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Best Drops....

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^ No one said that because this thread is from 2008... It's been lost in the bowels of TPR until coastercrutchfield went on his posting spree for all the "Best of" threads he could find.


That said, I like the first drop of Cornball Express, and the drop in the woods on Raven...

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Thunderhawks second drop(not the backside of the hop after the first drop) is one of the most intense drops on any ride, in my opinion. Downward curve through the rides structure. Great drop.


Jack Rabbit was the first coaster I ever rode. So add the nostalgia to the double dip and it's easily one of my favorites.


Those and the Thunderbolts last drop stand out against the rest for me. I just love the charm of a thrill that's decades upon decades old and still holds up against the modern rides.





Millenium Force, obviously.


Apollo's Chariot has five drops that would count as some of my favorites but two really stand out for me. The first drop and the third.


Phantoms Revenges second.

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EVERY drop on Cornball Express

The triple part of the triple down on Voyage

Raven's 5th. drop in the back seat

Maverick's 95º in the backseat

Almost any drop on Evel Knievel in the back seat

Boss's double down

EVERY drop on Shivering Timbers

Back seat on Georgia Cyclone... wow

Back row of Mystery Mine, the drop with the flames

The drops on Deja Vu

The transition (it includes a small drop) on Patriot from the last helix to the brake run, sit in the left side of any row... It's awesome

The double down on Viper (SFGAm)

First drop in the back seat on just about any Arrow looper (especially Vortex)

SheiKra in the back seat

Any drop tower (even frog hoppers, those things are fun!)



Thats the ones that come to mind

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Steel - Millennium Force, the small bunny on Phantom's Revenge before turn around back into station...any B&M hyper first drop...just something about them for me

Wood - El Toro (GADV), Hades (plunging into that darkness), the drop inside the return tunnel on The Voyage

Drop - Drop towers at KD and KI, Hip Hop Drop at Beech Bend (trust me), Demon Drop (now at Dorney)...something about feeling like I am in a trash compactor interests me...not sure why.....

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Best? First drop on Millie in the very front or very back and Diamondback in the first row.


Underrated? Gemini's first drop, the first drop on Vortex at KI (in the back), and the drop out of the turn around on Shivering Timbers (again, in back).

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Wood: Any drop on Cyclops especially the big crazy sick one


Steel: Shockwave at SFOT third drop. So sick in the back!


Tower Ride: Drop Zone (I hate the CF name so I still call it by it's correct name) at King's Island. I run out of breath yelling at least twice everytime!

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El Toro's first drop is my favorite drop on any coaster. It just has ridiculous airtime! Just like the first drop all of the other hills on ET are amazing, especially the Rolling Thunder hill

Phoenix double down.

Beast's drop off the second lift.



Millennium Force's first drop.

Diamondback's first drop.

Griffon's vertical drops.

Storm Runner's top hat.

Fahrenheit's first drop.

Maverick's first drop.

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