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  1. I just left the portion that you quoted so I wouldn't seem like I was trying to hide something. I can still delete it.
  2. Sorry I was looking at the following week by mistake I think for the park hours. Only meant to give general advice about having a place nearby to rest at, it was not my intention to seem like I was giving an official schedule. Nonetheless I've deleted that advice from my post so that it doesn't come up in any searches and will not post again.
  3. Yes. And that period should never be July. Right, that's what I was thinking when I saw the update that several coasters were down to 1-train ops. I mean it could be worse, at least it's not X2, Tatsu, FT, and Goliath that are out right now, but ideally the busy summer months should not have any major coasters down. Wait until after Fright Fest. I would guess the reason that they're still doing it in July is probably that they do not have enough maintenance staff or equipment to complete all the train rehabs during the off months, so some get rolled over to busy months.
  4. Flash pass devices have a heavy duty carabiner type clip that will clip to your pants, as such you can bring them on most anything.
  5. It depends on your shape. I'm kinda tall, and the OTS restraints on Viper are really rough on my shoulders. If I ride it late in the day it's more unpleasant, I could ride it earlier, but then my shoulders are sore the rest of the day, so I just don't ride it. I know lots of people that don't mind it though. Apocalypse is kinda rough, but not out of hand, it doesn't cause any pain that lasts after you get off of the ride, it's just not comfortable. X2 will bruise my calves from slamming them against the seat during the final raven turn, but that only bothers me when I'm on the ride. The only other ride that can be painful is Green Lantern, if you get a car unbalanced just right and come down the drops face down it can really feel like it's going to rip your face off. Other than that nothing at SFMM is truly bad. The roughest rides I've experienced overall are Desperado at Buffalo Bill's in Primm, NV and Mean Streak at Cedar Point was the worst, which thankfully is no more. I almost wish I could have ridden Psyclone once for comparison. I only got to ride it's trains when they were used on Colossus. (Anyone know where those trains are now? Anyone using them?)
  6. With Viper the magic seat I believe is supposed to be the first row on the last car, but in my experience it's painful no matter where I sit. I've retired from riding Viper. For X2, outer is almost always rougher than inner, and the bigger you are, the rougher it is likely to be. X2 is worth the abuse though, especially for that first drop, which for my money is the best first coaster drop in the world. Crowds will definitely be light in January, but if you're made of money and want to be lazy, on some days there may still be a small advantage as some rides may be on one train ops due to off-peak-season maintenance creating longer than usual waits. That kind of thing is more common in the winter. The closest hotel to the park is Hilton Garden Inn right across the street, it's the only one that's roughly walking distance. I think they still offer a shuttle, but I find it much more convenient to drive so you can easily leave the park and come back in the middle of the day. There are a handful of other nice hotels a few minutes farther away, there are quite a few within about 5 minutes drive of the park. I see you're coming from Maryland - I will be out in your neck of the woods for the first time end of sept/beginning of oct. If you have any of this kind of info for me for SFGadv or Hersheypark, PM me! Planning on doing SFGA on Sunday 10/1 and Hershey on Saturday 9/30 unless other things force me to mix it up.
  7. I actually would be interested in a > 300 foot tall Larsen Loop, that'd be pretty interesting. At least for a little while.
  8. Yeah I figured it was possible since I've seen it done, I meant I don't know if that's something a rideop can do or is authorized to do, perhaps they have to pull the train to have someone else do it later.
  9. That sounds logical. I remember green was the last train to go into service so it sounds right that it would come last in the rotation. The one issue with RMC's I've noticed between the two I ride often is they seem to have a lot of issues with the sensors that tell when the restraints are closed. I see it all the time on both TC and Joker. SFDK often has to take one of their two trains out of service for a day or two when it keeps happening repeatedly on one of the trains. Perhaps once they take it out of service maintenance has a way of excluding that row from the computer so they can then put it back in service without using that row and the computer will allow it to dispatch.
  10. Do you know when Apocalypse will close? I’m thinking the end of the week. He said within the next couple days, should be closed before next weekend.
