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  1. I really hope this means within the next few years Time Warp and the Vekoma SLC are removed for a B&M Invert or Wing. After riding those two this summer, I couldn't agree more. A B&M Invert would be a massive improvement over those rides.
  2. Alright, I've changed my worst coaster ever on June 7th when I visited Canada's Wonderland and it's a tie with the horrors known as Time Warp and Flight Deck. I admit that I'm a soft critic who usually finds ways to like rides. So I never truly despised any coaster I've ridden; that is, until I've ridden these two horrible coasters. I absolutely loathed Time Warp and Flight Deck. Time Warp - My first Zamperla Volare. If any of the other Volares are like this contraption, I definitely won't be looking forward to riding any of them. Now I would ride them since I'm a guy who likes credits, but that would be the only reason I'd even consider doing it. Not only was it incredibly awkward to position myself on the train, but the ride was very rough and the layout was quite boring. Definitely won't waste my time on this ride again. Flight Deck - The most painful experience I've ever ridden, by far. This is really the only ride that I actually felt pain on. I had to hold my teeth to prevent them from jittering as my head was whacked side to side on every turn or inversion, especially on the ears. I got lucky with some past Vekoma rides, but this is the first one I've ridden that I'd call a headbanger.
  3. As of today, my last new coaster was Valravn at Cedar Point on July 27th!
  4. I love Kings Dominion! It's one of my favorite parks that I've been to. I remember traveling there in 2011, and immediately blown away by some of their coasters, as well as the overall quality of the park! It was so great that I revisited in 2012. I would love to go there, but the way this trip is going, as well as college costs, we may have the budget for only two parks (along with a trip to New York City to visit my brother). I know one of the parks is Cedar Point, so I'd like to try a park that I've never visited before, like the other 3 parks I mentioned (SFA, Kings Island, and BGW). And yeah, if it was between BGW and SFA, I'm pretty sure I'd go with the former. I think the main decision will be either Busch Gardens Williamsburg or Kings Island. Interesting point about the Platinum Pass. I might look it up!
  5. Other than my usual trips to Universal and SeaWorld, I am most likely traveling up north in July. I'm definitely going to Cedar Point (haven't been there since 2012, so I will be riding Gatekeeper and Valravn for the first time). We only have room for one more park on our trip, and I am trying to decide between Kings Island, Six Flags America, or Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The plans are that we travel through the Cincinnati area on the way up north, so we might stop in that area to go to Kings Island. Another plan is that we save the second park for the part of the trip where we head back home, and in that case it will be down the Eastern seaboard, either Six Flags America or Busch Gardens Williamsburg (out of these two, I'm leaning heavily towards BGW).
  6. My latest addition to my coaster count was Fury 325 at Carowinds back in June.
  7. The last "new", as in one that opened the most recent, was Gringotts for me, but if we're not counting that, it would be Flug der Dämonen at Heide Park. Otherwise, the last new, as in my first ride on it ever, was also Gringotts (#123), and if we're not counting it, Mystery Mine at Dollywood (#122). This summer, I'll be riding Fury 325 (I'll try to make that my 125th credit, with a 124th either being a family ride at Carowinds, like Flying Ace Aerial Chase or Ricochet, or the Seven Dwarf's Mine Train at Magic Kingdom)!
  8. I'm going to say an out-and-back coaster of some kind, maybe a hyper.
  9. No, I've actually heard that Millennium Force was supposed to be removed for the world's tallest knock-off Boomerang.
  10. 1. I believe it was in Busch Gardens Tampa, maybe Gwazi? I was little back then. 50. I don't recall my 50th, but I think it might have been in Europa Park. 100. Sidewinder, Hersheypark. 122. Mystery Mine, Dollywood.
  11. I would not miss Anaconda if it goes. I would also like a Launched Wing Coaster over the water like Thunderbird! However I have this feeling our next coaster is going to be towards the front of the park with an entrance redo (like Cedar Point with Gatekeeper and now Carowinds with Fury 325).
  12. I've also heard that rumor a few weeks ago. Sounds like Bird Gardens will be getting a complete redo along with this coaster!
  13. I don't think there was a blue one. If anything, maybe it could have been that family invert that went to china. And I'm pretty sure that the yellow track is for the flyer going to china. Since there a two different colors of track, and both are for flyers, and one of the destinations is missing, what if they were making the flyer in china two different colors of track, (like half of the ride be yellow, half be teal). I know this is extremely unlikely, just thought I'd throw it out there for the heck of it. Not to mention, it would look really ugly Didn't someone post an update a few weeks ago about dark blue track?
  14. Gotta admit, I really like what they did to the park. Nice to hear that Lightning Run is so great. I look forward to trying this park, but I'll wait until 2016 when T2 and the redone Twisted Twins open.
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