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  1. I completely understand, Robb, and do apologize for seeming spammy. I know I should be posting more general comments than video links. I completely forgot about Coaster Tube, too. Once I get back to Florida (visiting family in Texas) I will gladly show my support of TPR and upload it and future videos to Coaster Tube! Again, apologies for being kinda spammy.
  2. So recently I made and uploaded a video to my Facebook and YouTube based on the popular Boom De Ya Da commercial from the Discovery Channel, but all about Walt Disney World. It became an instant hit, and is even making its way around the executives of The Walt Disney Company, all thanks to the Imagineer who created PUSH, the talking trashcan, Daniel. I met him and he told me he loved the video and has been sending it around the company. They said that when the hiring freeze is over, they are gonna see about getting me a job in Marketing at Disney! Now that you know the story, check out the video for yourself! Here is the link:
  3. Thanks to memory problems, the second episode of The Disney Experience has been delayed, but now I have a new external hard drive and have finally put the new episode up on YouTube! The Disney Experience 202 This episode features TPR's own jackskellington101 and his girlfriend Ashley as she ride The Haunted Mansion for the first time since the rehab. Here's the official synopsis: In this episode, Banks runs 8 miles into The Twilight Zone, interviews an Animal Kingdom custodial cast member, and takes you into the boundless realms of the supernatural, all introduced by a special guest fans of the Adventurers Club may recognize.
  4. Because of the forum mishap, I'm reposting this. I'm back working for Disney (and also Universal), so I decided to revamp my web series "The Disney Experience". Here is a link to the first episode, which is in two parts on YouTube: The Disney Experience 201 For Christmas I'm hoping to get a better camera that can have a wireless mic attached to (thanks Robb for the suggestion!), so bear with the natural audio. I hope everyone enjoys this, and I look forward to your feedback!
  5. Wow, it's been a long time since I was on here. I'm back working for Disney for good now, so my Disney videos are gonna start rolling out! I made this video a couple of weeks ago after going to one of the parties. I hope you enjoy it, and look for the new season of my web series "The Disney Experience" to hit the web soon! Not So Scary Highlights Working crowd control for the party.
  6. I think this could definitely attract an audience, cause I'm sure guests will have a curiosity of seeing how bad some people are, but I agree with Stuart and AllenA07 when they said that it will be hard to find guests to audition for this. No one wants to be the next William Hung. As for the Hannah Montana idea Ashley had, it could work, but I just see a bunch of 14 or 15 year old girls on stage singing in a high pitch voice that could make my glasses brake. I guess we'll see what happens at the end of the year.
  7. Yeah, I remember that! That was out in front of EPCOT about two weeks after I first got there in mid-May. I told Robb that they need to come to Arkansas soon and visit what I consider my 'home park' Magic Springs (if it isn't evident by my username). I would love to hang out and show them the park! I'm happy that everyone is enjoying these videos! And now I have another teaser for you that will showcase what will be coming in the final three chapters of The Disney Experience. Final Three Teaser Now when I say 'final', I'm just talking about for my college program days. I'm planning on transferring to UCF next January and going back to Disney part-time. When I do, this series will change and turn into a bi-weekly or monthly update on all things Disney as I see them, like news and construction etc.
  8. Well I'm back home in Texarkana after my college program ended, but I still have lots of video to edit. Here is Chapter 9: Chapter 9 Join Banks as he goes behind the scenes for the 24th annual Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade hosted by Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa, with performances by Patti LaBelle, Dancing with the Stars, Jessica Simpson, and Katherine McPhee. Future chapters deal with Christmas at WDW, Animal Kingdom, and Magic Kingdom, with a segment with TPR's own jackskellington101 and his girlfriend Ashley as she rides Haunted Mansion for the first time since the rehab.
  9. A new teaser for Chapter 9 is now available here: Chapter 9 Teaser In Chapter 9, join Banks as he takes you behind the scenes of the 24th annual Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade. And don't forget to catch all of the previous chapters here: Banks Lee Productions That's me in the red over Regis' left shoulder.
  10. Alright, as promised, new chapters are now available to watch! Chapter 7 Take a look at some of the many attractions and shows that you can experience at Disney-MGM Studios (Disney's Hollywood Studios as of January 2008). Chapter 8 Join Banks as he flies to Texas for a weekend to attend the 2007 Lone Star Emmy Awards and visit his home for a day. And as always, you can find these and other chapters at my website, Banks Lee Productions
  11. It's cool to see photos of Arkansas Twister before it came to Magic Springs. I guess there's something about that coaster that parks like to name it after the state it's in
  12. So they just shot the 2007 Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, and I had the opportunity to be in the audience both days. I have pictures from the event, but they are so big and I don't feel like taking each photo and making it smaller to post here, so here's a link to my album on Facebook. Don't worry, you don't have to register to view these photos. Christmas Day Parade pictures If anyone wants to take them and put them here, be my guest! I'm just really lazy. Video of all the filming will be on my other topic 'The Disney Experience' in the coming weeks.
  13. The videos keep rolling! Here is a one minute teaser showcasing what's to come in the next month on The Disney Experience. Holiday Teaser And as always you can find the other Chapters at my website: Banks Lee Productions
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