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  1. Oftentimes, Dodgems can draw more of a line than Anaconda and even Rebel Yell. As for Shockwave, that ride has so many "specialties" that Fast Lane would almost detract from the ride. Also, Fast Lane can't be all coasters, this is probably KD's way of diversifying the lineup.
  2. Your layouts seem fine. I especially like the b&m inverts. You mentioned scenery is not important to you. However, scenery is one of the key points of a ride. It really help the realism of the ride and even the layout. Just something as simple as a station and a themed queue would give opportunities for fly-bys, more realistic elements,etc. Great layouts, would be even better with a few thematic elements (hope I worded that correctly).
  3. I am a central Virginia native, and if I could suggest for food, here's what they'd be: If you absolutely want to stay close to the highway, Ashland has some great food options that have great small town charm, Trackside Grill and The Ironhorse are great. If you really want great food and are willing to go a few more miles, Buz and Ned's barbecue is great.Q barbecue is a local chai. With some great options as well. However, there is this new place that is a bit out of the way (still only around 5 min. Off the highway) called Jake's Place. He renovated an old gas station into a full service restaurant and the place has gotten rave reviews. Here are the links to my favorite stops: www.ironhorserestaurant.com www.jakesplaceashland.com buzandneds.com Ashland is around 10 min. Away from KD, but if you're a foodie there are a million places in downtown Richmond to eat (like chuck said). Since you mentioned lunch for KD, any place in Ashland would be my reccomendations.
  4. This park's intriguing to me. It uses the average Six Flags rides (B&M Invert, Hyper, RMC, etc.),and seems more like a "Showcase of common or popular six flags rides bonded into a park", to me. If that's what you're going for, then great, but if not I have a few suggestions. First, if you're going to create an (example..) RMC hybrid, change something about it (color scheme, name layout,..), like you did with the Invert. Also, for a park with custom scenery, I feel as though there should be more of it. Otherwise, great park overall, I'm excited to see what happens next.
  5. That's exactly what I was going for when designing this park. Some of the screenshots I took when designing this park were from bad angles, but I understand where you're coming from with the foliage. I was trying to make a tree-lined park, but I guess I added a bit too much. There's going to be a lot of trees for the next few updates, but changes can happen... The particular area I started out with I wanted to make a bit more... off.. from the rest of the park. Like a memory of the theme parks of old. Thanks! Update will be posted soon.
  6. I've been playing RCT2 forever now and finally figured out how to transfer screenshots to be able to post them. I am by no means creating NE worthy parks here, but I'm having fun with this one and hope you enjoy following it. I'll post one or two updates a week, depending on how things go outside of TPR (What?). This is a timeline park that started in 1977. It's located in Deleware and is called Lake Hannover. Also note, park updates may be multiple years (1978-1980, for example). From the owner: Lake Hannover is a family owned park in the heart of Deleware. We here at Hannover Amusements value a great experience for both family and friends, and believe Lake Hannover is at the epicenter of fun and thrilling. Lake Hannover will be opening in spring 1977 with three major attractions, including a Waveswinger ride by Zierer, a classic "Whip" ride, purchased from a failing park, and the star of the show, a wooden roller coaster called High Roller. Also included is an information station, a beautiful entrance, and a delicious place to eat near the pathway to High Roller. Guests can experience the great forests around Deleware. The management here at Lake Hannover is thrilled to open this exciting new place. To start things off, here's a shot of most of the park at this time. Another view, showcasing most of the available land. This coaster, manufactured by PTC, sends guest flying through the woods at speeds upwards of 45 mph, and provides scenic views. The majority of High Roller's layout... Here are the two flat rides, Waveswinger and Whip. The park entrance... Land has been cleared near the front of the park... wonder what it could be? Comments/ criticism appreciated!
  7. Dominator: KD Intimidator 305: KD Superman: SFOT Just a skyline shot I thought was cool. Came across these photos of park trips this year.
  8. Looks interesting! Maybe you all could work on other replica models, like Arrow Loopers. Otherwise, love the concept!
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