  11. Thats the forecasted high? It always feels about 10 degrees hotter in the summer at the park so I think it will be low attendance for a very good reason.
  12. I don't think there's any way to upgrade from the old gold memberships. I had to purchase the new membership and then cancel my old one. That is basically how they upgrade. On the member support site when you request an upgrade, your old membership is cancelled and a new one is created at the same time, and the processing fee is waived.
  13. It's no guarantee, but your best indicator will be park hours - the longer they are open, the busier the park believes they will be.
  14. Hey there..I'm a California resident, my home parks are SFMM/KBF/SFDK/CGA, and I'm coming out to the east coast for the first time the end of Sept. I noticed Batwing listed as temporarily closed at the moment, and I know that can range from just scheduled/annual maintenance to mechanical failure/repair, to "what are you talking about it's running right now"....anyway my question is has anyone heard if there was something happened to cause major (multi month) down time? I'd guess not or it probably would have been mentioned in this thread, but thought I'd ask anyhow I haven't ridden a Flying Dutchman or Premier Spaghetti Bowl yet, so looking forward to trying those!
  15. I wish they would. It really has a lot in common with Ghost Rider. Both are great layouts that would be much more fun without being so rough, and both are beat down by the Southern California sun at a year round park. I think Gold Striker up at CGA is going to need the same treatment pretty soon too, I just rode it the other day and it's starting to approach Apocalypse level roughness, and that thing was so smooth and fun when it opened. I actually did CGA and SCBB in the same day and Gold Striker at CGA was my last ride of that park, and then when I got to SCBB my first ride was Giant Dipper, and the 1924 coaster was much smoother than the 2014 coaster. Neither was as rough as current Apocalypse or pre-rehab Ghost Rider though.
  16. The park needs to start cracking down on ride ops that do this. Maybe if enough people complain they will do something about it! Yeah I used to see them "stacking 1 train" on gold rusher for the same reason. They just start talking and get distracted and don't notice the train is waiting on the brake run to be dispatched into the station.
  17. Hoping this is the case as well. If they really have to use VR on a ride, stick it on Green Lantern. God no. I get that you want to just stick it on a ride that you don't care about, but pick any other coaster than that one..that is a ride that you really need to see what's going on around you. That's like when SFDK put VR on their SLC Kong. That ride was already super painful, not being able to see and brace yourself just made it worse.
  18. I didn't notice an official single rider line when I was there, they were just asking for single riders out of the standby line. Where were you doing Single Rider?
  19. I don't think it's really needed. The portion of the queue you spend the most time in is already shaded. You're not up on the platform for very long. They did recently paint the walls in the flight deck platform a grey color which is welcomed, as it doesnt radiate heat like an oven as much as the old bare wood walls did. RailBlazer's queue is almost completely shaded.
  20. Yes, Grizzly always opens later than the rest of the park. The time it opens is different each day, but they always have the opening time posted in front of the entrance (see my photo) when the park opens. Dispatch times are TERRIBLE, like 5 minutes per train, so a station wait that would be like 5 minutes elsewhere can be over a half hour. So you definitely want to be first on it if you want the credit without waiting for it. The ride is not rough or negative in any way, it's just a flat line, it just doesn't really move the needle. The long dispatch times arent the crew's fault though, it has an absolutely ridiculous restraint system which just makes it take forever, there's not much they can do about it. Definitely hit RailBlazer first because it will have the most consistently long line throughout the day, though it still wasn't crazy when I saw it. I checked back on it at about 2 in the afternoon and it looked to be maybe 45-60 minutes or so. The queue itself is not very long, based on that it seems like the park is counting on fairly efficient operations. FastLane was pretty much immediately load onto next train all day. Gold Striker gets really busy in the beginning of the day because it's right in front of the park entrance and people go there early because they see it first. Wait until at least halfway through the day and it should be down to 15 minutes or so if it's not an especially busy day. It has gotten rather rough lately, I actually went straight from riding Gold Striker as my last ride at CGA over to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk where Giant Dipper was my first ride, and that 1924 coaster was a significantly smoother ride than Gold Striker.
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