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  1. Hi everyone. I went to the park yesterday and it was a (mostly) great day for me. Unfortunately, my main reason for visiting the park this time was to ride The Joker, but it was closed yesterday. Aside from that, I was able to get on plenty of other rides, starting with Nitro twice in a row. After that was a quick ride on Batman, which was a 5 minute wait, and The Dark Knight Coaster, which was a walk on. After that, my mother and I temporarily left the park to visit the Freehold Mall for lunch and to search for a copy of the Images of Modern America: Six Flags Great Adventure book. Mr. Applegate, if you are reading this, you have once again put together an AMAZING collection of pictures. Thank you so much for making a sequel to the first book, which I also own and adore. After buying the book, I re-entered the park and went on Houdini, which was a 10 minute wait. All throughout the day, I was playing Pokemon Go in between rides, and the park is full of hot spots that are registered in the game. I played it so often that my battery ran out by 4:00 in the evening! Anyway, thanks to the life-saving single rider's line, I was able to ride Zumanjaro twice in a row, each time waiting no more than 15 minutes. After a quick ride on the Parachute Tower, I regrouped with my mother and she really wanted to ride Zumanjaro herself, so I rode it another two times with her alongside me. We ate lunch at Mama Flora's then went on Bizarro twice in a row followed by Runaway Mine Train. The first two rows on the yellow/red train were tied down because they were somehow unrideable. After that, my mother was done for the day, but I still wanted to ride Toro and Kingda Ka before the day was out. Toro was a 20 minute wait and Kingda Ka (with three trains, including new ads on one of them) was about an hour or so. Ironically, right after my train finished riding Ka, they experienced minor technical difficulties and we had to wait another 5 minutes to be unloaded. Overall, it was a fine day at the park. 4.5 out of 6 Flags Ridelist: Zumanjaro 4x Bizarro 2x Nitro 2x Batman 1x Dark Knight 1x Parachutes 1x Houdini 1x Runaway Mine Train 1x El Toro 1x Kingda Ka 1x I'll post my pictures shortly...
  2. Thank you guys for your feedback! I'll try my best to convince everyone in my party to get FL+ passes, but it looks like Maverick is priority #1, followed by Valravn. I can't wait for next month!
  3. Hi everyone. I'm going to be visiting Cedar Point on Saturday, August 13; 5 years since my previous (and first) visit to the park. Last time, I was only able to ride 7 of the coasters that were there at the time due to bad weather. The real kicker was that I was on line for Disaster Transport right before they closed it due to rain, and they ended up removing the following year! Anyway, since some of you have more experience with this park than I do, do you have any recommendations for an order of coasters to go on? I've already ridden Millennium Force, Magnum, Iron Dragon, Wicked Twister, Blue Streak, Corkscrew, and Mantis (when it was still a stand-up coaster). I would absolutely love to ride some of them again, but my biggest priority is to ride all the ones that were built since then (Valravn and Gatekeeper) and the ones I couldn't ride last time (i.e. Dragster, Raptor, Gemini, etc). Short Version: What's a good plan of attack for the coasters at Cedar Point? Preferably NOT starting with Millenium Force or Magnum? Also, has the VR thing for Iron Dragon ended already, or will it be around by the time I visit (August 13)?
  4. I once met Dennis Rodman at an autograph signing not that far from my house years and years ago. I asked him if he though his Chicago Bulls number (91) would ever be retired and he said he didn't know. After that I shook his hand, so that was cool. A few years later, he ended up getting inducted in the Basketball Hall of Fame (despite the weird behavior on and off he court, he was still an amazing rebounder). I also saw Tracy Morgan and Tyra Banks (seperately) at the first Madison Square Garden performance of the Michael Jackson Cirque De Soleil show (Immortal World Tour). I was dressed in Michael Jackson's Billie Jean outfit (like the Motown 25 performance, with the glove and all) and I caught his eye so he pointed at me and smiled. I was too shy to actually go up to speak to him, but my mom did for a minute. Tyra, on the other hand, was trying to hide herself and not be noticed. Last August, I also met Spike Lee. Every year on Michael Jackson's birthday since his death, he holds a block party in Brooklyn to celebrate. Last year, the street where "Do The Right Thing" was filmed was also being dedicated in his honor as "Do The Right Thing Way". I got his autograph and took a selfie with him:
  5. No, but I wouldn't be surprised if I do in the future given my financial status right now. Anyway, have you ever seen any of the individual Beatles members in concert before?
  6. Green Lantern at Six Flags Great Adventure a week ago (4/24/16)
  7. Nice trip report and pictures! My family and I were there as well that day, so we may have crossed paths at some point. One quick thing; it seems like all of your photos have a blueish tint to them. Did you take them all with an iPhone? If so, you might want to doublecheck and make sure that your camera doesn't have an automatic filter turned on by accident. If you open up the camera, then check down in the lower right hand corner; if the three overlapping dots are black and white, you're good. If they're in color, then you have a filter turned on. I found this out myself a while back when I went to Hersheypark and took a ton of photos, only to find out that they all had that tint to them, and I quickly learned that even if you hit that by accident, it doesn't reset itself unless you manually turn it off. First off, thank you for the compliment, I really appreciate it. I actually took every one of my pictures with a camera, a Panasonic Lumix DMC FH27 to be exact. And you are right, many of my photos do have a tint to them, but that's on its normal setting. Next time I go to any park, I'll change it up so that it looks clearer. Thanks!
