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  1. Tonight at 10pm on Science Channel, Mega Machines program will feature the amazing Helix roller-coaster and behind the scenes technology. (Check local listings for time and channel).
  2. Not sure if anyone is aware, but Maga Machines tv program will highlight Helix rollercoaster ride this Thursday!
  3. Hello All! I am having a serious technical issue with my NL2-Professional and seek some tech support. I have already emailed the NL2 team and we are having a challenge finding a solution. I currently have Nl2-Professional edition. I have never had any issues with the program until I installed the latest update- *System has been scanned for any virus and ALL device drivers and graphics cards up-to-date.....no other hardware issues detected-all performing well. Processor: Intel Core i5-650 3.2 GHz > Ram: 4 GB 64Bit OS (Windows 7) > Graphics card: ATI Radeon 5450. >
  4. It is very likely that there WAS some sort of warning light or message that displayed that the block was not cleared, but that's the whole point of operating it in manual or maintenance mode. You are essentially turning off and ignoring any computer notifications or warnings. When you turn that key to disable the computer, you are taking entire responsibility of the ride in your hands. It is VERY rare that I've seen a ride operate in maintenance mode with people on it. But I have seen it happen before and the person controlling it needs to be paying EXTREME caution to make sure everything o
  5. Hell there's no real theming for griffon either, though at least the station is nicer than AC. Doesn't mean either are a bad ride. I am referring to the theme of Tempesto, not A/C.
  6. What irks me is the numerous complaints about the ride in general. I worked for this park many, many years and always supported what they did. Am I biased? Sure! I loved working for the park (especially under the old A-B regime), but times change. First, people are going to complain the park is due for this coaster or that coaster..etc....and now the the park has made the investment for another coaster (especially after Verbolten). Second, the park has plans in place to reduce wait times and the lines (not talking about Quick-Que-which will not be active for this coaster). Give it time...i
  7. Apollo's Chariot@BGW....my final season working for the park. I have another view of the control panel, but I will post it as soon as I find the photo.
  8. I decided to design a coaster with elements from 3 awesome rides that I enjoyed. I took ideas from I-speed (Mirabilandia), Cheetah Hunt (BGT) and Maverick (CP) and mashed them all together...well, sort-of... Track: 5,407 ft. Top Speed: 74mph. Trains: 4; 4-cars/16 passengers per train. Special Features: 3-tunnels; 3-overbanked turns: 117'/119'/121'; 2-Camelback (airtime) hills; 2-Launches (74mph-Launch 1/49mph-Launch 2); 4 Inversions- Double barrel shotgun (2), Horseshoe (1) and Tipsy Outlaw (1). YouTube link: (note: the video music may be a bit loud as I am still playing with
  9. I've also heard a rumor that Mack would be the mfg. for the next coaster. I would be curious if they add an Aurthur-type ride similar to the one at (awesome) Europa Park. It would be the 'first' of its kind in the USA and BGT could incorporate a cool theme for another family-style coaster and indoors! Just a thought.
  10. Tokyo Disney Sea!!! (and new Shanghai Disney park when it opens). More of the newer parks in Japan and China!
  11. May as well jump on the bandwagon and add my version of a B&M Wingrider...lol This is Toruk- Themed from the movie Avatar. Toruk-B&M Wingrider
  12. Thanks for posting pictures. That is going to be a nice 'petting zoo'. I miss working at the park.
  13. Hey guys.... Happy Holidays (politically correct). I just starting video editing my own NL2 coaster videos and used Adobe Premier software I downloaded (the Windows Movie maker was really easy, but kept crashing). I guess my skills are really 'green', but I was able to complete a video and posted it online...my problem or question is...why is the quality so grainy and blah? I thought I saved the settings for HD format, but it does not appear very good quality. My other thought was perhaps due to the night/sunset settings in the video... Any tips? Thanks again. Video:
  14. Some really nice videos. I knew it would be a matter of time to see a launched version of the wing rider....nice coaster! Great job to those nominated!
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