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  1. Has anyone ever taken the Explorer of the Sea on an excursion through the southern part of Alaska? My family and I doing this mid-June this year and I was wondering if anyone has done the trip yet?
  2. Should be no lines for the 12th. It is Lincolns Birthday but i sure cant find anyone having it listed as being off. USPS, LA School and local high schools all seem to be in session. So lines should be non-existed. Arrive around 10 get sweet spot and ride till you puke. We know you can ride all the rides that are open at least 10 times but dont try it just go nice and easy. Based on current weather pattern it might be around 85 degrees unless hell freezes over. So bring some sunblock and leave all the other stuff in the car. Thanks for the recommendations! I'm visiting a friend Thursday from NE Ohio, and we're heading to the park for our first time on Friday the 9th. Hoping that for most of the day the lines will be minimal. I've been checking on queue-times.com Bill mentioned frequently leading up to the trip to see on average what to expect. Looks like for a sunny Friday, I shouldn't expect much (at least until the schools let out for the weekend). For any other locals or often visitors, as a first time visit is it best to head left towards X2 and make the loop around the park if we arrive at open? Or head right and work our way left? Thanks for all the advice! Can't wait!
  3. I went with my other half to Kennywood yesterday. We're from NE Ohio, so it wasn't too far a drive. I just wanted to comment on something that made me a bit disappointed. Have the operations always been very laid back? She only does wooden coasters (which makes Kennywood worth it for us both), but even she noticed that the ride ops were more keen to finish their lollipops than to check the restraints before dispatch. I've seen the bad and the good at many different parks, but this one hit a sour note. It's labor day weekend. Why would it take until 3pm for a second train on 2/3 of the wooden coasters? Phantom and Sky Rocket's crew seemed great (although Phantom's station can use a bit better crowd control), but Jack Rabbit, Racer, and Thunderbolt all had their crew somewhat taking their time with dispatch. Joking around, talking to each other, but not in a rush to increase efficiency. I love the park, and as my first time there at night, it was beautiful. This isn't a reason for me not to go back by any means, but it was just something I noticed at the park yesterday. Just curious if this was already known, or if locals are used to it already.
  4. I'll add to the thread for City Museum. Visited a couple years ago and planning to take a trip out in spring again. Love it!
  5. On the plus side, they'll leave by 4-5pm. Gives you a good couple hours with an empty park!
  6. Can anyone give some insight into Memorial Day weekend madness at KI? Friend and I are thinking of getting a FP+ and going on the Saturday the 28th, but I know it'll be free admission for military members. Is it worth facing the crowds assuming the weather holds out? Thanks!
  7. I know this may be a bit out of the loop on the question, but I actually have my degree in Supply Chain Management. It's not engineering, nor marketing, but it can certainly be useful in the amusement park industry. Anyone have an idea of how someone with my major would be best to get my foot in the door?
  8. Spent last week in Orlando and it's surrounding areas, and have gathered some thoughts. Pleasant: Manta - Wow. That's about all I can say. Granted my experience with any type of flying coasters were a Volare at Canada's Wonderland, and X-Flight/Firehawk at GL/KI, so B&M flyers were new to me. But I've got to say, this by far exceeded any expectations I had with flying coasters. The restraints were incredibly comfortable, the view from any seat was great, and it was quite smooth. Actually, I found the pretzel loop to be incredibly forceful (not expecting that). I had to brace myself each time I went in for it, and wow. It's incredible. Rode it 9x that day. Really wish we had near me up here in Ohio. White Lightning - It seems so short on paper. It was my first smaller GCI, as the last one I was on was American Thunder at SFSTL. Sat in the backseat, and it was amazing. Rode is several times over the course of an hour. I thought it had the right amount of laterals, and was just an overall fun ride. Makes me excited for whatever BGW is now getting. Only downside was dispatch. It was a slower day at the park, and I wasn't too surprised at the 1 train usage, but whenever I wanted to take pics it felt like forever to wait for a train to dispatch. Unpleasent: Kraken - I mean, don't get me wrong...it wasn't bad at all. I've ridden Dominator back at Geauga Lake, and most recently Rougarou back home. However, maybe it was the lack of laterals throughout the layout, but it didn't really do anything for me. It was a very straightforward B&M layout. Artic Expedition - I guess maybe I didn't know what I was expecting going in. But the ride mixed with the storyline seemed pointless. I wasn't really following along where I was in the story as the cars moved about. IDK, maybe that one is just me, but I could've done without the ride and just saw the penguins.
