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  1. Great White - "Hard To Say Goodbye" New singer does a great job. He's no Jack Russel, but great nonetheless.
  2. Deep Purple - "Child In Time" The ending is so creepy, it sounds like Ian Gillan's being murdered.
  3. ^Oh man, I want to see Overkill so bad. White Devil Armory is an amazing album, and I'd say it's one of Overkill's top 3 albums of all time.
  4. A Sound Of Thunder - "Blood From the Mummy's Tomb" This is a heavy metal band that's local to me, and they're amazing. Their singer is only 5'2", but she has the vocal power to keep up with the best singers in traditional heavy metal, even Halford. She used to do opera, so it's understandable that she'd have a massive range.
  5. UFO - "Natural Thing" (from Strangers In The Night)
  6. Nice pics, especially of MF from Hotel Breakers. Honestly, I hope Corkscrew never gets removed. I know it's not a great ride, but it's just so iconic, and I'm real big on traditional and iconic stuff. That's the reason why I have mixed feelings about RMC's reinvention of wooden coasters, but that's a different story.
  7. That was awesome. My family and I are all huge FaceOff fans, so I'm sure they'd get a kick out of some of this report. I got excited a couple weeks ago when they announced that the winner of that challenge would be featured in HHN. Unrelated, but I remember from the Judge Match episode how different Glenn is when he's not judging. My dad was kinda shocked to see how normal he is.
  8. ^Youtube wouldn't be able to help me. I'm completely hopelessly impaired when it comes to anything involving taking something apart and/or putting something together. I'm unable to assemble a simple model car meant for 8 year olds. Plus, I want the PS4 remastered version of TLOU specifically for the photo mode feature which the PS3 version doesn't have.
  9. The Parlor Mob - "Everything You're Breathing For" One of the greatest new rock and roll bands out there.
  10. Overkill - "Bitter Pill" I think I may be obsessed with the band at this point. Just hope I don't burn out on them, I've done that with other bands before.
  11. ^ I'll never get a chance to see Rammstein because apparently they're very anti-American and have said that they're never touring in America again.
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