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  1. There's been some rumors flying around that Nitro is getting renamed "Goliath" next season. Not only that, it's supposedly getting the exact same sign as SFNE's old Goliath and its exact same green-on-blue color scheme. This video has more details. I personally hope it's not entirely true. Nitro has been craving a re-paint for years, but the name "Goliath" is Six Flags' equivalent to the name "John Smith". Nitro is one of a kind and it should stay that way. Also in similar news, B&M just dropped off a bunch of materials to the park a few days ago. Could it be related to this Nitro news or just a coincidence?
  2. The reason it was so crowded is because they rarely toured in the northern USA at the time.
  3. Just give it to Dorney Park. That place has been relying on Cedar Fair's table scraps for years now.
  4. Well, they removed the old Dolphin/Sea Lion arena a few years ago to make room for The Joker, so it's entirely possible. Also, it's not they've had many shows recently due to Covid-related restrictions. Fun fact: the attendance record for the Northern Star Arena was broken by a 1981 concert from the Marshall Tucker Band. Even 40+ years later, no other concert has come close. Great Adventure History did an in-depth page dedicated to it.
  5. Geez, right after an extensive safety evaluation last year, THIS happens. I'm getting Son Of Beast vibes, and it's making me feel uncertain for the future of El Toro.
  6. Hey everyone! I went to Six Flags Great Adventure yesterday, and on the way home I went to Coney Island on whim to check out the progress on the new rides. Also, I snagged credits for Phoenix & SkyFlyer at Deno's. The roller coaster (Tony's Express) is mostly done and the log flume (Leti's Treasure) still needs plenty of work. The pieces that still need to be installed are sitting right next to it, next to a bunch of construction equipment. Here are some photos I took:
  7. The park shared a video on their Facebook page showing the progress on the new Medusa: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=379742050350232
  8. Question for anyone who went to the park in the last week: I know Bizarro is closed for HITP, but did any of you guys notice any progress on the new neon-green/bright-orange paint job from the park's skyline? It's weird that the park hasn't made any more official updates on social media regarding the supposed Riddler re-theme.
  9. Never in a million years did I think Adventureland NY would get a 4D coaster, but here we are. Looks like I have a reason to visit this park again. This is a win-win situation for them, TBH. It's a unique & inexpensive roller coaster and it has a small footprint that can fit in the already-compact park. According to RCDB, there are only 3 other coasters with this model on the planet (the others are in Austria, Germany & France) https://rcdb.com/r.htm?ot=2&ml=15978
  10. Rumor has it that Jersey Devil is opening for the media on June 10th and for Season Pass/Membership holders on the 11th and the 12th.
  11. At the rate construction is going, if the park opens in late March, hopefully the new ride will be ready on opening day for the first time in forever.
  12. Wow, SOMETHING new at the Wonder Wheel park. That's a surprise. Also, I hope they refine the system of how you can ride everything at at least one of the parks . Correct me if I'm wrong, but I recall, just like Luna Park, it costs $1 per ticket at Deno's- and multiple tickets to go on rides. The last time I went to Coney Island & rode Thunderbolt it technically cost me $10 for one ride. I hate hate HATE that system of how smaller parks do it. I know that Luna Park has that thing where you can ride everything for 6 hours for one lump sum or whatever, but it still feels unnecessary, I don't know.
  13. So far, the park reservations are available every day until Sunday, July 26th. I was actually planning to go on July 27th, so I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer
  14. Hello everyone! I went to the park on August 28th. Here's my PTR: This particular visit to the park for me was special because I haven't actually BEEN to Great Adventure since December of 2017. Since I went to college in Connecticut in 2016, it became nigh-impossible to find time to visit the NJ park (although I did make plenty of visits to Six Flags New England in the last 3 years.) Fortunately, I graduated this past May and got myself a new Membership card for Great Adventure a few weeks ago. I'm also aware that I was visiting the park the day before the big 2020 announcement, but it was the only day this week that I had off from work, so it was a coincidence. My party (Me, my mother, her friend and her two children) arrived at 11 AM and immediately went on the Safari Off Road Adventure, which barely had a line. Due to the muggy weather yesterday, it didn't stop at Camp Adventura and (according to the app) actually closed altogether later on; we lucked out big time. Next up we rode Runaway Train, then the Skyride so that we could get lunch on the other side of the park. Then we able to all ride SkyScreamer twice in a row since the lines were so short (which ended up being a common occurrence thanks to the on-and-off rain that day). Next up for me was Wonder Woman & Cyborg, (while our 3 friends rode Dark Knight) and now that I've finally ridden both of them, I now know to NOT ride them back to back. The number of times I felt my stomach drop between both rides was almost too much for me. After a brief break, we all rode Justice League together, which accumulated a 20-minute wait since it was raining at the time. Also, keep in mind that the younger of the 2 children in my party is too short to ride the attractions that have a 54" height limit, so he wasn't able to ride everything. The elder of the two young'n's tried to ride Nitro with me, but it broke down right as we were about to board (it would have been a walk on!) After that we were able to ride Congo Rapids twice in a row. I usually don't go on the water rides, but before the actual 2020 announcement, the rumor was that Congo Rapids would be replaced by the new ride, so it was now or never for us. Next up was Joker, which also broke down was we were about to ride it, but we eventually got to ride it after a quick ride on Swashbuckler and back to back rides on Skull Mountain. Next, was the Parachutes, which we were able to ride 3 times in a row. While we were up there, we finally saw Kingda Ka running, so that was next for myself, my mother and the the elder of the children. She was worn out after one ride (which was her first on KK), but I got to ride it a 2nd consecutive time, which is practically unheard of! Then was Zumanjaro for my mother, the younger child, and I, and he loved it so much that he & my mother rode it three times in a row (I only did it twice). After that it the rain became the worst it was all day, and by that point it was 8:45 PM so we called it a day after a quick trip to the Main Street gift shop. My FInal Ride-count : Parachutes 3x Kingda Ka 2 SkyScreamer 2x Skull Mountain 2x Zumanjaro 2x Congo Rapids 2x Wonder Woman 1x Cyborg 1x Joker 1x Justice League 1x Swashbuckler 1x Runaway Train 1x Skyride 1x Safari 1x My camera actually broke in the middle of the day, so I wasn't able to get as many pics as I wanted, but I still took plenty of photos. Here they are: https://imgur.com/gallery/xFdXEut
  15. I haven't been on this website in a long time. Did I miss anything good?
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