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  1. The whole car/train thing. For me, it depends on the amount of actual cars on a train. For a Eurofighter, I know it's made up of two single articulated cars, but I still call the whole unit a car and not a train. Needless to say with something like a B&M invert, I say a train. I guess it can be, at times, subjective but there are occasions when saying 'car' is stupid. But that's really pedantic, regardless.
  2. I would imagine it has something to do with the central flat rail. Looking at videos where you get to see the underside of the train, it looks as if there are two wheel assemblies, at the front and back of the car, that grip on to the central rail. Obviously this is fine in a straight section with no laterals, but when there are corners, the side wheels need to be utilised, hence the change in track type. This may be wrong, but from observation it appears to be the answer.
  3. Nice report Nathan. The City Museum looks so awesome! Definitely a place I'd hit if I was in the area so I'm jealous that you got to go. Looking forward to the next installments!
  4. El Toro in the back, obviously. Cyclone at SFNE in the back seat is up there. I didn't expect too much from it and then suddenly I was slammed out of my seat. It terrified me, but it was great!
  5. In a minibus, for some reason my friend had his seat belt undone. We went over a bump and sure enough he hit his head on the roof.
  6. Apart from Nemesis, I would have to agree with Neil on this one. Oblivion is a VERY high contender for my top spot. Yes, it's very short and doesn't do much. However, the one thing it does do is pulled off incredibly well, having one of the most intense drops of any coaster I have been on. I honestly think that the drop on Oblivion far surpasses that of Griffon, having been the only other Dive Machine I have experienced.
  7. Well, that was over in less than a jiffy! bottom_feeder_13, you're up.
  8. I want to say Flying Fish at Thorpe Park but I don't think so... Edit: After a little research, I have retracted my previous guess and now say Tokaido at Luna Park.
  9. I really don't know what to say to this. Taken from Towers Times.
  10. About Drop Tower or whatever it's called now. I didn't find it all that intense. Height does not mean intensity! Sure, it's one of the taller ones I've ridden but the drop was anything but intense. You kind of glided down in a calm, serene manner. I can think of many drop towers that are more intense. Detonator at Thorpe Park is the most intense I've ridden and it's so intense that I refuse to ride it. It may only be 115ft tall, but it packs one hell of a punch. Don't get me wrong, I loved Drop Tower, it just wasn't as edgy as I'd hoped.
  11. Considering the crowds that do tend to build up outside the current dungeons, it does sound like a nice move. It will certainly be far more convenient having three attractions in one place. Also, it may allow for the dungeons to spruce up some of the older scenes and events as the Great Fire of London really could use a little bit of a revamp.
  12. Basically, it's a top loaded, inward facing, four sided drop tower with rows of ten. They drop once with the floor attached. I'd say the drop is only about 6-7 metres tall (19-23 feet), but don't quote me on that. Edit: It's really four separate towers.
