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  1. That feeling when all of your prospects work out, Theo is the man!
  2. I was thinking of buying the Blu-rays and doing this leading up to the final season. I'll leave the books until the show is over
  3. Ooooh boy it's been years since I visited this thread! I guess they might as well build a new stadium so you can give us a review of it Must be bittersweet to a 49ers fan, you finally get a new stadium...........on the other hand many say it's soulless, it's 40 miles from SF and you give Harbaugh the boot so you go down the toilet... For some reason the upper deck still looks really high even after having all the suites on the other side, I wonder where the last row of the LA Coliseum would match up with that grandstand. Can't wait to see the Clink and Safeco? The home field advantage I hear is really just mostly from the refs/umps having a bias towards the home team.
  4. Anyone else feel like this is some serious milkage with 16 episode seasons?
  5. Glad I rode Screamin' Swing before it was removed, finally plunked down the $5 and I was pleasantly surprised! I hope SFMM/KBF decide to install some flat rides in the future. I will never understand why that ride is so popular, line is usually too long for me to bother....
  6. I recently hit the park on a Sunday and boy was I surprised how many rides you can get in just as it opens. (I didn't even get there in time to use my Discover card early entry) 10:30-12 I got on 5 rides (unfortunately X2 broke down, lol) If you throw in the SRL I'm sure you can hit 2/3 of the park in ~4 hours (NTM Flash Pass) and beat the crowds I don't go to parks to wait in line, bye! Excited about the new meal plan, jeeez it's almost $20 for a meal at Panda Express
  7. They need to seriously remove t hat coke bottle and glove though (won't happen cause it's a playground) totally ruins the atmosphere.
  8. Has anybody seen a bicycle parking at KBF? As bad as Ghostrider has gotten, Medusa at SF Mexico was worse!! I think that ride was longer, or just seemed longer, it still haunts my dreams! Maybe Millennium Flyer trains would abuse the track less? TBH most of the rides at SFMM have gone down the drain, i just don't want to say anything cause everyone will get all butt hurt, this is why i have a pass to KBF instead. (Well that and DL fireworks) I don't care what they build as long as they keep it smooth, maybe i'm getting old? I'd rather get on Sierra Sidewinder than another bumpy POS. Psyclone was bad but couldn't keep its speed, so you might say GR is worse because it does! And don't even think of putting your hands up! You will end up elbowing someone.
  9. Go O's! Go A's! These teams rank nearly last or last in several categories but yet are in the Wild Card spots.
  10. Wowzers, didn't know somebody died on PP, the belt and restraint were still locked after the boat returned to the station I recently rode Manta at Sea World and man what a sweet little ride that is! I thought "Knott's would be perfect for something similar just a bit bigger"
  11. I'm sure you get that freefall feeling as the ride starts, but does it actually go long enough where it stops? And you just get used to falling? I've always been curious about that. Looks like Superman is still in backwards config on both cars.
  12. It's because something like that won't be released, you would have to ask at the WCB Q&A and hope to get an answer/guesstimate. One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) will be 1,401' 5" tall, with the antenna extending to 1776ft. They wouldn't release something like that for a ride, we didn't even know how fast Superman had been going the last few years until the Q&A (unless you showed up with a radar gun), things that take away from the record book/marketing are gonna be kept quiet. The funny thing about the "Ice Queen" is back when i first saw her i thought she looked like some suit who wasn't going to give a crap, of course i didn't say anything at the time to not get flamed and give her a chance.
  13. It's all relative i guess, when i'm on it for the first time (hopefully outside seat) i should be scared, but i still look forward to skydiving and BASE jumping one day and there 400ft. aint a thing.
  14. Seeing it isn't even close to the top has made me pretty much unafraid of the ride now, how close is it to supreme scream in height?
  15. See if i can post a pic of my customized purple beater i fixed up.
  16. Psychic Kids hasn't been on in a long time, good thing Haunted Collector is coming back and that college ghost story show is kicking off. Dead Files has also become a new favorite along with Celebrity Ghost Stories and Paranormal Witness. Apparently native American curses are real.........houses can be evil on their own and creepy gremlins can live in your basement sucking the life out of you (Dead Files) I'm saving those to show to my teenaged cousin since she loves this stuff too, but it might just creep her out
  17. I'd more likely fire up that blue coaster and catch a ride on it than pet a tiger and kiss a lion
  18. I'll be riding this on my birthday!! I only wish they would have made it 50ft. at least Didn't even know this ride existed until a billboard went up near my house, true story! Haven't been to Sea World in like 20 years...
  19. I believe they were 2-3 against the Yotes in the regular season, most of those being pre-transformation On one hand you probably have fans who aren't that into hockey, on the other you have a team owned by the NHL and people say the refs have slight favoritism towards them?? Whatever, good to start on the road, the Kings have been better on the road for years now. Who would have thought losing those last two games to San Jose would turn out like this?
  20. You might be a coaster nerd if ......... you can get on a coaster right after eating, or if you eat while on a coaster! Actually that would make you ACEr certified
  21. ^ + 1 Ghostrider needs to be shut down. I went on a Sunday, you can only do the monthly payment plan online so i paid for the pass in full Windseeker was also shut down. No lines really, even with some one train operations. Highlight of the day was "La Revolucion" or at least that's what i think it's called, the mini "Max Air" type ride. Wow! I never really went out of my way for flat rides but now i'm glad i did, that ride was pretty sick for something that's only what, 30ft. high? I guess i'll jump on the bandwagon for more flat rides at SFMM. Next time, i'll pony up the $5 for Screamin Swing! ^ Maybe one day i'll be brave enough for that one.
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