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  1. Is anyone on now that I can visit? Looking for some fruits. I have pears and some cherries I could trade.
  2. moviekid21 Name: Chrisb Friend Code: 2251-4698-2109 AC Name: Chris City: Starwind Fruit: Pears My gate will be open tonight until 11:30pm if anyone wants to bring fruit.
  3. Here's the rest! Enjoy! Area where the Death Drums show will be. Grown Evil Grown Evil Grown Evil Grown Evil Grown Evil Grown Evil Canyon of Souls Canyon of Souls 7 7 7
  4. Here are some photos of SZ construction from Sunday the 11th. Nightmaze Acid Assault Acid Assault Acid Assault-I like the Singing in the Rain reference Acid Assault Acid Assault- There were three or four of these on the ground in different areas of the SZ Acid Assault Acid Assault Acid Assault-Stroller MASSACRE!!! Acid Assault Acid Assault Acid Assault More to come!
  5. I'll be checking things out on Sunday and post some pictures too. The NY Street area looks pretty awesome. Can't wait to see it in action.
  6. Well, I worked at Universal Orlando for HHN 19, and I'm still there working at Blue Man Group at Box Office. Nothing thrilling like working at an Attraction, but I've done attractions, and as much as I love them, working them just isn't my thing.
  7. I'm currently in the program until Jan of 2009! I'm working at Pleasure Island as a Door Host and Cirque's show as an usher. Nothing thrilling, especially since PI will close in Sept. But it has been great so far, and of course, going to the parks on my days off are always awesome.
  8. Well that sucks about the Haunted Mansion Holiday. I was planning on going to WDW instead of DL this year as a five day stay at WDW is cheaper than a three day stay at DL.
  9. I was wondering if anyone knows if WDW does the same thing as DL with their Haunted Mansion and making it all "Nightmare Before Christmas" themed?
  10. I live near Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO which is owned by the same people as Dollywood, and so their almost one in the same. SDC's Christmas celebration is pretty impressive. Most of the coasters don't operate if it's too cold, but the activities, shows and scenery put it above the rest making it worth it. Some of the big name places can learn a thing or two when it comes to holiday celebrating from these parks.
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