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  1. Does this mean we will see a new park from you soon? As much as I love EarthQuest, I really miss the old timeline style parks and would love to see another one.
  2. I'm also curious of what this will be since that is a very generic area of the park. The color scheme is also going to be a big deal since it will be flying over the entrance gates and will be one of the first things you see now. Well we can speculate green track possibly with the recent discovery at the B&M plant in Ohio.
  3. So has any work gotten done on the ride since last week? I know the holidays may have cut into the process a bit but I was just curious, not sure on how many days construction workers get off for the holidays.
  4. This coaster is turning out to look a lot better than I originally thought it would. The stengel dive looking element looks fantastic. Looks like I'm gonna have to make the trek out to Hershey next summer. For those who work at the park or are very familiar with it, whens the best time of the year and the best days or the week to visit?
  5. Some people over at Kennywood Connection, who I'm pretty sure has reliable sources, are throwing around the phrase "BLACK WIDOW". Whether this is a ride theme, ride name, or a code name, I'm not sure. They also mention that the ride and its name has been released already, it just requires some looking.
  6. I'm laughing at what would've happened if you would've said no and walked away. A big punch in the face to Hershey's plans.
  7. Yeah Diamondback has the snake themed trains... I still have loads of KW maps if someone wants to throw an offer my way.
  8. I actually like the flyer. Its "short and sweet" and interacts with the surrounding environment well. The other two are creative...yet very cluttered at the same time.
  9. Combining the swinging movement of the swing around(they did swing you out to an almost 90 degree angle right?) with the height of this right would probably make me jizz in my pants.
  10. I know that this isn't going to be the new attraction for '98 but I was just curious as to when the Hurricane Harbors started to open at the various parks. Anyone know?
  11. I generally don't comment on RCT3 parks but I have to point out how much of an eyesore the bright green Starbuck's building is...is it possible to make it a darker green or a more natural color such as gray, white, or brown?
  12. Yeah but those two coasters were built in '99, if we were to follow the timeline, Mr. Freeze would make more sense.
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