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  1. True The person below me likes rap music.
  2. Handlebar Michael Jackson or Prince?
  3. Photos: Loving the new centerpiece! Also loving the updated clown balloon Congrats! But I wish we claimed the #1 wooden coaster from Golden Ticket Awards this year... Always love a new terror trail Grandstand no more No wonder it was more crowded than usual today. New show Bleachers and Blackbeard The procession! Dr Fright returns! Hypnosteria returns! Dance party! Thanks for reading, everyone!
  4. The first day of Fright Fest has arrived, and here's my trip report! Report: The first day of Fright Fest 2015 couldn't have been better. The weather was perfect, the crowds weren't too bad until around 6PM, and I was able to do exactly everything I wanted to do at the park. The first thing off my checklist was finally riding El Diablo, which was closed the last time I went to the park. Not only was I able to ride it twice in a row, I was the only person on the train both times! After that, I was able to ride El Toro 4 consecutive times in the back car, due to it only having a line in the main building with two trains operating. Then I met up with my mother and we were both able to ride The Dark Knight and Nitro twice in a row (including my 50th ride on that particular coaster!) At around 1PM, we briefly left the park to get some lunch and immediately went to Kingda Ka, which had 3 trains running but was a longer wait than usual because of technical difficulty. After a quick ride on Twister, we went to the Bone Butcher Territory (AKA Frontier Adventures) only to find that Bizarro was broken down due to technical difficulty, but we were able to catch a cute 20-minute show in the area called "Bad Bob the Bone Butcher", so it was all good. By that point my mother was finished for the day and I decided to get a quick bite to eat. After that, I high-tailed it to the Dead Man's Party stage to catch the Awakening and the first live show of the year, which didn't disappoint. After that, I was able to catch Hypnosteria, was was entertaining and hilarious. By that point it had gotten dark outside so I decided to go on the terror walk "Asylum" in Chiller's old backlot, which was about a 20 minute wait. Then I just decided to end the day by riding my favorite flat ride, Swashbuckler, and a quickie on Bizarro (3 trains) Overall, it was a very entertaining day in spite of some crowds. 5 out of 6 Flags I'll post my pictures shortly... Ridelist: El Toro 4x El Diablo 2x Nitro 2x Kingda Ka 1x Bizarro 1x Dark Knight 1x Twister 1x Swashbuckler 1x
  5. I'm glad that we're getting an actual roller coaster next year, but I wish that it didn't have to be at the expense of what is usually the quietest area of the entire park. Truth be told, I didn't visit Fort Independence much while it was around, but at least it offered some alternate entertainment aside from something to ride. I also love how they said "Summer 2016" like they're not even beating around the bush: it's gonna take a long, long time for the overall construction. Whatever, either way I can't wait!
  6. Yesterday.... When was the last time you went to the beach?
  7. The looping "coasters" are taking over! Everybody head for the hills before they take over Six Flags and move on to Cedar Fair!
  8. Alpengeist- Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  9. As of August 20, 2015: Great American Scream Machine- Great Adventure Rolling Thunder (Both sides)- Great Adventure Big Bad Wolf- Busch Gardens Williamsburg Cyclone- Six Flags New England Laser- Dorney Park Colossus (Black side)- Magic Mountain Thriller Coaster- Sports Plus in Long Island Hurricane- Adventureland, NY Big Apple- Astroland Mantis- Cedar Point (does this count?)
  10. I saw Van Halen last Thursday at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater. It was about 2 1/2 hours of non-stop rock 'n' roll!!
  11. They moved Twisted Colossus to SFNE? Wow, two RMCs in one park. I have to get back here. No worries, names are pretty similar. Nices pictures BTW. Oopsie daisies!! I just corrected it now. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. Inverted Boomerang Motocoasters or Boomerangs?
  13. Fright Fest prep is always a good sign. Kudos! Loving the theming! Loving the station! Magic show! Incoming! Whachu lookin' at?! Bonus: my winnings for the day! Thanks for reading!
  14. I went to the park yesterday and here's my trip report: My mother and I entered the park around 10:30 and went straight to Wicked Cyclone. I immediately fell in love with all the theming elements they put in, everything from the plane in the queue to the station filled with newspapers were just perfect. The ride itself was very fun in my opinion (9 out of 10), so much so that I decided to go on a second time, both of which were 5 minutes or less of waiting with two trains running. After that, we immediately hit up the NE SkyScreamer and Pandemonium, each with less than 20 minute waits. Unfortunately, Goliath is still closed due to ongoing technical difficulties, which meant a short ride on the Scrambler for us instead. After some lunch outside of the park, we went straight to Batman: The Dark Knight, which I wasn't able to go on during my previous visit along with Mind Eraser which was next up. Dark Knight was fun, but felt like it was over so quickly, so it gets an 8 out of 10 in my book. Next up was Bizarro, and I'm still jealous that you guys got to keep your sound system while the Bizarro in Great Adventure got rid of theirs. After three consecutive rides and one ride on Gauntlet, we decided to just walk around the park for the heck of it and eventually ended up walking onto Kontiki, which was a pleasant surprise, Joker's Wildcard, then I rode Tomahawk by myself. We also briefly caught a glimpse of a magic show that was going on around 2:00 that was cute and very child-oriented. My mother decided to sit the rest of the day out, so I ended up finishing the day with Thunderbolt, Flashback, and another ride on Bizarro. All in all, it was a very satisfying day with perfect weather to boot. Final Rating: 5 out of 6 Flags. Ridelist: Bizarro 4x Wicked Cyclone 2x Batman The Dark Knight 1x Mind Eraser 1x Thunderbolt 1x Pandemonium 1x Flashback 1x Gotham City Gauntlet 1x NE SkyScreamer 1x Joker's Wildcard 1x Kontiki 1x Tomahawk 1x Scrambler 1x I'll post my pictures momentarily...
  15. Dark Knight Coaster- Six Flags Mexico
  16. No, because the chain lift builds up suspense Have you been on a coaster that opened this year yet?
  17. True The person below me has been on Millennium Force
  18. Kingda Ka from Great Adventure. Twice in a row! AT NIGHT! Here's a picture I took right after I got off:
  19. Photos: Namtab in action! These new ads are all over Skyscreamer and the rest of the park They've updated all of the Jersey Boys ads across both parks. That's nice, I guess... The shark's gotten some TLC since the last time I was here. AC/DC's new mascot The Cedar Elephant has a new home. And Mine Train has a new sponsor. I'm going to miss this general area being the quietest of the entire park. The backside of the Sand-ta sculpture For those wondering, the sea lions have a new home in the Golden Kingdom. Good night everyone! Thanks for reading!
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