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  1. I stopped by Mr. Iver's house earlier this year. I had called about a month ahead, a week ahead, the night before and when I got to Vincennes. He seemed very excited until I actually arrived in Vincennes. He said that I wouldn't be able to ride, but that I was welcome to take some pictures. I guess I'll have to try again the next time I get down to Indiana.
  2. ^Actually I moved from Japan to Illinois in October of last year. I live about 6 miles from 6FGAm, and have been working there on weekends all summer at American Eagle, and I just got offered a promotion to Lead.
  3. Well, we're not pregnant. We have to see the doctor again, and we'll discuss when we can begin another IVF cycle.
  4. Well, thanks everyone for the positive wishes. After recieving my orders, I began the overseas screening process. I had another pulmonary function test, and in the end, the doctors begrudgingly agreed that I am not fit for duty at Balad, Iraq. They recommended that I be placed on limited duty, which could lead to my being processed out of the Navy. That sucks, but since I should be fit for shipboard duty, I should be OK to finish up my 20 years in the Navy. (I have 4 years and 4 months to go.) Tomorrow, me and the wife are due to recieve another little piece of news. Is she pregnant?
  5. As of yesterday, have NOT been to: Alabama Alaska Arkansas New Mexica Texas
  6. I recieved some information about where I'll be going. There's an airbase about 70 miles North-northwest of Iraq called Balad. From what I understand it's one of the largest military facilities in the country. It doesn't sound horrible, and if I end up going, it shouldn't be as bad as I originally thought. The job is apparently related to prisoner detention, with the lofty title of "Sergeant-of-the-Guard," whatever that means. I'm a Petty Officer not a Sergeant! Still not happy!
  7. Pagemaster, Thanks for your reply. The idea of returning to Iraq is scary, but not the reason why I don't want to go. I've been over there already, the other guys that weren't selected have not. I've spent the last 7 years of my life overseas, and was told I had to return to the US. I was selected over two guys who are junior (E-5s) to me with half as much sea duty as I have. The billet calls for an E-5 they chose me (an E-6). When they called us into the XO's office to announce the decision, nobody would look me in the eye, even when they told me that they had chosen me. (Who's the coward there?) Finally, I'm mostly worried for my wife. As some here know, she is a Japanese native. She's still taking ESL classes, only just got a drivers license last month and has only lived outside Japan for 9 months. If I have to leave for a year (possibly more) it's going to be very difficult for her. She only just learned how to pump gas! This is supposed to be my time to pursue college, spend time with my family and relax a bit between ships. When it's my time to go back to sea, I won't complain. That is what the Navy is about. There's over 7,000 sailors that have been called up for this Individual Augmentee duty. While the Navy's been told to slash our numbers and the Army has been boosting their ranks for the past 6 years, we sailors have been called to perform in jobs that we've not been trained for and have never been my services' responsibility. In all, I'm frustrated, angry and worried about my family. Remember, please support the troops, even if you don't support the war.
  8. ^^It's real, Wally. Google 'Individual Augmentee' I just hope that I can convince a navy doctor that my asthma is bad enough to keep me from going, but not bad enough to kick me out of the navy.
  9. I recieved word yesterday that I have been selected to go back to Iraq, this time as an Individual Augmentee on the ground. I'm not thrilled by this, but it has certainly given me a new perspective on a lot of things. Earlier this year, I had a private disagreement with Robb that got out of hand, and I 'left' this site. I was angry, and made several negative comments at other sites. For that I'm sorry. I've held no ill feelings towards anbody else at TPR, and I hope no one thought I did. There's a chance that I may not be medically cleared to go back due to my asthma, so please wish me luck in that. If I do end up going, I'll keep my head down and try to get back in one piece. Christopher Belson QM1(SW) USN
  10. I'm glad to hear you had a good time at the park. When were you there? I ask because we've only had three trains on Eagle the past couple weekends, and Batman's second train is currently being rehabbed. I was amazed to learn that we give the most rides of all the parks in the chain, despite having the shortest operating schedule! [resumes lurking]
  11. Been on 'em all but 2. Trace du Hourra is the best of the Mack variety and Bobbaan is the best from Intamin. I found Trace to be a very different experience than Bobbaan, as the two systems are very different. I liked them about equally, though.
  12. ^^ Hajime, when did you ride? Those of us on the UK Trip essentially marathoned on Speed, and I don't think anyone found it rough.
  13. Whoo! So it's got zero to do with the waterpark! I always knew 6F was lying about that!
  14. Er, what's USFO? I think you're talking about Mitch's poll, which is hosted at USHSHO.com. And we talk about that one quite a bit. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=32721
  15. Hercules, Luneur is a lot closer to Rome, so don't give up hope of getting some coasters in. Capri is down by Naples, maybe 4 hours by car plus city driving in one of the worst cities in the world to drive in, plus the boat ride. Train is probably easier and a tiny bit faster if you get an express.
  16. Maybe that's why it wasn't a big deal: Wicked Twister was 'fixed' in the off-season, while Supe went down to be repaired during the season.
  17. ^^That, I don't know. I'm not really a CP fanboy. If they did it wasn't as big news as (then) Superman's closure. If they were reworked, it says something about Intamin's design work at the time. ^I love when they screw with peeps in the launch countdown.
  18. We'll all know pretty soon. Jahan and some of the other MM regulars should let us know what method is used to take it down. I have a suspicion that even if SFI puts it up for sale, there won't be any takers.
  19. Remember the stress fractures in the supports at the impulse at Geauga Lake a few years ago? (What's its name this week?) Maybe Wicked Twister is headed that way. I think that all of the Impulses are under-supported. I don't know about Linear Gale. I has a lot of down time, and without any twist to the spikes, there should be less strain on the structure.
  20. 40" Bravia here. My living room is about 10x20 and Watching movies across the long way is fine. My LaZBoy is about half that distance and that's where I sit to play videogames. I'd prefer 46" for movies at that 20 feet though...
  21. Hey, it has been a few years... Yeah, I used to do 160+ kph on the autostradas... I forgot that the route I used to use doesn't actually get very close to Rome's downtown, and I was driving through the night. I was coming from quite a bit farther south, so by the time I neared Rome, it'd be about 7PM. When driving out of the country, I'd always approach the French or Austrian border about 1AM. My bad, I forgot that most people don't drive Neapolitan style or in the middle of the night. Sorry I underestimated. I never went to either by train though, Italian trains are some of the least reliable in Europe. (Spain's worse in the summer, though.)
  22. I was waiting for you to notice that! After next year's TPR trip, there should be plenty of ballots that include it.
  23. Right, but Duane's just going off of pictures and what he's been told by people who have visited the park. I've been on it, and I know I relayed the Mayan theming idea to him as well as others. I'm curious if the park actually 'stole' the stargate idea from the movie, as copyright laws in Italy are essentially nonexistant.
  24. Is that what that's called? I thought it was an inverted escalatoloop. Fun, fun, fun either way!
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