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  1. Great photos from Kennywood! The Phantom line you guys had is ridiculous.
  2. It's pretty dumb, and I don't see how it would mean anything.
  3. This ride looks so great. The drop looks like it's gonna pack a punch. I can't wait to get there this summer.
  4. Thanks for posting these photos, and the video. The coaster looks great. I still don't know if I am a fan of the trains or not.
  5. Wow, it looks amazing. And I cannot wait to see what the puzzle has in store for 2009.
  6. ^I thought he meant they actually looked low.....I know it's sketched.
  7. If it is running slow due to the game graphics, then turn them down when you play, and turn them back up when you take pics.
  8. Top Thrillz Inc. has been in the shadows for a while now, and suddenly they have decided to come back with an all new park. Mystic Jungle is a heavily themed park that will feature numerous coasters and thrill rides, full themed restaurants, and top notch shows. Enough talk onto pics. When opening the park hopes that their full out B&M Sitdown coaster will bring in the crowds and the coaster enthusiasts with its unique layout. I do not have many, but what I do have will hopefully satisfy you viewers. I hate to tease you all, but this is all I can show you for now More soon.
  9. I think I'd get dizzy. Do any of you have bigger sizes in these images? I would love one as a desktop.
  10. I can't wait to see it fully painted. The color scheme seems awesome.
  11. Wow, it looks amazing. The silver trains will look great on that track.
  12. Can't wait for the update! Hopefully the addition will happen...and maybe a new coaster!
  13. ^Yeah thats what I meant. Too bad it's one day apart. It would have been nice to see another coaster enthusiast there for once.
  14. Great pictures/photo TR. TH looks great.
  15. ^Do you have a school day? If so it wouldn't happen to be on the 16th would it?
  16. Great Photo TR. The new camera takes some great pictures.
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