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  1. Great music choice for the video. Love the layout. A very good coaster!
  2. Oh crap. Didn't mean to do that...sorry guys! Can a mod please move this? Thanks...
  3. Hey guys, I wanted to show you a little of what I've been working on for the past couple weeks. I've been planning a new side-project to keep my RCT2 life interesting: an amusement park called Laguna Lagoon, located in beautiful Laguna Beach, California. Rumored manufacturers on board to help deliver thrilling ride experiences to the park include Swiss coaster manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard, Gerstlauer, The Gravity Group, Mack, and S&S Power. This doesn't mean the end for Busch Gardens: Ports of Adventure, as I definitely plan on working more on that park and this one within the coming months and look forward to doing so! Anyway, on with the photos of Laguna Lagoon! More to come! -Brock
  4. The Office is awesome! I quit watching after Michael left though. Its just not the same anymore IMO. Currently hooked on American Horror Story. Love it.
  5. My new desktop. Just had to share it. My favorite Cedar Point photo.
  6. Love the overview, the forest foliage looks so nice. Great job. There is a lot of path though, so I might suggest adding a couple of food/drink carts on the pathways and/or some squared off landscaped areas with trees/colorful foliage on the path as well to fill in all that space. But its looking really good. Nice to see different angles. Nice POV, too. Tried watching in 3D, but I didn't have the appropriate glasses. hehe Hope a buyer comes soon. Would love to see what he or she would do with the park!
  7. I think its a good thing you take your time, then it'll look the best it can! Keep it up man.
  8. Dude it looks nice! I'm the same way...I'm a slow builder. I'm always like "Dang! How does everybody build so fast?". Love the signage.
  9. Oh noes! What are they gonna do?! Wonder what will be able to be salvaged if the park reopens? Fantastic. Love the drowning peeps. Muahaha.
  10. That's beautiful! Love it! Great color scheme. Looking fantastic!
  11. This is so beautiful. The layout is awesome. Beautiful support work. That arch support - wow. Love the name as well. Would love to see a POV of this one.
  12. This is freakin' beautiful. Beautimus! Love the new coaster. Beautiful foliage! Everything is so nice. Love the new rapids ride too.
  13. ^See my post on New Element (I'm Disney Imagineer there!). Something I've been working on for the past couple days...(taking a break from Anheuser Village to work on a fun side-project). Unfinished, but just thought I'd show.
  14. I hope they find a buyer. I'm sure they will though. As for the updates, I completely understand. I still love the way you're doing them. Beautiful screens. Can't wait to hear the deciding news!
  15. Ah sorry I didn't comment sooner dude! I didn't even know there had been an update! Haha I was right! A Corkscrew! Looks great! Definitely something the park needed, a coaster with inversions to balance the collection. Looks really nice!
  16. I love how you're doing the updates, telling us how the park was the day of the visit. Keep doing that! I love it when people do that. I just love it. That is one beautiful suspended coaster. I also like how the guests can stand along the railing facing the coaster and see it come swing out below them, that's great. Two things though (and one I prolly should have mentioned in my first post): I would add something to that large building (the one you said catches your attention); it feels like it needs something. Color, maybe? Signage? (which, by the way, if you ever need a logo made, I make them in Photoshop - see Coupon's thread and my thread for examples). Maybe it needs a little variation of objects underneath the overhang? Maybe if you could find some old equipment, like old farm equipment or something like that to differentiate from just using barrels and crates, and also maybe consider spreading them out a bit. My other complaint is about the carousel's color scheme which is nothing personal, I just don't like red and yellow combinations, ever. Unless its I-305! But other than these two things, this park is awesome. Your style in this reminds me a lot of Tomes' Fisher Park. Hopefully the new owners will have good taste in future attractions like the old ones did! I'm excited to follow this.
  17. Dude this is awesome! How did I not see this? You've even made it go through buildings. Love that its a Eurofighter too. Great work!
  18. This looks great! Great landscaping. Love Sasquatch. I look forward to following this!
  19. SMH. You know why. I mean a heart attack? A HEART ATTACK? REALLY? Ah well. ... Ah I love Little Dipper. Cute little coaster. Nice layout. Dodgems looks a bit cluttered though.
  20. Love the new entrance Coupon. Looks great! Can't wait to see more updates now that its alive again.
  21. Acrophobia is definitely my favorite. Got to ride it a couple times on my previous trip to Atlanta. It's absolutely insane. Wild Eagle's first drop is really good too. I like to stick my arms and legs out forward on it. Feels like you're just free-falling. Goliath at SFOG was a good one too.
  22. ^^That does look really good. I also can't wait to see it as it progresses. Especially love the second screen.
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