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  1. >Is the Local Oompa Loompa >Is in a very crappy mood >V can't get stuck in a botomless pit!
  2. Go to best friends birthday birthday bash. Would you rather do a belly flop off a cruise ship or spend a year in BonBonland?
  3. I say that both have rough ones and rare fun ones. But just beacause Vekoma made Goudurix, I say they are worse! Kevin"Actually has a Vekoma and An Arrow in my top 10 "Bujold
  4. A new coaster is just what BGW needs. They haven't had a new coaster since Apollos Chariot. I wouldn't be suprised if they got a B&M. I have also never done anything on that Top 10 list! Kevin"Hopefully I'll do Superman in SFA in a few months "Bujold
  5. Heres how I count. 1.Racing coasters normally only count as 1.(DD counts as 2) 2.Powered coasters don't count. 3.Fair coasters only count once! 4.Alpine slides arn't credits!! 5.Water coasters are credits no matter how much water section there is! 6.S TE is a coaster! 7.Flashback doesn't count because it doesn't operate! 8. Its not a new credit is they rebuild it! Thats how I count!
  6. The Usual, SFMM, KBF, DL and DCA. And a 40% chance of going to BGW and SFA! Kevin"Yay!"Bujold
  7. I actually rode Monsters Inc and its nothing speacial. Just another common Disney Dark ride that probably won't ride for a while. The wait was huge and not worth it just like a common Disney Dark Ride.
  8. First coaster: Viper @ SFMM 1-1-05 Last coaster:TBR. Its probably going to be something at SFMM. Currently my last coaster would be Big Thunder Mtn @ DLR 12-20-05. Highlights 1. Going to SFMW. 1 new park and 6 new credits! Rode my 1st Impulse, 1st Huss Frissbe, and 1st SLC. 2.Opening my own coaster website. 3.Meeting Robb and Elissa. I loved 2005 hopefully 2006 will be better!
  9. I'd say the ones on Mamba are best. Yay Headchoppers!
  10. The drop on Ghostrider after the turn in the back. Your thighs hit the lapbar because of airtime.
  11. 1.Batman the Ride@SFMM 2.Silver Bullet@KBF 3.?? 4.?? 5.?? Kevin"Hoping to get on Alpengeist next year"Bujold
  12. I've only done Riddlers Revenge. Its in my Top 10 list, but the station music gets on my nerves.
  13. I rode Kong for the first time this summer and the 1st time I rode, It was almost smooth :shock:, but then I rode a second time and then it just beat me up. I think the Red train on Kong runs better than the yellow one. Boomerang at SFMW was SMOOTH when I rode, Did I get lucky or is it always smooth? Kevin"Kongs NOTHING to Flashback though! "Bujold
  14. For Knotts get to Ghostrider first, then head for Silver Bullet and go towards the back of the park where Riptide is and work your way back to Ghostrider. For SFMM, the Roaring Rapids areas closed so you have to walk past Bugs Bunny World, Goliath, Riddlers and Jet Stream to get to DejaVu from Viper when it used to be just walk through Roaring Rapids. The park is not crowded in the back by Batman, Goliath and Scream from 5 to 6. For Disneyland get there before the park opens and SPRINT to get a Space Mtn fastpass. Kevin"Dosen't even have 50 credits yet "Bujold
  15. Best Coaster in Califonia is X, love the 4D. Worst Coaster in California is Flashback, OOOOUUUUCCCHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Kevin"Only been on 3 coasters out of CA, not including powered."Bujold
  16. Its really close between Scream and Medusa West, (the only 2 floorless coasters I've been on) But I'd say Scream wins for its 2nd half. It has an airtime hill in its 2nd half and Medusa doesn't. But I like Medusas 1st drop more than Screams and the Sea Serpent roll isn't speacial at all. But I love both rides. Kevin"Yay floorlss coasters"Bujold
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