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  1. Do you guys think the memorial day crowds will leak into the following Tuesday, or would it be considerably empty?
  2. Are schools out on spring break next week, or was it this past week? Thinking of going up on Wednesday to avoid the crowds for New Revolution on Thursday. How crowded do you suppose it'll be?
  3. Haven't gone here in years and I really want to visit. When do you guys suggest the best day would be? I wanted to avoid weekends but i guess the parks only open on weekends, and the two weeks for break.
  4. How early have the fast passes for Hyperspace Mountain been running out? Planning on going tomorrow but probably not until around 11.
  5. Like in "Morning Glory" when they used defunct coaster GASM as "The ground breaking rollercoaster that goes 140 mph and 15 loops" or whatever
  6. Never realized they repainted Tornado at HH. Sure is a lot of blue and orange.
  7. Its such a shame to see Ghost Rider left unkept or cared for. It's easily my favorite layout of any wooden coaster, but would be killer to see it running smoothly, and at the pace it was intended for.
  8. I don't even mind this train wrap. It looks kind of cool! Though, does anyone have a picture of the full train? Maybe the rest isn't as legit as the front.
  9. Is it just me, or do the orange supports already look like they're fading?
  10. I'm not sure what SFMM's interest in SteamPunk has ever been about, but i feel i've noticed them implementing it other times. If this is how they're trying to appeal to the younger demographic (or any major demographic) this is not the way to go. Honestly, from when they said YOLO, SFMM became a sad attempt at being the "Cool mom."
  11. When i told my mom, she almost crashed our car. But to be fair, thats on me for telling her in the car.
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