  13. Just got back from Alton Towers today and I do admit that I don't think the park made too many mistakes with Sub-Terra considering the nature of the ride and it's reliance on effects. As with any ride with this type of reliance, tweaks need to be made and the ride will have a break-in period. You only have to look at Hex to realise a dark ride can go from awful to a masterpiece after six months of operations. I feel Sub-Terra is starting to grow into quite the attraction after the initial bad reception from opening. Saying this, as to be expected, it's not all the way there yet. First off, the actors were very good and maintained a good sense of intimidating authority whilst still being rather witty! The batching room preceding the lift was good being dark with a short video explaining the idea of a group of eggs being discovered underground and that you are viewing one which has been deemed safe. You then move on to the lifts rather swiftly. This is where there could be some improvement. Apart from some lights and slight vibrations, it didn't feel like you were going down. Something could be done here to make the lift feel more authentic. It's not until the lift door opens to reveal the caves that the level of theming becomes clear. The low level lighting, haze and rock really creates a good atmosphere. From here, another set of doors open to bring you to the ride area. With the giant egg centrepiece, lighting and other details of theming, this room is highly effective and the actors do a terrific job of rushing you to your seat. The ride sequence begins and if you didn't previously know there was a drop coming up, you wouldn't have the slightest idea! More explanation of the egg is interrupted with flickering lights and activity from the egg. Sirens go off and you get sprayed with water as smoke starts to billow from the centrepiece. Here is another complaint. It seems from other reviews that the lights are supposed to go out and when they come back up, the egg has hatched. This did not happen and thus, we saw the table turn slowly to reveal the hatched egg. Obviously, the effect was horribly ruined. More sound effects build tension until, what I feel, was one of the coolest things I've seen on a ride. Each of the four ten rows dropped independently at random intervals. Seeing the people disappear below the floor before you was truly strange. We were the last to fall so we saw each of the other rows fall before us. The drop is admittedly average and could pack more of a punch. This could be down to the fact that the floor drops with each vehicle. The bottom room was quite disappointing. I couldn't see a thing. As far as I am aware, you were supposed to see the other eggs that Phalanx didn't harbour. However, the other elements here stole the show. Sounds of the monster screaming filled the room until the screams of riders drowned this out as they were poked in the back and the monster brushed past their legs! It even took me by surprise. Soon, each vehicle was pulled back up only to be greeted by loud sirens, flashing red lights and Phalanx operatives ordering you to get out as quickly as possible. The sense of urgency was overwhelming. The second lift that took you to the surface again had a nice twist. This time, it felt as if you were travelling upwards as the floor moved and vibrated. Suddenly, the lights went out and the floor shook violently. The screams of the monster filled the lift and with one large jolt, the lift seemed to be smashed by the monster from outside. When the lifts finally opened, more actors rushed you out in what was a slightly underwhelming corridor as it was fully lit by the sunlight at the end. This could be rectified by utilising the black plastic flaps used at the first batching room. Overall, I was thoroughly shocked. It surpassed my very low expectations by some degree! Obviously, there needs to be a few more adjustments before Sub-Terra becomes something to be described as amazing, but it is getting there. It's the finer details, which every effect-reliant ride should have, that need improving. I feel Nemesis Sub-Terra is a great addition to the park. I just hope that over the next few months, Alton Towers continue their improvements and bring it up to the likes of Hex.
  14. This thing looks fantastic! I especially love how at certain points during the ride, the Swarm 'scream' is played as the train passes. I really cannot wait to try this out for myself in the next couple of weeks.
  15. This is honestly one of the best things I've seen. It's just so god damn funny. Everything is so appropriate too, what with Rah-Rah Rapids. Edge of Glory being a Dive Machine and I like what you've done with Bad Romance with the 'Ra Ra Ra Ah Ah, Roma Roma Ma, Gaga Oh La La' at the top. I love it! I can't wait to see what other witty things you guys come up with.
  16. Alton Towers seem to have released that illusive theming element that wasn't revealed on the original plans. Also, the station building seems to have been made larger and more detail in other aspects of the plans have been made available. Taken from Towers Times: Full article here. You can also see all planning documents here.
  17. I think from an enthusiast point of view, a history of roller coasters shown on BB4 would be my favourite. I think BBC4 would be the channel that would be able to create a documentary of actual quality rather than some of the more cliched programmes that have been shown more recently. BBC1 and 2 wouldn't really show this type of show I don't think. Channel 4 and 5 I could definitely see showing one of the cliched coaster documentaries on the biggest and the best (mainly showing record breakers or gimmicky coasters). BBC4 has the sophistication to house the one I'd be most interested in. But obviously that's an enthusiast point of view and I feel the GP would eat up one of the ones shown on Channel 4 or 5.
  18. It appears that Swarm has started testing! Thorpe Park Mania: View all images here.
  19. Those are some sexy trains with the red LED's. With the dummies in place, it looks as if testing will begin soon! I'm so excited to see this thing in action.
  20. Unfortunately, they were drawn at the time of SW6 and destined to go in the the Black Hole tent. It would be incredible to still have them placed in X-Sector as a replacement for the flats already there, though.
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