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  1. I have lots of new coasters to add! Recently visited Dorney Park and Knoebels for the first time and Hersheypark since 2013. The last coaster I rode was today at Hersheypark which was Storm Runner in the front row! Absolutely amazing ride!
  2. I was on Stormrunner just around this time today! I could have seen you in line! I've spent several days in the Hershey area going to Dorney Park and Knoebels. All fantastic trips. I really enjoyed Hersheypark the most and I will be working on a full review later.
  3. I'm heading to Dorney for the first time tomorrow and I will have the Fast Lane. What plan does anyone recommend to navigate the park/start with? Looking to ride as much as possible and maybe hit up the water park if the weather clears up. Thanks!
  4. Universal did test this system out almost a year ago at Wet N Wild. You were given an armband at the entrance. Even for slides with no wait, you had to go reserve the slide and then check in. Both times I went I was able to go on every slide immediately after reserving because I went right at opening and there were not a lot of people, but I'm curious how the results turned out from this. Let's just say the water coaster breaks down for 20 minutes...how will that play along to my reservation that claimed a 30 minute wait? Also, I'm curious about when severe weather comes. When all of the slides close and reopen an hour later when the sun comes back out (typical FL weather), what will happen then? I'm very curious to see how this plays out. (Btw...shouldn't all of this discussion be in the Universal thread?)
  5. I think the new addition to Typhoon Lagoon is great! I like seeing new additions, especially to one of my favorite water parks! However, I was a huge fan of being able to snorkel and swim with sharks at Typhoon Lagoon. I still can't believe it is gone! I know it was never too crowded over there and I know Disney knows what they're doing...but that was one of the biggest reasons why I liked Typhoon Lagoon so much! That experience couldn't be found at any other water park (unless you take a trip to Discovery Cove). I'm welcoming the new addition but I'll always miss the snorkeling.
  6. Went to the park today! Here's a quick trip report: I'm not sure what it is about when they open the parking lot, but they are always running late! Every time I've been going to SeaWorld, they have open the parking lot 15 to 20 minutes before park opening. I still have a lot of time, but I thought it was supposed to be 30 minutes before opening. Once the park opened at 9am, we instantly went to Mako...but the back half of the park wasn't going to open until 10am. Wish someone told us before we walked all the way over there! Nevertheless, we just headed back to the front to ride Manta. There's something about the back row of Manta that is just absolutely amazing! Next we went to get a front row ride on Kraken. It wasn't as rough as my last visit which was great! Such an intense coaster! Antarctica was next. The air conditioning wasn't on in certain parts of the queue (which I didn't mind too much because of how cold it is at the end of the ride). Other than that, the penguins are really awesome to see!! Now it was just about time for Mako to open! We were on the first train of the day in the front row and then immediately hopped in the back row of the same train after our first ride! Absolutely NO WAIT! Definitely my favorite coaster at SeaWorld and in Orlando. We caught up with the Sea Lion High show...it was good...but I do miss the pirate themed show. After the show we got lunch and walked around to see all of the marine life. All in all it was an awesome day at SeaWorld! Ride Count: -Manta (Back) -Kraken (Front) -Antarctica -Mako (Front) -Mako (Back)
  7. 1. Montu - Busch Gardens Tampa 2. Afterburn - Carowinds 3. Dragon Challenge - Chinese Fireball - Islands of Adventure 4. Dragon Challenge - Hungarian Horntail - Islands of Adventure 5. Alpengeist - Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  8. I was at the parks today for Super Bowl Sunday (aka no Americans at the parks). Managed to get 16 rides in less than 2.5 hours. -Dragon Challenge Fire x2 -Dragon Challenge Ice x1 -HP and the Forbidden Journey x1 -Hulk x2 -Dr. Doom x1 -Spiderman x1 -Rockit x1 -Mummy x2 -Transformers x1 -Men in Black x2 -Escape from Gringotts x2 Btw on the Hulk...the paint is all gone on the wheel placement of the rails on the track. It is starting to really show some wear and tear. Also, the footers in the lagoon are really showing some rust too.
  9. Hey everyone, I will be at the park on January 1st. How crowded will the park be on this day? The quick queue prices are a bit high on this day for everyone in my party to purchase one. Thanks!
  10. Sorry for the double post...but I have a few more questions... It looks like it will be pretty cold on Friday night. Do all of the rides stay open? Also, does Dare Devil Dive have the Santa VR for Dare Devil Dive? Thanks for everyone's help!
  11. I have a question about Holiday in the Park. I will be in Atlanta next weekend. The only time we would be able to go is on Friday night, however, we won't be able to get there when it opens. How crowded does the event get? Is it worth it to go?
  12. It is hard to keep up with all that Universal is doing at once! -Newly Opened Toothsome Chocolate Emporium -New Coke Store by MIB -Volcano Bay -Jimmy Fallon -Aventura Hotel -Cabana Bay Hotel Expansion -Fast & Furious -Wet n Wild Closing -Purchasing of new land off of I-drive Even though I'm getting a bit irritated of all of the screen based rides, I am excited to see all of these new additions! I wonder what the Universal Orlando Resort will be like 10 years from now!
  13. A Pre-K pass? That sounds awesome! I have family in Virginia. My cousins are 3 and 2. They will turn 4 and 3 in April and May respectively. I'm sure my Aunt and Uncle are going to love this new Pre-K pass! I think this is a great idea that more parks should do!
  14. It truly is amazing to think about everything Universal is/was working on this year. Skull Island: Reign of Kong, Hulk Coaster, Toothsome Chocolate Emporium, Sapphire Falls, Jimmy Fallon, Fast & Furious, Volcano Bay, and the new tower at Cabana Bay. I might be missing something since there is so much going on! Having been on Kong twice now, I really think it is a good ride, but it could have been better. With all of the hype for the attraction, and all of the hype the queue built up, I guess I expected a bit more from the ride. The ending with Kong was really neat, but it almost felt random. Like, "as you look to your right, you will see a King Kong animatronic." I thought this part was going to be more interactive with Kong and actually look like he is angry and then you see his soft side and lets everyone go kind of thing. But I still think it is amazing technology and a must-ride attraction if you have never visited the park before. I'll be at the parks next week to ride HULK! I can't wait! The media update was amazing and all great pictures! Just got me more excited to visit the parks again next week!
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