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  1. 1. Do you have your videos set to auto-play on your: a. desktop computer and/or b. mobile device? (or if you don't know, just tell us if the videos auto-play or not in your newsfeed.) The videos auto-play. Annoying as hell. I wonder who was sitting around in a meeting and said, "say, you know videos right? The biggest-bandwidth consumer of all? Let's have these Internet speed hogs play AUTOMATICALLY, so that an already complex site like FB loads even slower!" 2. Do you regularly "share" content from Facebook "page" (like the TPR page) to your own personal Facebook page? And have you
  2. While my Disney World vacation was no doubt one of the most fun things I've ever done, I was born an LA man and I will be for life. This city is just too bloody cool! As for parks, Magic Mountain is unrivaled, and Disneyland...well, it is The Happiest Place on Earth. There's just no beating an original.
  3. Lots have already said it, so I won't add to the noise any more than is necessary to support the point: midweek is fine, in fact if anything it's preferable for one reason above all others: smaller crowds, especially in the non-Summer months. Before joining TPR, my friends and I would almost always go to the park (any) during the week for exactly that reason. You can just slowly lope around the park and still make on everything you want to.
  4. Enjoy, all, since I'll probably be taking midterms the time of year of this West Coast Bash. For the last two years, I'd gotten very lucky, as it lined up with Spring Break - what a way to come home!
  5. This is actually quite depressing news. I've been going to the West Coast Bash every year since 2006, even after I went off to college. What is with the change in date from late March to mid-February?
  6. I've never been to the great state of Georgia, but I've been dying to go! That's one of the few areas in America I have NO travel experience in at all. This works out really well, as it's the weekend before school starts - I'd be able to hit the bash with some buds from school, then fly on up the next day - assuming my schedule works out, you'll see me there with a guest or two as well! LOVING this idea! --------- P.S. The last two years, the West Coast Bash (where I live) has luckily fallen over my Spring Break. If that continues (praying it will) I'll be very happy, and if this D
  7. I think Yahtzee said it best: "I've never found myself saying, 'oh, Army of Darkness is a glorious celebration of boyish fantasy violence but if only the resolution was a wee bit bigger it could be significantly improved.' I'm not a connoisseur, but for me there's really not enough visible difference between Blu-Ray and DVD quality for Sony to credibly argue that it's the next big advance." I'd say I agree.
  8. So is the park going to be operated by different management, or are they straight-up getting rid of it? If so, what'll become of all the rides there?
  9. Dude, referencing th epictures from the first page, the Three Wolf Moon MAKES it P.S. Looking forward to seeing you at WCB in a couple months!
  10. Personally, I wouldn't right now buy this premium membership - I am in school and do not have the time to travel around the country/globe on TPR trips (wish I did though!). In any case, I can see it as something I would pay for in future years, most notably for the exclusive park-sponsored events and park discounts.
  11. Hey man, I`m sorry - let me tell you, it has been a looooong time since I have been on TPR, so I forgot about some of these movie threads. Whoever relocated it, much thanks!
  12. This is technically coaster-y, so I figured this`d be the right forum for this. Maybe some of you are familiar with a sitcom that used to be on Disney (I guess it is syndicated somewhere now) called Boy Meets World. I grew up watching this; absolutely loved it. One time, years later, I noticed on the TV guide that it was on so I tuned in. Turned out to be the episode where Cory and Feeny ride a coaster called The Last Ride to prove their adventuresomeness, and I immediately recognized all the Magic Mountain rides they used to film it! Whether you have never heard of the show or a
  13. I really cannot say enough good things about Magic Mountain management, as well as maintenance and sanitation - all getting better all the time! I made sure to get Neal`s card as we were exiting (at about 9:45) so I could send the fellas a letter. GNARLY STORY ALERT: After the Q&A session, my group was considering going to dinner outside the park and then returning with a handstamp. We asked the first employee we met if we could get the car back in without paying for parking. Turns out the guy was the director of parking at Magic Mountain, and he said `Just show your lanyards when y
  14. Speaking of "That 70's Show", I happened to be just watching it, and heard the most applicable TPR line ever (Season 4 Ep. 24 Everybody Loves Casey http://www.tv.com/that-70s-show/everybody-loves-casey/episode/152218/summary.html?tag=ep_list;ep_title;26): Kelso [speaking about something he read in Cosmopolitan]: "They have these charts of the female anatomy...there's some crazy stuff going on down there...it's like a map of Six Flags!" Then, at the end, as the four dudes are browsing Cosmopolitan, Fez suddenly looks down pointing: Six Flags!
  15. I have three to add: The Flintstones The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (this is so funny) Top Cat (perhaps the best cartoon ever)
  16. Sounded to me like it could just be Dolby Headphone or something at the beginning, but the two mic thing makes a lot of sense. Still pretty sweet technology though.
  17. Saturday Night Live - It has seen much better years, but there are still good sketches frequently. Futurama Mythbusters Robot Chicken AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE Chappelle's Show (sometimes) Daily Show+Colbert Report ------------------------------------------- Now I do abhor The O.C., (nothing personaly to anyone), but I did find this ridiculously hilarious, and anyone who saw the season ender where the guy gets shot will love it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1Zmjc4FJxk
  18. Three questions: 1. What sort of crazy place would stay open long enough for that to be physically possible? 2. Were you the only one in the entire park? 3. If you answered no to the above question, then do you own the park?
  19. Xcelerator 20 times total, 18 in one day. Ghostrider only eight times, but every last one from the very back row!
  20. On a slight tangent, it's interesting that if you put in 'pimp coaster' to Google Image search, a picture of the X lift is on the first page of results (at least when I tried it).
  21. I haven't seen a post from Guy in forever! 8 weeks all the way!
  22. If that doesn't make people think of Scary Movie 2, I don't know what will!
  23. Sorry, there was a problem with the posting page for a while there.
  24. Seriously though, it does looks so much better without that crazy thing. As for the change: NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I can feel the sweet eighties melting away already!
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