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  1. Favorite band EVER. "Run, Don't Walk" - Hey Monday
  2. blink-182 at Post-Gazette. Crowd of 23,000. It was the best concert ever. So much fun.
  3. Last night I saw All Time Low, We The Kings, and Cartel.
  4. "Break Your Little Heart" - All Time Low... Seeing them tonight!!!
  5. "The Few That Remain" - Set Your Goals New album is AMAZING!
  6. It's Angels & Airwaves my favorite band.
  7. "Pour Some Sugar On Me (Def Leppard Cover)" - The Maine
  8. Saw them on my date, they were pretty good. Nothing too special though. I liked them way more when they had Jonny Craig.
  9. Yeah it's on their album Kingdoms. They also have a song with Jonny Craig on there. "Danger: Wildman"- The Devil Wears Pada
  10. My new one is VaIkyrieMissiIe........the L's are capital i's because regular ValkyrieMissile was taken. >_
  11. "Same Thing We Do Everyday Pinky, Take Over The World (Feat. Craig Owens)"- Broadway
  12. Sassy Back Tour. Headlined by Cobra Starship, also playing was Forever The Sickest Kids, Hit The Lights, and Sing It Loud. That was November 19th? I think...haha Next is The Take Action Tour. Cute Is What We Aim For, Breathe Carolina, Meg & Dia, and Every Avenue.
  13. The Strangers I was scared...very scared. 9.5/10
  14. No Goldfinger? I love Goldfinger. Out of that list Reel Big Fish is my personal favorite. Saw them at Warped Tour.
  15. "Give It Up"- Sing It Loud NOV 21st. Cobra Starship, Forever The Sickest Kids, Hit The Lights, and Sing It Loud concert!!!! AAAH! I can't wait. They all rock.
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