  9. I'm heading down to Tampa for a conference next Tuesday-Saturday. I wanted to know just a bit more about what I'm getting myself into. It'd be and a co-worker going to the park. We haven't picked a day yet, and Saturday is the flight back to Ohio, so that leaves us with Tues-Fri. Is there any better than the other option down there this time of year? We understand it's during Spring break, and the crowds would be worse than the usual December Florida visit. So... 1. we were curious if the Quick Que Unlimited are worth the cost? I almost always get Fast Passes when the wife and I visit Cedar Point, so I would be ok with it here. But I didn't know if the crowds would be manageable. It's not like we're trying to squeeze in 16 coasters. 2. Does the app include wait times? I've used them in the past at other parks and they seemed accurate, but I didn't know if the BGT app on the Play Store was just a map or once you are within range, you get updated queue info. 3. Any good places for some craft beer? I usually try to hit up places inside parks whenever I go, and I've seen in past trip reports people going, but never got a name of where to stop Thanks for any and all the help guys! Looking forward to my first (and proabably last for a good while) visit to BGT!
  10. So, now that we get to see how it works, I have a tech question, particularly in regards to hardware and software 1. Do we know if these are the Innovator or Consumer editions of the Gear Vr? Not that it'd make a difference, but the build quality (fans, lenses) are far different 2. Is this still running through an Oculus Home app? This is how it is done as a consumer product for Gear VR 3. That said, the Gear VR has a notable issue in regards to orientation and the screen door affect. I've tried it in a vehicle several times playing games, and you constantly have to "re-align" your forward facing orientation. It's what keeps things a more one-to-one relationship. How is this done as a continuation say through an hours time of dispatch? Is the app reset each time a new load takes place? Or is it a loop? 4. The Gears are notorious for overheating. Granted the internal fans of the Innovator edition really helped, but a prolonged gameplay, the phone will actually give you an "overheating" notification, and often times shut down the software. If that's the case, and this app is constantly running, do we know how that will affect the overall experience? Anyone with any idea on any of these I've got to hear! I love my Rift and Gear VR, but I know the limitations hardware wise it has and it'll be interesting to see how it translates to prolonged use
  11. We stayed at the Mirage a few weeks ago. As mentioned earlier, none of those really offer a 'view'. Sure, coming from the east (Ohio for me), anything was better than farmland (loved the mountains), but I'd say just get the room you're most comfortable with. There is plenty of time to get views of Vegas (both ground and up). Side note, I'd vote for a trip out to Red Rocks. We had a blast scaling the area, and the views from out there are tough to beat.
  12. Well, looks like I'll be ice breaker here. Before I left Best Buy, I had the opportunity to buy a 4k for half off after completing some training from Sony and Samsung. So, I figured, why not? The rear-projection was seeing its final days anyways. 1. Yes, I own a 4k TV 2. 55" Sony Bravia XBR55X850C 3. The TV has Android TV built right into it. Therefore, the Youtube App is on it, and it does 4k as well as Netflix which also does 4k content. 4. Yes, we watch 4k content from the Youtube app. I streamed the Impulse pov on it today as well. Quite impressed! 5. The thing I will mention, is that with 4k content, it truly varies. If you're streaming from a 4k DVD player or a content box, absolutely you notice the difference. It's shot perfectly, and there is no interruptions. Even the up-scaling has a noticeable difference. However, Youtube content can vary. Especially if you have terrible wifi reception assuming you didn't plug in the TV directly. You just never know. But gaming... So in all, yes, I believe there is a noticeable difference. Coming from a 55" 1080p Samsung, Sony colors really do shine here. And on the Impulse video, it was no different. Very sharp, vibrant colors. Even from far away. 7. If I had to buy it over again, I'd say I go still for the 4k TV. I couldn't pass up on the offer. In total, I dropped $900. At the time it retailed for $1,800. But my wife? She does not notice a difference, and was against buying it. But she knew we had to get one anyways. Also, if it has 4k, more than not it has 3D. Our Sony does, but it did not come with glasses. Hope this helps! I personally would love to see more 4k content. On ride and off ride!
