything get smaller as you get higher. Then you drop!! It brings a whole new thrill. Also when going through one of the loops the restraints lifted off me a bit bring that "YIKES!" factor. Not sure all Boomerang loops do that but the one I went on did. Its not my all time favorite but they still are fun coasters.
  21. Yea I did ride Beast during the day. I guess if i go back Ill try it at night and see how it is then. Also Im surprised I305 was mentioned on here! I mean it looks insane!! Almost the height of good old M-Force and the awesome intensity of Maverick! Sounds like an awesome combo to me! Then again i agree of not putting to to much hype on any coaster because if it doesnt live to your said hype you may be disappointed. Also as for the B&M thing. I dont think B&Ms are that "bad" as many say. They are really fun! But I do prefer Intamin of course. Well to me I love B&M for their inverts and Intamin for the other type of coasters. The first drops on B&m hypers are really thrilling however the airtime hills arnt as thrilling as Intamin airtime hills. I think thats because I find ejector air time a lot more thrilling then floater air time. B&M focuses more on floater where as Intamin focuses more on ejector or fast transitions and whipping. However B&M inverts are awesome! Banshee looks awesome but if i ever do go back to KI I now know to now hype it up to to much so I wont be disappointed.
  22. No. Do you dream of having a coaster in your backyard?
  23. Id have to say the Beast at KI. While the first drop was fun i don't remember much after that....If i remember it was more twisty track then hills. I do remember that forceful helix in the middle though. That was kinda fun but i preferred bunny hops and air time hills...Its fun but not in my top 10 what so ever
  24. I noticed many people don't like Vortex at Kings Island but i remember enjoying it a lot. Has the nice drop and inversions and don't remember it being rough. Then again this was 2004. Still looks like it would be fun still. Also many seem to complain about Magnum but i think Magnum is awesome!! So its a little rough..but the air time is great!
  25. March is here now! That means hopefully winter will almost be over!
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