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  1. People and what they choose to spend their time on is funny. I'm glad you enjoy it, loved the shirt you wore on Knotts day at WCB this year. I have to say that packing meme was funny though, I lol'd
  2. Half my tickets bought, waiting on the kids reply for Sunday, hotel booked. Haven't been to West Coast Bash for a few years, getting excited!
  3. Wow, what an amazing trip. You got to experience something very few people have, looked so amazing. What camera were you using by the way? Those pictures looked really nice.
  4. Nice report, I really want to get back to SFOT. We loved this park, it's big and flat and was just wonderful.
  5. I would run to Tatsu first ...... I appreciate your reply, thank you! We went to MM on Friday. We drove from Phoenix, had lunch and checked in our hotel before getting to the park. So it was close to 4 when we got there. We were incredibly lucky with wait times. My husband was with me and he just isn't able to do rides the way he used to. We get to Magic Mountain every couple of years but used to go much more in our 20's. We did: -Goliath - loved it, it shook my hubby up a bit, he used to love that ride. -I rode the Bucaneer fun! -I did the Drop of Doom for the
  6. The best ride I ever had on Ghostrider at KBF was on a very damp, foggy, dewy morning, about 52 degrees in November. It was like a completely different coaster and I've been chasing that ride ever since, haven't been back there for the same conditions again. 2 more weekends until free Knotts admission...
  7. Morgan and I went to SFMM yesterday too. She was off of school and I decided to take a day off of work (even though I ended up getting paid half the day from answering emails while in line, ugh). We took the same pictures of TC that everyone else did so I'll just post some of our others. Morgan is now 12 and a half years old and she told me she's big enough now to go to Fright Fest, but not do any mazes. I seriously doubted this when she said it and offered that she could just tell me when she wants to leave at any time. I know my daughter well... more on that below. On the way, Mo
  8. About once a week I'll pull up TPR's channel on my phone and cast it to my living room tv via Chromecast. I do this because watching on my phone or even iPad is just too small for anything but a quick fix. The channel is excellent on tv, it's a family event, we don't watch a lot of tv, but we cruise through a few of our subscribed channels new videos and then go check out the trending ones. BTW, thank you for positing the Frozen ice show that we watched this week... I hadn't heard "Let it Go" enough yet...
  9. I wish i wasn't missing it this year,dang parenting stuff I got to do. We have multiple softball games next weekend. For anyone that hasn't been before, you're in for an amazing time. Have fun.
  10. i don't really see the benefit of the membership. well, that's coming from someone who buys their pass during the sales, which happen every year. last few years it's been, buy 4 and get parking and upgrade to gold. they even sent me the opportunity to buy more a few months ago as singles for the same price of $72. so there is a little discount. lol but i do know they've done the gold upgrade thing with parking for a number of years. the membership requires a $20 deposit to get the $5.85 a month price. the deposit being kept until you stop the membership. i'd rather them keep yo
  11. where did this come from? subscriber? i'm cheap like that and wouldn't mind saving a little more. They first sent me the offer around spring break. It was a letter from Bonnie (not at all personalized; form letter) saying something to the affect of 'we noticed you haven't been to the park this year, he's an offer for you. It had a link embedded in the email that couldn't be shared that gave me the option to buy up to 3 gold passes for $57. I didn't bite at that time, but they sent me another in late June and it was my kid's birthday and she asked to go to SFMM for her birthday, so I bo
  12. I don't think I expected them to double the original length, but I think this is a much shorter ride than it looks in the mockup, consider two lift hill times and the ride is under 4 minutes. Also, I don't think their spring target will be hit (June 2014). I may eat these words after winter, but we are gearing up for a real el nino winter the strength of which we haven't seen since 1998. There will be many weather delays and I project a July opening. I hope I'm wrong though, I hate going to six flags in July.
  13. I like the looks of this new coaster, it looks like a Green Lantern, X2 hybrid. I want to visit SFFT next summer, mostly to hit up Iron Rattler, but this looks fun. They all can't be the 'biggest, tallest, fastest'
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