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  1. ^^ Does poutine actually need explanation? Beyond the fact that it's one of the most delicious things in the world? Especially when visiting Quebec... Duck Confit Poutine.... mmmmmm....
  2. My favorite little detail are the camouflage shorts for the "guerrilla" wedding, too cute! Best wishes! ^And yeah, I'm starting to think I need to go on one of these TPR trips!! "The Love Bus".
  3. Didn't see this until now, I will definitely be there! (with a guest). I have been reading this site for FAR too long to have not met anyone from it.
  4. I was at SFMW, now SFDK, and we were on Boomerang, slowly being dragged backwards up the first lift, when a woman on the midway screamed to her friend on the train with us, "You're gonna love it! It doesn't bang you up like Medusa!"
  5. I work on the grounds, and have to walk through the midway and by the Crazy Mouse every morning to get to work, and in all honesty, the Ex is just not worth the money in the slightest. There's not very many rides, but seriously a mile of $4 midway games. The food tastes alright, but is the quality of something that I would pay HALF the price for in any normal place outside the grounds. Toronto is a city PACKED with such awesome food everywhere, don't waste money on junk food at the Ex!
  6. You know what's even more ridiculous than goth and emo kids? People that hate them. Seriously, everyone is a human being with good and bad qualities, whatever they may be, and to assume that someone is "less" than you because they subscribe to the gothic style and culture is just silly. I'm no goth in the slightest, but I've been to Bat Day, and every single goth in the park was infinitely more friendly, respectful and talkative than the normal guest patrons, who looked at the gentle goths with rabid fear and hatred in their eyes. Weird world, this is.
  7. Thank-you so much for this TR!! The only thing there that really interested me was the Wilderness Adventure, and no friends of mine would pay admission to go on a flume ride, though now that I know there's free mini golf I can maybe convince someone! What's funny is I work on the Exhibition Grounds- at the South end- and the view out my office window is Soak City and the small kiddie ride area, and yet I have no idea what the rest of the park looks like, so thank-you!
  8. ^Ah, there you have it - I also hate nightlife, and the people who told me of the wonders of Montreal spoke only of the wonders of the nightlife. At least French Canada invented poutine, and complaining.
  9. Hmm this is very odd, I've only ever known Canadians that loved loved loooved to visit Montreal. Maybe you're visiting the wrong places? I guess it's also in what you're doing while visiting, and what your interests are. I've never been there, but it can't possibly be dirtier, dingier, more pretentious, or more SMELLY than TO, where every street corner smells of rotting sewage. Yum! "Nunavut gets shaft" My personal quip to quote Made me laugh so hard. And also, sorry but I just have to ask - do you work at She Said Boom? Or is the name shesaidboom related to something differen
  10. Ummm, Yuck. The corn bread looks good though, it just needs some maple syrup.
  11. Yeah I rode one during a travelling fair, (the suspended one) I think it was called the "G-Force", it was one of the best flats I've ever been on.
  12. ^^ Yeah, umm hi, you can still be gay and not be a slut, and you can still be gay and be a Christian, it's not at all an oxymoron: it's your personal lifestyle choices that you make. I am gay, but I can assure that I'll be going to heaven long before most straight people out there; I live a moral life, I am a virgin, and these are the choices I have made for myself. Eventually, yes, I plan on finding "the one" and getting married to Mr. Right, and having a monogamous relationship. I'm not attacking you, because everyone is free to make their own choices, it's just really sad that you felt
  13. ^^ Well, sex sure SHOULDN'T be the defining feature of a relationship, but everyone is different - some people are more sexual beings than others, they just need to express themselves sexually, and more frequently, than some, and that's fine. Personally, I couldn't care less about sex, unless I am solely with the one person I truly care about. I gain no benefit from having sex with someone that I am not emotionally attached and devoted to. For people who have just a stronger sexual side than me, though, I can understand why they would need an open relationship, so that their sex life wit
  14. Wow, this coaster looks much bigger than I realized, looks fantastic!
  15. Nice stuff! I only had the time/money to get one ride on the Screamer, and I unwisely chose the backseat. CRAZY airtime, but at the bottom of every drop it feels like the seat is being ripped out from under you! It was the oddest thing, "WEEEE! OOOWWWW! WWWEEEEEEEEEE!!!! OOOOOUUUUCCCHHHHH"
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