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  1. Usually I develop a preference to a certain side after riding a coaster multiple times... For B:TR(non-mirrored) and Raptor, I prefer the right becuase it is the outside of the first drop. On Voyage, I can't say either side is really preferable, there are so many twists and turns either way. The one ride where it REALLY makes a difference for me is Cornball Express, which I definitely prefer the right, because you are on the outside of the first and second drops, as well as along the lake on the third.
  2. Sorry to hear you had such bad luck...however, in my experience, that seems to be the case with so many Six Flags visits. At least Great America seems to be doing better this year. The massive lines, frequent brakedowns, and extremely excessive prices are really becoming too much for me to take. Especially when there are parks like Mt. Olympus, Holiday World, and Indiana Beach out there.
  3. Sorry, no pictures...I rarely take a camera to parks. I'm always afraid I'll lose it, and I don't like to carry stuff around all day. So, a few friends of mine and my dad decided to make a trip out to Holiday World for The Voyage because the same group of us made it out to ride Hades last year, and well, because The Voyage rules. We left at around 8AM on Tuesday 6/20, made the 6 hour drive to Santa Claus, and arrived at the park just after 2PM. We decided to ride Raven and Legend each once before going to Voyage. The wait was about 15 minutes for a spot in the last car of the train, and it was well worth it. This ride is quite amazing, really. Easily my new #1. The first hill is just so perfect, and the next two have very excellent air over the descents, as well. I loved the tunnel-to-tunnel section between the third and fourth hills...that section just got wilder and wilder as the day went on. The fourth of the above ground hills was a bit unusual. Not bad, bit unusual. It definitely had some awesome air on the descent, but it seemed as if the wheels really clanked around on the track at the top. The switchback section after this hill was insane. Total ejector air on the switchback, and the little dip into the turnaround had even more air. The turnarounds were extremely fast, and the banked hills were quite smooth. Loved the air on the drop-turn-drop before the brake section, as well. The last drop of the triple down was something to behold as well. Possibly the best air of the entire ride. After this, the ride was truly crazy. Ultra-intense, really. The laterals were insane, the air was amazingly strong, and the ride was just awesome overall. So long, so fast, so much air, so perfect. Anyway, we only got two rides on Tuesday before a massive storm just popped up, seemingly out of nowhere, and none of the rides operated for the last two hours of the day. The next day we arrived at the park a bit before 11AM and split straight for Voyage....got 5 rides in a couple of hours, and the ride just seemed to be getting better and better. We took a ride on Raven and a couple on Legend during the day somewhere, but both seemed to pale in comparison to Voyage. Raven was not as good as I remembered. It was still very good, but the air wasn't as strong as two years ago. The fifth drop was still excellent, though, and the ride is still probably top five for me. Legend was still good this year. There isn't much air on this one ever, but it was still very intense, and very good. It just didn't seem as intense because of Voyage. After this, we got some food and spent a few hours at the waterpark before returning to The Voyage for some more amazing rides before the park closed. The back seat of this is a must ride. The first drop is so long, and just has the perfect air. On Thursday we left for Indiana Beach at around 11AM, and arrived at the park just around 4PM, when the second ride session starts. Straight to Cornball. I thought that this ride might be a bit disappointing because of the rides on Raven from the previous days. However, Cornball did not disappoint at all. The air on this thing is still perfect, and the ride is still quite smooth. Definitely remains a favorite of mine. We only took one ride on Hoosier Hurricane the entire day because it really isn't that good. There really isn't any air, and it's just a bit boring...so yeah. Anyway, total coaster count: Cornball Express: 20 Voyage: 13 Raven: 4 Legend: 3 Tig'rr Coaster: 3 LoCoSuMo: 2 Galaxi: 1
  4. Great Trip Report, man...I cannot get enough of the Voyage pics...can't wait to get to Holiday World to ride it. And that picture of the huge thundercloud rolling in just became my desktop background, thanks...
  5. Excellent trip report...With all of these popping up, I'm starting to line up a trip for late-July...I'd like to get some night rides, but I'd say shorter lines are more the priority, so we'll probably go on a weekday... Love the fantastic photos, though. Particularly nice one of the dirt path in the woods,
  6. Friday night (5/26) at the Summercamp Festival in Chillicothe, IL...excellent night...excellent shows. First up was the Disco Biscuits from about 4:45 to 6:00PM. These guys were damn good, if you have a chance to see them, I would say do it. Even though it was a short set during the daytime, they still dazzled...Over the Waves, Helicopters, and they covered The Beatles's I've Got a Feeling with Brendan Bayliss from Umphrey's McGee on vocals... And next up was Umphrey's McGee. If these guys are playing anywhere near you, go see them. Seriously, excellent band. This was only my second time seeing them, but they played a huge 2 sets, 2.5+ hours...just so amazing. Finally, moe. was the last show of the night, from 10 to midnight...they put on a decent show, but I'm not a huge moe. fan. Definitely had a lot of ups and downs from boring to really great. But yeah, Umphrey's was the sickness...I'd recommend anyone to see them at all costs.
  7. 24 Family Guy Pardon the Interruption (not really a tv-series, but w/e) Seinfeld
  8. That smily is extremely disturbing and possibly quite inappropriate for this situation....
  9. All of the above? Basically, any park that isn't Holiday World...because HW gots it right in just about every category. I don't mind the screaming, but the worst is the Six Flags 10 dollar hamburger and 50 dollar entrance fee, as well as bad food/unfriendly staff, closed attractions (lame), and long queues (though that's just a part of life, I guess)...
  10. I haven't seen S4, but I would say you can't go wrong with Seasons 1, 2, and 3...all are miles ahead of Season 5. I would just start with 1 and go from there. S1 has the best beginning and end. S2 has the best middle episodes. S3 has the best final 7-8 episode run.
  11. Yes, the show is extremely addicting, and is easily one of the most daring shows on network television. There are so many moments and events and issues that other shows don't even dare touch... The fact that it's "morally dubious" is part of the show, really. The fact that Jack Bauer is the same makes his character relatable but not all-good, therefore making him more human. I don't like the show as much now because it's becoming a bit more mainstream, however the original episodes from the first three seasons are absolutely classics.
  12. Wood: These are my favorites drops, no doubt. -Raven 5th drop: Definitely one of the best....and you go into that insane right-hander at the bottom... -Cornball first drop: This is so perfect...the air is insane and the lats, as well, in the back -Cornball lakeside (3rd drop I think): awesome air, great headchoppers -Cyclops huge drop: WOW. Not as purely perfect, but just straight intense air. Steel -Millennium Force 1st drop: So long and just awesomely perfect air -Raging Bull 1st drop: finally, trims serve a purpose...that little straight section makes the air so much more sudden and intense...most "wood-like" air on a steelie I've ridden
  13. Anyone watch 24 on Fox? Definitely has been my favorite show as of late, I couldn't find any other topics on it, and the final episodes of Season 5 are Monday, so I figured I'd open up a topic... So yeah, love the show, S1-3 are easily my favorites (haven't seen S4), but the show is still the best on television, IMO. Discuss...
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