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  1. Was at the park a couple of weeks ago and saw people caught with their phones given passes to leave the line and come back in via the exit once they had used a locker.
  2. For anyone buying one day tickets for Dollywood on their website, I just got one day tickets for our trip in August for $51.50 each by using the promo code KROGER. That's a pretty good saving almost 20 dollars off each ticket.
  3. Had a great time at the park last Friday. A big storm came through the park about 9.30ish and pretty much emptied the place out. Was at Millennium Force when it reopened around 11pm and for the last hour until closing they were letting people walk straight from the area where you get off straight back into the station it was so quiet. Kept getting straight back on the same train I just got off haha. A memorable end to a great trip, well worth the long journey to visit.
  4. Was at Hersheypark the other day and saw three different people not fitting on Skyrush. Not sure if this is common or not, maybe it's because the restraints come down more on your thighs than your lap.
  5. We managed to get a joint rail and park ticket from the station that was actually really good value. Think the park was about an hour from Barcelona.
  6. Intrigued to see what CP is up to if it isn't opening until 2018, should be something pretty special. Without going over old ground too much, surely if it was opening next year then the park would currently be promoting the hell out of it. Plus with Valravn just opening do they really need another massive new coaster so soon? I don't think so.
  7. Surely if Cedar Point had potentially the worlds best wooden coaster opening up next summer then they would currently be promoting the hell out of it. I still think it is going to open in 2018.
  8. Finally got to go to Holiday Park a couple of days ago and must say that Expedition GeForce is hands down the best coaster I've ridden in Europe by a long way. What a brilliant ride!
  9. Had a great day at the park today. Loved Black Mamba and Taron! Taron reminded me of a slightly lesser version of Maverick, just not quite as out of control as Maverick. The lines weren't too bad, Taron was about an hour all day with all the other rides 30/45 mins. Pretty nice touch that they kept the park open an extra hour till 7 as it was busy. Thanks to whoever the Freddy Schilling burger joint, we went there after and had a great dinner. An awesome day overall, Expedition GeForce tomorrow!
  10. Thanks a lot guys, much appreciated. We are driving to Cologne from the UK on Saturday and not heading home till Tuesday so will have a few nights to explore.
  11. Thanks guys, very helpful. Can't wait! Unrelated to the park I know but can you recommend any good areas to go in Cologne for nightlife? Lively areas with bars etc..
  12. That ert after park closing sounds amazing, jealous! Has anyone got any advice for a first timer? I'll be at the park this coming Monday (had no idea it was a national holiday that day when I booked ) Is it best to just to head to Taron at opening and go from there? I know you can buy fast track tickets but Taron doesn't seem to be available on that. Thanks!
  13. Hey. would go to Holiday Park at sunday and visit Phantasialand at monday. Holiday Park is a really "unpopular" Park, which is only crowded in Holidays and nearly empty on sundays. I think it's because of, Europa Park isn't far away. Because of you don't have so much to do then in Phantasialand i would visit it on monday because its (at the moment) the most popular park in Europe. So everybody jumps to PHL on the free sunday and they have to work again on monday. It won't be empty at monday, but less more crowded than sunday. P.S. Sorry for my bad english, i hope you understood, what i'm trying to say. P.P.S Have one with two of the best Coaster (Taron and Geforce) in our country! Thanks a lot, that's what we'll do then.
  14. Headed to the park the weekend after next. Cannot wait! We are going to Holiday Park one day and then Phantasialand the other. Could anyone recommend which day to go to which park? Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd are the dates. Thanks!
  15. I loved the Boss when I rode it a few weeks back, much preferred to it to any of the woodies at Holiday World the next day. It would be a shame if they ever RMC'd it imo, unless it became unbearably rough.
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