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  1. Insanity alley is in the garden area, in that building. Not sure about Slaughterhouse, but blind fury has it in the second half.
  2. LLDoD, Zumanjaro, etc??? They're pretty much lap bars that just lower over your head.
  3. That really surprised me, are we sure media day is still on for tomorrow? It seems like they really don't want to commit to anything. I would be screaming an opening day to any one that would listen. Yes, I've seen on multiple news channels that coverage starts at 4 AM. Also, Sally has posted a picture of the podium on a small stage in front of the ride. For another treat, the ride should be open Sunday for park goers as the tweet below it confirms.
  4. Since it will most likely rain for the next few days, does anyone have any suggestions for what to do in Branson outside of the park? Any favorite shows or other attractions would be helpful!
  5. -Opened in 2007 -Originally Tony Hawk's Big Spin - Has been upgraded with moving station (moves at around 6 inches per second) Next: Powder Keg- Silver Dollar City
  6. Both have a Vekoma Boomerang. Islands of Adventure & Holiday World
  7. ^ The shaking cage in Slaughter House still works! I did it last weekend and it was still really intense with the shocking bolts of electricity across the top!
  8. Just a thought, as there is only 7 cars, while in Scooby-Doo, there are about 20 boats (at full capacity). Scooby-Doo has not run that many boats in YEARS. Actually, Scooby normally runs anywhere from 14-16 boats this year. If I remember correctly, at the beginning of this season, it started off with somewhere around 18-20 boats but has dwindled down to around 15 on average.
  9. Saw the advertisement for this in the park today. I wasn't thrilled with the name "Total Darkness," and to me, this is another step backwards.
  10. My first thought to this picture posted by the park on twitter- some sort of hunting/duck dynasty dark ride? That could be cool though, with something similar to Gobbler Getaway at Holiday World. I feel as though this picture is just messing with us, but the marketing team is really doing fantastic on teasing the new additions!
  11. ^ From what I've noticed, it gets a little slower on the weekends in August/September until fright Fest starts.
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