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  1. I was just looking on RCDB and i noticed that Arkham Asylum - Shock Therapy is closed since 2019. does anyone knows what's going on?
  2. Have you ever wondered what the keys of a roller coaster look like? Untamed keys
  3. Lost Gravity is open again! It was running great yesterday Link to original Instagram post Awesome!
  4. This picture discribes it all... Link to original post: https://bit.ly/2UJo5vI GP on a roller coaster
  5. Walibi was looking for a new coaster after Lost Gravity. They found pictures / video's of a s&s free spin online. The park management tought this was a good ride for the park. In november 2016 they went to test it in six flags fiesta texas. After riding it they knew this ride sucks we don't want that. But after that they rode the rmc and they where sold. The s&s would not come to Walibi. Yeej everybody happy!
  6. Time for a Retheming [twitter] [/twitter] And for 2018... The restaurant Friar Tucks near Robin Hood will become "Cock-a-Doodle-Doo" a chicken restaurant.
  7. Walibi is doing some testing on their Slc. Rumors says that they are replacing the trains in 2018. Kumbak testing Sexy Vekoma testing
  8. I want to make a coaster like this. Can someone explain this to me how to make a script i mean. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  9. Shh... quiet, they may hear us! No, No VR for Goliath Walibi is opening a new attraction in 2017. As the story goes in 2017 a new wing of the Clinic (halloween haunted house) will open. This Wing will be open all year. The attraction is a VR experience like nothing you have seen before. Today this video was released by the park. Great offseason Walibi: - Goliath New paint - Condor New Paint - Speed of Sound New Paint - New boats for El Rio Grande - New Attraction advertising of the new attraction
  10. Some New backstage/close-up foto's http://themepark.nl/ubb/ubbthreads.php/topics/2377806/Walibi_10_12_2016_Verfwerzaamh.html#Post2377806 ©Laurens van Heerde
  11. a short you tube video of a five course dinner in the rides of Walibi. And also some random fact.. Walibi has started this week with selling condoms in their shops. http://www.looopings.nl/weblog/3940/Bezoekers-Walibi-Holland-gaan-hard-pretpark-verkoopt-speciale-Walibi-condooms.html Google translate is your best friend: The Walibi Holland slogan, "Hard going," suddenly takes on a whole different meaning. The amusement park has begun selling special Walibi condoms. In souvenir shops are recently contraceptives between the hugs and sweets. That reports De Telegraaf. Parents and politicians are shocked. "Condoms are not souvenirs which you offer to hear in such a place," says director Werner van Katwijk of Association of Parents of Value. Jaap Oosterveld, leader of the Christian Union in Dronten, questioned the decision. "The target group of Walibi consists largely of primary school children. This is bizarre and definitely not according to our values." Walibi think there is certainly a need for the remarkable new products. A survey would show that young visitors are eager to condoms. "It shows that there is certainly demand from our audience, the teenagers," says marketing manager Marc Antonioli. Other amusement parks Walibi choice will not come quickly. The Efteling example, has no intention to put condoms on the shelves. "If we want to please teenagers, we do prefer a different way," announces a spokeswoman. "By building a new roller coaster for example."
  12. New onride music for Speed of Sound ground clearing for the 2016 Mack coaster!
  13. Walibi Holland Bans Selfiestick!!!! Walibi Holland does selfiesticks captivated . The long telescopic poles , which are used as a tool for making selfies may be used more for security in any attraction. The prohibition applies not only to the roller coasters , but also for quiet family rides as rocking ship Hudson Bay, Ferris wheel La Grande Roue , turning home Merlin's Magic Castle and antique car ride Le Tour des Jardins . Even in the quiet children's attractions themed area Walibi Playland is the stick now taboo. Many tourist attractions are to say the least unhappy with the sudden rise of the sticks because they can provide a lot of inconvenience and damage to scenery . Earlier also suggested the Plopsa park group in a ban. http://www.looopings.nl/weblog/3535/Walibi-Holland-verbiedt-selfiesticks-in-alle-attracties.html
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