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  1. Before everyone gets all "dark ride CONFIRMED" in this thread, I'd like to mention the description at CedarPoint.com sounds more like an outdoor type escape room/treasure hunt attraction.
  2. Yes, that's confirmed on https://www.visitkingsisland.com/play/rides/kings-mills-antique-autos
  3. That's what I originally thought as well, but the Dinosaurs Alive path was over a half mile and the press release says the ride will be a quarter of a mile in length.
  4. I believe the King Cobra trains were shipped down to KD during Shockwave's final few years for parts.
  5. ^ Always great to hear another Twisted Timbers review. I just love the "Hanover Hill" merchandise as I'm not one to buy coaster shirts with stats, a ton of graphics, etc. I would like to see KI do more "Miami River Lumber Co." merchandise for Mystic Timbers.
  6. Animal Kingdom is still my favorite WDW park and the addition of Flight of Passage and the entire Pandora - The World of Avatar only helped that (even though I'm not a big fan of the movie). I'm excited to see what the next 20 years brings to the park! Great photos from what seemed to be a fun 20th Anniversary celebration!
  7. Whenever I visit I always stay in Glen Allen. Virginia Crossings Hotel & Conference Center (Hilton), SpringHill Suites by Marriott, and Comfort Suites At Virginia Center Commons are all nice with decent rates and in a good area if you don't mind staying 15 mins/15 miles from the park. I highly recommend the Hilton as you can often catch some great rates there even though its more upscale.
  8. Media Day is in the early morning hours and should wrap up by lunchtime with plenty of time to clean everything up for Passholder Preview Night.
  9. Side question: Anyone know how to find the new 2018 park map? It's not where it always is: Directions & Park Map
  10. I just got back from my Disney trip and besides all the talk about Avatar in Animal Kingdom, it seemed like DHS (New name, Toy Story Land, Star Wars Galaxy's Edge) was the talk of the resort. With that said, I heard some interesting discussion about the name change and was wondering if anyone has heard anymore rumors regarding a new name since the survey ones sent out 2-3 months ago?
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one who strongly believes in this. Also, I agree on your statement of the park's lineup. It should be noted that the placement of Twisted Timbers is fantastic too, as it will finally even crowds out within the park a bit more since Safari Village/Congo has all the 'big' coasters besides Dominator.
  12. Yes, this ride looks like it will be in the "kick your ass" category with Intimidator 305 and Maverick. These new Cedar Fair RMC's are going to give CP and KD one-two punch intense lineups quite like nowhere else in the country.
  13. Yes, I'll be quite disappointed if it is Daredevil Falls... it's my favorite log ride outside of a Disney/Universal park. I guess we'll find out tomorrow. Also, Daredevil Falls is within its 20th season (opened 1998) and River Battle is just within its 10th season (opened 2008).
  14. Thanks for the photos, Chuck. It seems like the park held a nice event for the ride. I can only imagine the area around the ride's entrance plaza, queue, and station will be heavily themed (for Cedar Fair standards) with music similar to what they were playing today throughout the area.
  15. ^^ Just "some of your favorite rides" is what I've seen/heard. Similar to what KI is doing opening Mystic Timbers, I imagine it'll be most of International Street (perhaps Dominator), Planet Snoopy, Old Virginia (without water rides and Grizzly) and the southern end of Candy Apple Grove featuring rides like Twisted Timbers, the Carousel, Americana, etc. KD's website has a photo of Americana/Carousel and the description reads "select rides and attractions will be open for family and friends to enjoy together (weather pending).
  16. ^ I would say it'll be in the rotation with Volcano and Intimidator 305 remaining on the early ride time lists. I would also think it is safe to say that Twisted Timbers will be included in WinterFest's attractions since from the promo video it looked like Americana and the Carousel will be weather permitting.
  17. I know a lot of the shed is sarcasm, but for those that do not know, the shed in the field within the renderings is a Haunt maze building to prevent confusion. To me, this looks amazing! It is even better than I imagined. Between the overbank replacing the first turn and those very small airtime "humps", this is going to much wilder than the POV makes it seem. Personally, I love the theme and the attempt to try and fit it in the 50's-esque area of Candy Apple Grove, while also giving the ride its own identity. I also love the unique look of the station from what I have seen!
  18. For comparison sake, the Viking ship rides (Berserker KD, Southern Star Carowinds, etc.) reach 80 ft. so Lumberjack's height will be very similar to those. Once again, solid unique additions for Canada's Wonderland! Looks great.
  19. Considering Sky Rider and the Waltzing Swinger are both right next to the Wonder Wheel in the Country Fair area, I highly doubt it would get removed for a Sky Screamer (granted Kings Dominion has that, but with a Mondial Wind Seeker).
  20. Throwing a curveball into the pot and saying it's an observation deck/ride ...even though that's essentially Mach Tower when it's actually operating
  21. At this point I will be shocked if we don't see a ride name with 2 back to back T's within it.
  22. There are still many directions for the name and theme this new coaster could go with based on the teasers and now this invite. Bring on 8/16!
  23. I mean what better day to announce a new roller coaster than on National Roller Coaster Day? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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