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  1. Lech Coaster. Maybe because i've had a very big breakfast before heading to the Park, but during our ERT session I got motion sickness everytime the train reached the final brakes. I really like intense rides and I never felt sick on other coasters, but this one got me dizzy everytime I rode it. Lots of positive G's.
  2. Maybe they will release it tomorrow, as it was supposed to be Orion's opening day.
  3. Hello, I will go to Canada's Wonderland for the first time in May. Do you know if there is a separate line for the front row on Leviathan and Yukon Striker? Is it possible to choose the seat or it's just random assignment?
  4. This is gonna be a great year since im going to have a usa coaster trip. Sure: - kennywood - kings island - cedar point - canada's Wonderland - Six flags great Adventure Very likely: - Energylandia - Movieland studios Maybe: - Nickelodeon Universe - Phantasialand
  5. Yeah, buying a six flags membership in México is always a good idea. I buy every year the gold membership for 30 dollars and then you can easily access to every six flags park in the states.
  6. Wow the vertical construction didn't even started. I will be in NYC during memorial day weekend but the odds to find the ride open are scarce I guess
  7. Wow, you had such a bad experience at the park, i'm sad to hear that the park got worse this year. I visited the park one day during Hyperion's opening year and operations were really fast, sometimes hyperion had no line or maybe 5 minutes.. That ride became one of my favorite coasters. The first drop is unbelievable and that are many interesting moments and ejector hills, except the middle course hill which is pointless.. I liked it better than Geforce, Lech Coaster etc..But I rode it on a warmer day so maybe it was running faster. You had the possibility to store your items in the station and the rattling was very soft (just on the outer seats in the back) . I hope I won't change my mind next year when I visit the park again to ride Zadra! Also, the kebab they sell is superb and BIG! Best kebab ever. You have to eat it if you go there. I agree with the theming and the quantity over quality thing, they seriously need to get rid of those useless kiddie coasters and start to put less rides but with a better quality. Let's see what's next...
  8. According to rcdb.com, Zadra will open on August 15 2019. The New area with the two kiddie coasters already opened so we just have to wait for Zadra
  9. I know that the video perspective could be deceiving, but the airtime doesn't seem to be very forceful.
  10. 1) Karnan . . . 2) X2 3) Twisted Colossus 4) Expedition GeForce 5) Medusa steel coaster 6) Shambhala 7) Balder 8) Taron 9) Wildfire (Kolmarden) 10) Red Force (tie with Katun)
  11. Finally rode my first two rmc's , next week I will ride my third: Wildfire. I don't understand all the hype about Medusa, it's a very good coaster but it's not that intense. Don't get me wrong it's a fun ride but it's very far from the intensity and strong ejector airtime of Twisted Colossus. Twisted Colossus literally left me speechless 1- Twisted Colossus 2- Medusa Will update in ten days
  12. It looks like VR on Medusa didn't work well, because they have removed it in the middle of the season in order to put it on the S&S tower Kilahuea! I agree with this decision ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mg3xN8mO9Gw
  13. I was wondering if the restraints will affect the ride itself, especially the launch.
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