  8. For those of you who didn't already know, Nintendo just announced today that the NX console will be released in March of 2017 around the globe. However, Nintendo has also said they won't present anything relating to the NX hardware during this year's E3. Also, the Zelda Wii U game will also not be released until early 2017, and will also be released on the NX. Zelda U will be shown in great detail at E3, but it will be the only software that Nintendo will focus on that year. More information can be found here: www.gamespot.com/articles/legend-of-zelda-wii-unx-release-delayed-to-2017/1100-6439249/ Personally, I think this is pretty much a double edged sword. On the one hand, Nintendo has an entire year to fine-tune their next console and make it the best that it can be. On the other hand, people who own a Wii U (like myself) have been patiently awaiting Zelda U for years and here comes the news that it's getting delayed AGAIN! This is starting to become old hat for Nintendo. They can't keep on making promises if they can't deliver on them when we expect them to. Oh well, I still have Star Fox Zero and Mario Maker to keep me occupied for the next year or so. Not to mention we are still getting Pokemon Sun/Moon this holiday for the 3DS, which is nice. I always try to look on the light side of things, but now, it looks like Nintendo is admitting defeat for the Wii U and trying to shift focus on the NX. Let's hope it can meet expectations.
  9. I went to the park last Sunday, so here's my PTR! Let me preface this by saying that I took a LOT of photos. Almost 90 to be exact. So instead of posting them all here, I'll just provide a link to the album on imgur at the end of my trip report. My mother and I got to the park the earliest we ever have, a little after 9AM when the gates to the park weren't even open yet. When we did enter the park about an hour later, there were already two major improvements from last season: they changed the season pass processing so that people can get their cards as soon right after they through the gates, which was awesome, AND they didn't rope off the sections of the park before 10:30 and let guests walk up to the rides they want to, which for me was Kingda Ka. My mother and I only waited no more than 20 minutes to get a ride on Ka (three trains running), then we immediately went over to El Toro. Toro had 2 trains running and was basically a walk on, so we got to ride twice in a row! Then we head over to El DIablo, which my mother never got to ride last season, and we were able to ride it twice in a row since there was barely a line at all. Zumanjaro was closed early in the day, so we couldn't get around to that (yet). We ate lunch at Mama Flora's next to the Big Wheel, but I immediately regretted doing so because that weekend was Food Truck Weekend. I originally thought it would just be one or two of them, but it turned out to be many more, each with their own unique foodstuffs. All of the trucks were also placed near where Old Country used to be and speaking from experience, that area hasn't been that lively in literally YEARS (aside from Fright Fest)! Let's hope there will be more new things placed in that area in the future! Anyway, we also went on the Big Wheel, the Dark Knight and Batman while we were in the area, each with waiting times no longer than 20-25 minutes. We also went on Swashbuckler and I went on the newly named Harley Quinn's Crazy Train by myself (which still has the Blackbeard sign). While there, I noticed the new drink stations like the Skybar, and since we both love the Coke Freestyle machines, we went by there more than once. I just hope that in the future, they will have more Freestyle machines in other areas of the park, not just near the Big Wheel. After that, we went on the Safari and I took a TON of photos during that, including some of the new lion, tiger and bear cubs that were born only months ago. After that I went on Bizarro twice in a row then we took the Skyride back to the other side of the park. My mother was done for the day, but I went on Green Lantern than Zumanjaro three times in a row! I actually got on line right as Zumanjaro was testing, so I was able to ride with almost no one else. Actually, the 2nd time I was all by myself! Definatley the perfect way to end the day! Ridelist: Zumanjaro 3x El Toro 2x Bizarro 2x El Diablo 2x Safari 1x Batman 1x Kingda Ka 1x Dark Knight 1x Blackbeard/Harley Quinn 1x Swashbuckler 1x Skyride 1x Big Wheel 1x Final Rating: 6 out of 6 Flags! Perfect weather, perfect amount of crowds, perfect amount of improvements from last year, just perfect! Here's the link to the pictures: http://imgur.com/a/auJSo here a few preview pictures: Thanks for reading!!!
  10. Probably a year or two ago. When was the last time you went to see a movie in the red/blue glasses kind of 3D?
  11. Spaghetti Cheese Doodles or Cheetos?
  12. I'm surprised that they got the track (at least some of it) repainted so quickly. Anyway, I don't care what the heck they call it, I'm still happy that we're getting an actual new roller coaster next year. Also, I just noticed something. We're getting the second 4D Free Spin coaster in entire world. This is just like how back in 1993 we got the second inverted coaster in the world with Batman: the Ride. Not to mention, they're both named after DC characters. What a coincidence!
  13. I went to so see Stevie Wonder's final concert for the "Songs In The Key Of Life Performance" Tour at Madison Square Garden last Tuesday. He performed that entire album plus a few of his other hits. I unfortunately had to leave early, but what I was able to see was amazing!
  14. False The person below me has had candy in the past 24 hours.
  15. I've only gone to Cedar Point once back in 2011 since I live in Long Island. I couldn't ride even half the coasters there because it rained when I went there, but I still got in plenty of good ones. 1.) Millenium Force (11/10) 2.) Magnum XL-200 (10/10) 3.) Mantis (9/10) 4.) Wicked Twister (8.5/10) 5.) Iron Dragon (8/10) 6.) Blue Streak (better than I expected but 7/10) 7.) Corkscrew (6/10) I'm also kicking myself because I was on line for Disaster Transport when it started raining and never rode it. My sister and mother also rode Wildcat without me and I regret not riding it since it's also gone.
  16. I rode a ferry several months ago, does that count? When was the last time you ate ice cream?
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