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    A donkey is a domesticated member of the Equidae or horse family.
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  1. Ok ok, we were just friends, It was just 1 year, really.
  2. Last time I was at Gadv, they took money as the collarteral.
  3. LOL, You just made me laugh. Anyway, why don't you just get the submissions then post them on the first post of you first topics, thats usually customary in contest.
  4. My last relatioship lasted 4 years, maybe I'm lucky.
  5. Sorry if this had been said before but, Imo I think that when the Gp find out this is inverted, and above the track, it's going to give them the sense of the legs getting cut off, which increases the fear factor
  6. Im straight. My grandma's a lesbian... lol really!
  7. < Rock N' Rollercoaster, told there was no inversions, lied too. I find it amazing that someone can still love coasters, but be afraid of inversions!
  8. ^ That Guy! If D-day was on June 6, then what is this Pepsi bottle doing here?
  9. ^ Er.. Working? He said he was taking a smoke, then he was going to come back up to work.
  10. I have a bit of advantage here. 1. I go every Saturday 2. I have a 2 man team, Me and riccoaster
  11. Great Tr! And just a question, is this supposed to be like Jahan's SFMM thread? If so, Im going to start making my SFOT thread too!
  12. ^ Diddo. But having someone you love in your life has it's perks too... If you catch my drift
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