  13. So I took my family down to Pigeon Forge for the last couple days and went to visit Dollywood today. I have to say, I abssolute5 love the atmosphere. The staff are crazy friendly, the location is ideal, and the theming is top notch. I'll post a couple pics below of the rides, and my opinions of them (taken with my Galaxy S6 Edge). We made it! First thing off the bat, the parking is crazy. Much longer driving even to the toll booths than we expected. After that, there were multiple parking lots. Ended up parking in A, grabbed our tickets, and headed over to the Sweet Shop and got some candy. Then we went over to the Time Savers building to reserve them. Definitely useful today as it was slightly busy. First ride we went to was Thunderhead. We cut through the path to the left of the main entrance and got there quite quick. The ride ultimately became my favorite there. We're used to Mean Streak. This was amazing. Multiple twists and turns, and relentless on the airtime. Rode it 4x by the end of the day. After finding out that Mystery Mine was down, we reserved a spot for Fire Chaser Express. I loved the smoothness of it, and the thing was really good. The ride itself was moderately fast, and the launch (and that fire) were awesome. Only got to ride it twice. Shame. 2x, 8/10. After a ride on Mystery Mine (which by the way, ow), and a cool down on the Mack Splash Battle (so fun by the way), we reserved a spot for Wild Eagle. Did the front right wing and back left wing. Definitely two different experiences, and I found the left wing to be easier to handle, and a better view. Regardless, the view from up there is unforgettable, and the ride itself is a standard B&M, with a unique train (very detailed). We've been on Gatekeeper several times, so the experience is similar. One up for Wild Eagle though, mainly for the view. After a few rides on Wild Eagle, we decided to brave the Arrow and go to Tennessee Tornado. As someone here said, the did find Jesus while building this one. Been on a few Arrow loopers, and I liked the layout on this one the best. That airtime at the end was surprising. 1x, 7/10. Ended the day with the Dollywood Express. Such a pretty ride, and the stream engine was beautiful. Only downside was the cinder in my eyes. Ow:( Finished it with cinnamon bread from the Grist Mill. Totally worth it. Overall, very friendly staff. Great locations. The right about of rides and the right types of rides. Can't wait for that launched RMC next year! Thanks for reading!
  14. For all you locals down by KI, what's the memorial day weekend like? Wife and I are visiting her sister that weekend, and I plan on going Saturday by myself. I'm already getting a Fast Pass, because I know what Cedar Point can get like that weekend.
  15. Hi everyone So I don't post here often, but I wanted to see what everyone thought of my layouts that I use in my parks when I find time to play RCT2. Side note, I am not very good at scenery, and I generally don't aim to be. I just like to add queues to my layouts and watch people ride them. Enjoy! B&M Standup Eurofighter Polar Coaster B&M Hyper B&M Invert B&M Twister (I guess) Intamin Wooden Coaster GG coaster attempt at RMC dueling B&M Floorless B&M Family Invert Dinn & Summers (possibly) Out and Back larger B&M Invert Arrow looping GCI Wooden shuttle (reverse lift) Water coaster Mack B&M Hyper GG small RMC (Texas Giant similar) GCI (I like diagonal lifts) Out and Back GCI Let me know what you guys thinks! Thanks! CPGemini08
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