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  1. The new Rise Against album came out today. It rocks! BUY IT! It's called Appeal To Reason.
  2. My favorite band's album I-Empire. The band is Angels and Airwaves.
  3. "Don't Stop Believin'"- Flight 409 Such a great cover.
  4. "This Is Usually The Part Where People Scream"- Alesana
  5. ^Lucky. The new version of Start The Machine they played looked amazing. I saw it on youtube.
  6. "Hey John, What's Your Name Again?"- The Devil Wears Prada
  7. ^I met them at Warped Tour. Did you go to the Weezer Tour?
  8. I'm bored so I'll post a album review. This is a review for Angels and Airwaves album I-Empire. 1. Call to Arms: Great way to start off the album. The intro is very epic, in the sense that it builds up to the song starting with a intense marching band style drum roll. The whole song is very upbeat. It really shows off what AvA can do, instrumental wise. I personally think it's a great way to start off an album. It's my personal favorite from the album. 10/10 2. Everything's Magic:Their most popular song. It is very upbeat and the lyrics are very simple. It's not really in my top favorites but don't get me wrong the drumming is great, and the bass really sticks out in this song. The guitar riff in the chorus is my favorite part of this song. 8/10 3. Breathe: One of the two slower songs on the album. The lyrics are amazing and very deep. The drumming is done with brushes in this song which make it have a very soft sounding beat the whole time until the outro, which is my favorite part of the song. There is also great keyboard work on this track. 10/10 4. Love Like Rockets: Wow, very unique. I really love the intro to this song. The sounds are just mind blowing. Again this intro really builds up to the beginning of the lyrics. Now speaking of lyrics, these are really motivational, they really make you wanna go do something, doesn't matter what, it just makes you wanna do anything with your life that will have a positive outcome. David Kennedy has great riffs in this one. 9.5/10 5. Sirens: I really, really, really like the lyrical work on this track. In fact this was my favorite song off the album for a while. The bass guitar is really great in this. The drums as well. The 80's sounding keyboard in the bridge is just awesome! 10/10 6. Secret Crowds: This was the second single off of the album (Everything's Magic being the first). It's a lot heavier compared to the other tracks. It has a very strong guitar riff in the chorus. Really awesome drumming can be found in the verses of this track. The lyrics are really powerful in my opinion. 10/10 7. Star of Bethlehem: A instrumental only track which is basically the intro to the next song "True Love". It serves it's purpose but I cannot really rate it because it could basically be all one song as "True Love"...?/10 8. True Love: Some people say this song and some of their others have too long of intros. But I think they are very well needed, because it makes the listener stay waiting for the lyrics to kick in. Plus, none of the intros are boring/bland. They are all very unique and have either amazing guitar/bass riffs or drum beats. I really like how the guitar and drums blend together in this song. Also really like the drumming in the verses. 9/10 9. Lifeline: I cannot think of another song in the world that is anything like this song. Tom DeLonge's vocals int his song are awesome. The lyrics are just amazing. The bass work by Matt Wachter. This is my third favorite from the album. 10/10 10. Jumping Rooftops: To me this instrumental really helps you "jump" from a song like Lifeline to a song that is next called Rite Of Spring. They are two totally opposite songs, and this gives you a great break before the upbeat Rite Of Spring. It would be a weird track change without this. Serves its purpose. 8/10 11. Rite Of Spring: The song about the lead singer Tom DeLonge's life. It covers his childhood to Blink 182, to now with Angels and Airwaves. The lyrics are really personal in this one. It just makes you appreciate the band and you can relate with most of the things. The one lyric from this song is my all time favorite quote. "Everyday, I wake up and tell myself a little harmless lie. The whole wide world is mine". In my opinion very inspirational. 10/10 12. Heaven: If I could pick any song to end the album this would be it. It's intro flashes back on their first album We Don't Need To Whisper which ties into this album to make one long story. The drums/guitar/bass in this song give me chills when I listen. It is very upbeat and a very fun song to listen to. This is ending the story of the two albums because Tom has stated in interviews that the third album will be a whole new story. My second favorite from the album. 10/10 Overall I would give the album a 10/10 because it is just so unique, and very inspirational in its lyrics. I would check the band out if you wanna discover a whole new sound of music and definately look into their first album as well.
  9. "Prostitution Is The Worlds Oldest Profession (And I, Dear Madame, Am A Professional)"- Cobra Starship
  10. "The Gauntlet of Solitude"- The Devil Wears Prada
  11. I like some Slipknot, but this cd kinda brought my liking of them down a little bit. I didn't really like any of the songs. But I agree with you on most of your comments.
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