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  1. Thanks for the update!! I enjoyed the park when I visited this year and it is nice to see the park taking the time and efforts to look great for the Christmas season.
  2. I actually didn't mind Sequoia Adventure...it was interesting, wierd, corky...and everybody needs an intense blood rush to their brain every once in a while. I mean I wouldn't want to have to wait in a line to ride it (thanks for the ERT TPR!!)...would like to check out the one in China for the difference.
  3. Looks like the trip is starting out nicely - culture, food, disney characters, and a wacky worm!! I am simply envious that you are all in shorts/short sleeves, etc...it's March 25th and I looked out my window at work here in DC and it is snowing!!! Have a blast everyone...thanks for the update and looking forward to any further ones.
  4. Thanks for the update Chuck!! It's a good move for KD (Planet Snoopy) but can't help feeling a tad nostalgic towards seeing what was once Yogi's cave when I was a kid ...gone forever. Ah well...
  5. Angry peeing baby was cracking me up!! Looks like fun is being had by all...enjoy!!
  6. Seal with Macy Gray at Wolftrap in VA last week. He moved more than he ever has before, place (including lawn) was packed. I guess now that Heidi is gone he is letting it all out on that stage.
  7. ^^Really...and laughing equally as hard if not more. ^Yes, zip locks will be a necessity.
  8. ^ I agree. I am also wondering about the dark tunnel prior to shooting out into the drop under the catwalk. When we did this on NorthEast it was dark.....that will only add to the excitement..or the lack of water when you arrive back into the station.
  9. Yeeeeesssss!! Water challenge on Backlot Stunt Coaster...now THAT is going to be fun, cannot wait!!
  10. I personally think this is a great idea for BGT to do (heck for the 50 tons of snow alone!!!) I don't "do" Christmas (bah hum bug) but go to BGW every year for their Christmastown just because the lights and the changes from the original are interesting to see. Thumbs up on the quick queue kiosk as well!!
  11. What a grand opening!! Thanks David and Spears for the report...the view from Flo's V8 Cafe looks incredible. Looking forward to getting back to DCA one day.
  12. Great report!! Hershey has a great collection of rides imo and I have to agree with you on the "sky ride"..."utterly pointless"...however I find myself riding it every time I visit. Sounds like you are having a blast on your trip...keep the reports coming.
  13. Busch Gardens Williamsburg this weekend to FINALLY check out Verbolten.
  14. Looks like you all had a non coaster/theme park blast!! Scott's Pizza Tour is top notch and fun as heck. I don't know much about the shows you saw (and yes, never saw Evita-movie or play) but the cupcakes looked GOOD. Thanks for sharing the trip report.
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