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  1. At the rate construction is going, if the park opens in late March, hopefully the new ride will be ready on opening day for the first time in forever.
  2. Wow, SOMETHING new at the Wonder Wheel park. That's a surprise. Also, I hope they refine the system of how you can ride everything at at least one of the parks . Correct me if I'm wrong, but I recall, just like Luna Park, it costs $1 per ticket at Deno's- and multiple tickets to go on rides. The last time I went to Coney Island & rode Thunderbolt it technically cost me $10 for one ride. I hate hate HATE that system of how smaller parks do it. I know that Luna Park has that thing where you can ride everything for 6 hours for one lump sum or whatever, but it still feels unnecessa
  3. So far, the park reservations are available every day until Sunday, July 26th. I was actually planning to go on July 27th, so I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer
  4. Hello everyone! I went to the park on August 28th. Here's my PTR: This particular visit to the park for me was special because I haven't actually BEEN to Great Adventure since December of 2017. Since I went to college in Connecticut in 2016, it became nigh-impossible to find time to visit the NJ park (although I did make plenty of visits to Six Flags New England in the last 3 years.) Fortunately, I graduated this past May and got myself a new Membership card for Great Adventure a few weeks ago. I'm also aware that I was visiting the park the day before the big 2020 announcement, but it was
  5. I haven't been on this website in a long time. Did I miss anything good?
  6. I am absolutely LOVING this ride already! However, doesn't it look like that they're getting rid of the Old Country Picnic Pavilion (or whatever it's called) in the video, or is it just me?
  7. Pictures: No more Golden Kingdom? Possible re-naming in the future? A dazzle and a crash I saw the little one in the front trying to escape! So majestic! Obligatory nature shot (behind Best Of the West). Modern art masterpiece. Loving the new blue paint! They give these out now for all the major rides. THIS is why you can't bring things on Ka anymore, people! New painted Paralax! Thanks for reading!
  8. Yesterday I had a fantastic day at the park! Not only was the weather very nice, but to my surprise, it was also Season Pass Appreciation weekend! They had a bunch of stuff going on such as ERT for certain coasters each day (but I got o the park after that happened) as well as discounts for pass holders. My mother and I ended up getting 2 t-shirts and a cap for only $18.50 at the end of the day. Before all that, we entered the park not too long after it opened and went straight to the Safari. I got plenty of decent pictures of all the animals which I'll show of later. After that, we squeez
  9. Here's my top 5: 1.) Prevent Michael Jackson's early death 2.) Ride Batman & Robin: The Chiller (About 10 years ago, I chickened out at the last minute and they ended up tearing it down months later) 3.) Convince my 10-year-old self to ride more things when my family visited Walt Disney World for the, so far, only time. 4.) Watch the original Star Wars in theaters on opening day. 5.) Go to a concert of either Queen with Freddie Mercury or Michael Jackson.
  10. My first Arrow coaster was Great American Scream Machine from Great Adventure exactly 10 years and two months ago. It was also one of my first looping coasters ever. I still miss it even though it was a headbanger.
  11. Photos: I wish this place was in the season pass meal plan. [imghttp://i.imgur.com/NEptlvn.jpg][/img] Still no Batmobile! Thanks for reading!
  12. Here's my PTR for June 26, 2017. I meant to post my trip report a few days ago, but I've been busy with other matters. My mother and I left our house in Long Island at about 7:45 AM but we didn't actually get to the park until around noon because of the insane NYC traffic. As soon as we entered, we headed straight to the new Justice League ride. Unfortunately, I expected the old entrance to the former Old Country area to be opened up since it leads right to the new ride, but it was not. So we walked the longer way to the ride from Movietown and waited about 20 minutes for the ride, but the
  13. Leonardo Da Vinci Michael Jackson or Prince?
  14. Thriller- The King of Pop (on the anniversary of his death). RIP
  15. It was yesterday?! Dang it! I wish I did, but I didn't know the exact date this year. Have you ever played Shovel Knight?
  16. Here's my trip report as well as my pictures from this previous Saturday. I meant to post this earlier, but I've been busy with stuff. I went to the park with my mother and sister who were visiting from Long Island while I'm at Hartford, CT for school. They decided to nap in the car for a little bit while I went in the park and rode Superman. It was about a twenty five minute wait with two trains running. This was actually my first time NOT riding it as Bizarro with all of the bells & whistles on it, and it was still an amazing ride regardless. Then I walked over to Pandemonium where m
  17. Nope, I always eat 3 meals a day Are you buying an Nintendo Switch?
  18. Okay, a few days ago I got a ticket to Lake Compounce in exchange for giving blood to the American Red Cross. I want to try to go as soon as possible before the season is finished, because that's when my ticket expires. My problem is that I'm currently enrolled at the University Of Hartford and I have no direct method of transportation to/fro the park. I've always wanted to ride the coasters there, especially Boulder Dash. My question is, if I somehow DO get to the park, what are the Halloween festivities like there? I actually contacted Lake Compounce's Twitter account and asked them whic
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