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Best Drops....

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Steel: X has the BEST drop I have ever experienced on a coaster. However, it doesnt really give a ''traditional'' coaster drop so I also will pick DeJe Vu because I like vertical drops!

Wood: Roar at SFMW gives a good floating feeling on its first drop.

Other:ToT at DCA rocks!!

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Wood: Wildcat at Hersheypark, first drop, in the last car (either row, either side) - I find that floating down the hill an inch or so AFTER the seat is way too cool not to mention.


Steel: Also Hersheypark, Great Bear coming OUT of the vertical loop - diving down into the trench just rocks!

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- Hades drop out of the station

- Hades first drop

- Cyclops super-air drop

- Zeus ejector drops


Steel Traditional

- Millennium Force first drop

- Any Morgan hyper first drop, back seat, looking backwards. 'Tis insane.

- Top Thrill Dragster


Steel Inverted/Suspended

- Patriot first drop

- Patriot coming out of the loop, back seat


Drop Ride

- Giant Drop (SFGAm)

- Drop Zone (Como Town - don't ask me why this is so awesome. It just is.)

- Demon Drop

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Hmmm, I've been thinkin' 'bout this one for a fair bit, and here's what I came up with:


First time I rode T-Bolt at Kennywood, I was a single rider and I got shunted into the back row. It was really crowded and I didn't have a moment to look around. The first drop caught me more than a little bit by surprise! A real moment if ever I had one!


Jack Rabbit's double down also hit this list in my mind.


Looking straight down into the spiral for that one moment on Dragster.


The first drop on Thunder Run at 6FKK. "Why's there a turn at the bottom!?!"


S:RoS at Darien Lake after dark when the fog is thick: Where's the bottom?


Desperado: We're going into that tiny hole, way down there?

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I'd have to say that GhostRider's drop gets me every time. One time my friend Stewart, who was sitting in the next car in front of me (I was in the last seat of the train), said as we topped the second hill, "Well...that was a bit steeper than I thought..."


For steel, I don't now if Superman the escape at Magic Mountain qualifies, because it happens backwards, but it's still soooo cool...I mean 6.5+ seconds of ZERO gravity!


Well if not that, then It's a bit of a tie between Goliath and X. X looks almost vertical, even though it's only '88.5' or some such thing. I rode that in the front front seat, staring straight down at the ground in the front of a 5 ton train...fun stuff. But Goliath is just so freaking HUGE, that I can't help but not mention that. By the time you're at the bottom of that first hill, you're going so fast that it feels like your hands would be lopped off by that tunnel.

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Wood: These are my favorites drops, no doubt.


-Raven 5th drop: Definitely one of the best....and you go into that insane right-hander at the bottom...

-Cornball first drop: This is so perfect...the air is insane and the lats, as well, in the back

-Cornball lakeside (3rd drop I think): awesome air, great headchoppers

-Cyclops huge drop: WOW. Not as purely perfect, but just straight intense air.




-Millennium Force 1st drop: So long and just awesomely perfect air


-Raging Bull 1st drop: finally, trims serve a purpose...that little straight section makes the air so much more sudden and intense...most "wood-like" air on a steelie I've ridden

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