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  1. I went to the park yesterday. Here's my PTR for yesterday that I also put on gadv.com and greatadventurehistory.com: Report: This is the first time I've gone during the dead of July, arguably some of the busiest days of the year, but fortunately it wasn't too busy at all since I ended up going on a Monday. My mother and I arrived as soon as the park opened and our first target was Namtab: The Ride. The only line was for the front row so we were able to ride 3 consecutive times without any issue. After that we were able to score 2 rides on Nitro since it also barely had a line in the morning. After quick rides on the Dark Knight and Skull Mountain, we went on Skyscreamer which was about a twenty minute wait. I noticed that the TVs on the queue for rides like Skyscreamer are now displaying trivia about the parks history (i.e. Warner LeRoy being the mastermind of the park) which I thought was interesting. We had lunch outside of the park after a 1-cycle wait for Swashbuckler, and many rides especially this one were being "operated" by several employees each who were being trained by more experienced members. I decided to go to Hurricane Harbor for a few hours after lunch since I haven't gone in 4 years and basically, it ended up being more crowded than the actual park was. Unfortunately, many of the lines were too long for me, including the two rides that opened since I was last there, but I was still able to ride plenty of things and have some fun. I returned to the park around five o'clock and noticed that there is a new intricate sand sculpture in front of the Carousel to promote both Holiday In The Park and Fright Fest (Christmas AND Halloween in July, I guess). The deconstruction of the Grandstand and Fort Independence continues, with the fence surrounding the entire area. The construction of the updated Mexican restaurant in Plaza Del Carnival has also been progressing with the main signs now up. Unfortunately, El Diablo is still down, but I was able to score two rides on Bizarro and El Toro, each being about twenty minute waits including a short malfunction on Bizarro. I was able to score wait-less rides on Green Lantern, Superman, Twister, the Parachutes, Mine Train, and the Skyway. I ended my day with a 15-minute single-rider wait on Zumanjaro as the sun was going down as well as two nighttime consecutive rides on Kingda Ka because the people behind me on the second row were waiting for people in the front row and didn't get on when I got off, so that was a great way to end the night. I also walked by the red tent on my way out and caught a glimpse of some of the leftovers from the Great Adventure History Museum. Overall, I had a blast at the theme park with minimal waiting all-around, but the water park was fairly crowded and I couldn't ride El Diablo yet. Final Verdict: 5 out of Six Flags. Theme Park Ridelist: Namtab: The Ride 3x Kingda Ka 2x El Toro 2x Nitro 2x Bizarro 2x Green Lantern 1x Superman 1x Dark Knight 1x Skull Mountain 1x Mine Train 1x Swashbuckler 1x Twister 1x Skyway 1x Parachutes 1x Zumanjaro 1x Hurricane Harbor Ridelist: The Falls 3x (2 red and 1 teal) The Four Winds 2x (Red and Green) Hurricane Mountain 1x (Green) Bada Bing 1x I'll post my pictures momentarily...
  2. For me personally, my most intense coaster moment to date would have to be Tatsu's pretzel loop. It's not the only coaster I've ridden with a pretzel loop but by God, nothing can compare to the sheer intensity and adrenaline that I experienced on Tatsu.
  3. Zippin Pippin- Bay Beach Amusement Park, Green Bay, Wisconsin
  4. I would just like to point out that today is the 6th anniversary of the death of the one and only King of Pop. 1958-2009 We'll always miss you MJ.
  5. Just two hours ago (Burger King and it was delicious) When was the last time you listened to a Michael Jackson song?
  6. Millennium Force A coaster in the middle of a city or a forest?
  7. My last coaster was the oddly-named TL*3 Coaster in Brooklyn, NY not too far from Luna Park in Coney Island. (Seriously, does anyone know the story behind the name?)
  8. As excited as I would be if we get a legitimate coaster next year, I would just be satisfied if we got a wooden coaster to fill the gap that was left behind by Rolling Thunder. I bet we could have enough room for a small GCI or something like that, nothing earth-shattering like El Toro or anything. Oh well, all we can do is wait until late August for the official announcement I guess.
  9. My first Arrow was also Great Adventure's Great American Scream Machine in May of 2007. I always loved to ride it since it very rarely had any lines. Gone but not forgotten...
  10. F= Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991)
  11. Ultra Twister- Six Flags Great Adventure
  12. Quantum Leap- Seabreeze in Rochester, NY (torn down 2003)
  13. A large Diet Coke from Checkers, MMM MMM!
  14. Would it be a bad thing to predict that the theming in general will be the best part of the entire ride? Whatever, I'll still ride this first the next time I visit the park.
  15. I just spent a few hours at the park and I have a few notes from today's visit. This is the first time I've been to Coney Island since Astroland was still around and I'm still amazed by how much the place in general has changed since 2008. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get credits for every coaster there since Tickler and Thunderbolt were not running at all, so I'll have to go back later this year. Deno's Wonder Wheel Park was also completely closed too (what a bummer). It was chilly and almost rainy outside today, but the air still felt crisp and refreshing on the Boardwalk. I ended up riding Steeplechase (my very first Motocoaster), Circus Coaster, Soarin' Eagle, and the Cyclone (in the front row) with waits no more than 1 train each. A large section of the renovated part of the Cyclone is still unpainted and I hope they take care of it in the future, but who knows what'll happen. I also drove over to the nearby Adventurer's Park to get a credit for the oddly named TL*3 Coaster (seriously, what's with that name anyway?) Here are some of the better pictures I took today:
  16. Here's my trip report for opening day: Bad news: There was on and off rain and many of the rides were down at various points of the day. Good News: The rain scared most of the crowds away and I was able to get on pretty much everything I wanted to. The longest wait of the day for me was actually getting my season pass processed at the beginning of the day because the computers were malfunctioning. After that debacle, I was able to score two consecutive rides on both Superman and Green Lantern. The main problem at the start of the day was that many of the coasters, such as Kingda Ka, El Toro, and Superman, started off with only one train, but those that had two trains were all practically walk ons. After a brief ride on the Parachutes, my mother and I had lunch outside the park and caught a glimpse of the pieces for El Diablo. It's located in the parking lot of the Exploration Station and can be seen more clearly from the Zumanjaro line. It looks like they'll be re-using Rolling Thunder's old queue for the new ride. When we got back in the park, I was able to get four consecutive rides on Bizarro, running with two trains and no lines (aside from the front), plus another ride later in the day with my mother. She spent most of the rest of the day napping in the car while I scored a ride on KIngda Ka, which would've been two but I was interrupted with the worst period of rain of the entire day. Since the rain didn't let up for a while, I took the Skyway over to Skull Mountain (twice), Nitro (three times), and the Dark Knight. TDK was clearly not ready at all for opening day: the pre-show lighting went off early and a portion of the ride was actually lit up from the roof. After that, I reunited with my mother and we rode SkyScreamer, Deja Vu, and Zumanjaro twice in a row (my first times, actually). My mother was totally finished after that, but I was in the mood for El Toro since they added a second train and was able to get three consecutive rides. I contemplated going on Batman but ultimately decided to wait until it goes backwards and finished the day with Blackbeard and Swashbuckler instead. Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 6 Flags. The weather overall was pretty bad with on and off rain, but I was still able to get on everything I wanted to, even multiple times on some occasions. I'll post my pictures soon...
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