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  1. first off, welcome to TPR! And thats also an interesting project your working on. I shall keep an eye on this.
  2. Ghostrider at knotts 45 mins right as the park opened, and I hustled to get there to, mainly because of slow dispatches. But 45 right as the park opened on a Tuesday when kids are in school!
  3. ^^ its pretty much just a sharp overbank turn on a flying coaster. gemini manta or superman ultimate flight clones?
  4. OMG thats a hard one, they are both so great! Bizzaro... pretzal loop or egg turn?
  5. ^ I know i can't wait! I'm also excited that you check over the the boards and into the bench now.
  6. ^ Dang thats harsh! Hope you did good on that test.
  7. wide ruled the chiller with the zero-g roll or without?
  8. ^ nice choicce skyrider batman and robin the chiller or mr. freeze? (yes i know chiller is gone)
  9. anybody download the nhl 12 demo today, i know i did the only thing im dissapointed in was that you can't change the game speed in the demo.
  10. Gets home from school: (goes straight to homework at 4 o'clock finally finishes around 8 o'clock) conversation between me and my mom: me: "woo im finally done!" Mom: "Great you chore lists is on the table now..." me: :"WTH!!!"
  11. rich cause then i could fly to the usa and go on a coaster trip!! Get bitten by a black widow or a rattle snake?
  12. dave and busters! scream (sfmm) or medusa (sfdk)?
  13. CVS griffon or shekria(sorry if i didn't spell it right)
  14. i305 no competition intanim drop towers or S&S drop towers?
  15. flight deck busch gardens tampa or busch gardens williamsburg?
  16. donkeys! iron dragon (cedar point) or ninja (sfmm)
  17. I love the coasters ! But im not so sure that the intamin rocket is 200 feet...
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